Number 5

This week has been a busy one and last night I finally got a chance to take a break and enjoy the night out with the hubs and my friend Tania. Hubs and I met up with Tania (she lives in Bradenton) in Ybor City to see Bush in concert. (Yep, it’s my 5th time seeing them. Never gets old.) Ybor City is right next to Tampa and it takes about an hour and 40 minutes to get there from Orlando. Hubs and I left work early to avoid rush hour, only to be caught in rush hour.

Since there is no way I’m going to drive home for almost 2 hours after a few drinks, we got a room at the Hampton Inn, which was awesome because it was literally a one minute walk to the venue. Perfect for stumbling.

When we got to our room, we noticed this post-it on the headboard.

I guess I never thought the sheets wouldn’t be clean for my arrival. I’m certainly glad they left a hand-written post-it just in case.

We headed out in hopes of finding something quick to eat before the show. We also took a picture that really captures my gigantism.

We walked by The Ritz and the doors weren’t open yet. There was a huge line of people waiting to get in, so we knew we had a little more time to eat. We found a place called The Stone Soup Company that we knew nothing about but turned out to be really good.

I ordered a rum and coke that was served in a stainless steel cup which I thought was super cute. I’m easy to please.

Then we all shared some fried cheese and spinach ravioli, hubs and I shared a cup of chili, and we all ordered the appetizer filet mignon skewers.

I always take pictures of my food but never use them for anything. This time I was determined to use them. So there you have it. Riveting. Anyway, the food was really good, the prices were even better, and the place was just really laid back. So laid back, that these are the signs for the women’s and men’s restrooms.

And the sign inside the restroom.

After dinner, we walked back to The Ritz and the line hadn’t changed. It was still wrapped around the back of the building, so we waited.

We waited so long to get in that we missed the opening band, who sounded pretty decent from what we could hear outside. Once we got in, the place was packed. I’m talking uncomfortable-sweaty-sardine packed.

The show was oversold. So much so, that if you walked out of the room where the concert was to go to the bathroom, you had to wait in a line to get back in because they wouldn’t let people back inside until more people left. Also, the audio went in and out at points. So basically, even though Bush was great as usual, the venue was so shitty that it was hard to enjoy the show.

After the concert, we walked to The Castle, which is this Goth club that looks like an old, vampiric church inside. I was there once a long, long time ago but hubs wanted to check it out since everyone and their brother tells him how cool it is. And it is really cool. I basically hate clubs now that I’m old and jaded, but this one is a lot of fun and you can tell they put a crap ton of money into the building.

We stayed till closing and somehow on the way back to the hotel, a gigantic piece of pizza accidentally fell into my mouth.


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5 responses to “Number 5

  1. Slightly off topic: I am so jealous of your hair right now! It looks gorge in every picture!*

  2. I thought for a second you said you were IN Bradenton…and I was going to be P-O’d. But you redeemed yourself by going to Ybor.
    I think I’d be excited about the stainless cup too!

  3. Those stainless steel cups are pretty cool!

    I wish I could reach through the screen and eat that filet mignon skewer! looks so good!

  4. Misty

    I once stayed at the Magnolia Hotel in Houston and wish I would have found a hand written note saying stuff was clean. Instead I found somebody’s sunglasses rapped up in the sheets. I changed rooms but I was still grossed out for the entire trip.

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