The Laminated List

I had a Twitter conversation with Jackie and Carolina today. We got in a little disagreement about which one of us was going to “comfort” Robert Pattinson in his hour of need. After all, KStew cheated on him, he’s officially on the market, and we need to get in while the gettin’s good. That boy isn’t gonna stay single for long.

It got a little ugly for awhile.

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I assured them both that my hubs respects the Laminated List. (You know, the list of celebrities you’re allowed to “comfort” in their time of need if you should ever meet them.) Jackie thinks the Laminated List isn’t official unless you blog about it.

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So here I am claiming what is rightfully (not really) mine. I give you my official (male) laminated list.

Robert Downey, Jr.

I’ve pretty much loved him since Less Than Zero. That’s 1987, my friends. I’ve put 25 years of hard love into this guy. I even paid to see Soapdish in the theatre…twice. He’s the only thing that made Ally McBeal good after season 1 and I officially forgive him for anything he’s done wrong, like heroine, waking up in stranger’s beds, dating Sarah Jessica Parker, dying his hair blonde, and that horrific movie with Halle Berry.

Christian Slater*

He was on my list back in the Heathers/Legend of Billie Jean days. Then Pump Up the Volume came out and I thought I was going to die. Die from love. Then he fell off my radar because he wasn’t really staring in anything and I forgot about him. But after Breaking In (which was cancelled…twice), I think it’s safe to put him back in a permanent position. Plus, there is a weird amount of pictures of him on Google hugging puppies which makes him more awesome.

Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul is the newest edition to the list. He’s so adorable on Breaking Bad that I had to add him. (And he just got another Emmy nomination for the show.) Plus, the fact that he was a contestant on The Price is Right makes him even more adorable. I could talk about him forever, but you’re all probably sick of that by now.

Jensen Ackles

I started watching Supernatural because I loved him from Day of our Lives. So my love goes back to when I was a horny little 13-year-old girl. But really, look at him. I don’t think he needs explanation.

Robert Pattinson

The one who started this whole mess to begin with. Not only do I blame him for this post, but I also blame him for killing off important brain cells just putting this post together. But I just can’t help but love him. In a really creepy cougar kinda way. And no, that mustache won’t stop me.

In the end, Jackie, Carolina, and I decided we still wanted to be friends and we’d just become Sister Wives to RPattz instead. Who’s on your laminated list?


*I reserve the right to swap Christian Slater out with any other celebrity** without notice.


**Any other celebrity includes but is not limited to Jimmy Fallon, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Gavin Rossdale, Brandon Boyd (when showered), David Beckham, James Franco, Dave Franco, any other Franco brother that I may not know about, and Paul Rudd. This is my blog, I can do what I want.



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39 responses to “The Laminated List

  1. LOL! I do not have a list, but…sexy sexy on your list is Robert Downy Jr… love for him started long ago, too, but you probably have me beat with when your love for him started…think mine started in early 90s. I forgive anything he did wrong, too. That man is still gorgeous. Christian Slater, nope…never done it for me. Aaron Paul – don’t really know who he is, he’s kind of cute, but you can keep him. Jensen Ackles, yes please…yes please..more pictures of him. My good golly, no list, but if I make one, he’ll be on it. No, nothing more needs to be said of him…he’s gorgeous. Robert Pattinson, hmm…sometimes I like him, sometimes I don’t. Mostly I like him as a vampire. Love that you three decided to be sister wives..haha. Not sure he’s a man I’d do that for…RDJ or JA…perhaps, perhaps.

    Now to think about my list…lol.

  2. Paul Rudd (not really)

    Holy crap! I made honorable mention on a laminated list! That’s the first one other than Jason Segal’s that I’ve made. I’m touched.

  3. Haha this is hilarious. I apparently suck at pop culture because I don’t know who Jensen Achkles or Aaron Paul. Top of my list would have to be Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy., I would be there in a second!

  4. Has there ever been a Top 5 list that didn’t include Ryan Gosling? Way to break the mold. You guys can have Robert Pattinson all to yourself. Jeremy Ritter has been sneaking up my list since I saw The Avengers.

    • Paula

      Renner, Jessica. Sheesh. Do I have to school you on the men you love? I’m not a big Gosling fan. Well, unless you count below the neck.

  5. Not that I’m dating anyone (or by default, married!) but I think I need to make a laminated list asap! You know, just to get it out there in time πŸ™‚

  6. I knew Pinkman would be on your list! He is a cutie!

    Jensen Ackles is good looking, but I think he has a strange voice. It just seems too deep for him or something.*

    • Paula

      Sometimes I feel that way too about Jensen, but then I look at him and can’t remember anything I was thinking. πŸ™‚

  7. Michelle

    I love this post. I was obsessed with Christian Slater all through high school/college thanks to Untamed Heart. Sob! My list would have to be …
    Aaron Paul (I will fight you for him. :))
    Colin Donnell (Broadway dude soon to be on TV. Google him. So worth it.)
    Billy Cudrup
    Justin Kirk
    Jeremy Renner

    • Paula

      Alright, just let me know when we’re fighting for AP and I won’t work out that day. πŸ˜‰ I love Billy Crudup! Have you see Waking the Dead? That movie is what made me love him so much. Did you see Justin Kirk has a new show coming out called Animal Practice?

      • Michelle C

        hahaha if you ever come to Boston we can set the terms of our duel. πŸ™‚ I have never seen that movie but have to look it up now. He’s so awesome! And yes, i’m excited for Animal Practice even though it doesn’t look so good. It has Justin Kirk and a monkey in it, so i’m sold.

  8. LOVE this post! Good job narrowing down to 5, I still think that’s not enough so I love the honorable mention section on this post. On my current list: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (he’s my numero uno!), RPats, Jake Gyllenhaal, Adam Levine & Ryan Gosling. Honorable mention: Eduardo Serastegui (Mexican actor, look him up & drool), Justin Timberlake (always & forever!), Michael Buble. Dang, now I’m swooning LOL

  9. Melissa h.

    I have a list. My sister worked at a fancy hotel in Nashville and met 2 of the 5 guys off MY list including Paul Wesley from Vampire Diaries who she talked to for awhile with no clue who he was ( so jealous) and Ryan Reynolds who came in but she didn’t talk to. If she had gotten to Ryan Gosling or Robert Pattinson up higher on my list I don’t think I could stand it.

  10. Ohh I have such a crush on Brandon Boyd (when showered!). Paul Rudd is high up on my list as well, and of course Christian Slater. And Aaron Paul is a good addition!
    But all three of you ladies are going to have to fight me to comfort Robert Pattinson in his time of need! Silly KStew, what was she thinking?!

  11. You all can keep RPatz — I definitely don’t see what all the fuss is about (although the accent is nice), but I maintain that he’s definitely too good for KStew.

    RDJ I will have to fight you for — or perhaps you can loan him to me on the weekends? Circa 1980s is some hardcore RDJ appreciation, though, so you win.

    My husband knows about my list, but I might have to put it out on the interwebs to make it legitimate.

    And I just started watching Breaking Bad. I’ll admit Aaron is cute, but he wouldn’t make my list.

  12. Oh, “the list”. Mine is… Robert Downey Jr., how can anyone not love him. Joshua Jackson, Josh Holloway (oh Sawyer, how I miss you), Ryan Gosling and Aaron Paul… he’s adorbs.

  13. hhrunner

    I love Robert Downey Jr. and I’ve gotta agree with Tara on Ryan Gosling. How he didn’t make your list is beyond me. I also have a massive crush on Mark Wahlberg. If I could find a way to make any of those three happen I would be one very happy person.

  14. Laura WL

    Me and my hubs have top 5 lists as well. My current list is:
    1. Joseph Gordon Levitt: He’s my own age, a really good actor, adorable AND dorky looking. Squeezed him in HS on Third Rock (that’s below a crush btw) and full on had a lady boner after Brick (
    2. Ryan Reynolds: I admit I just watched Safe House last night, so this might be bc of that but he is just really nice to look at. He also makes a believable dork and is good in both action films and comedies. And his body is ah-mazing!
    3. Ryan Gosling: Yes it’s a cliche. And yes I’ve loved him since he was a creeper in Murder by Numbers. Again though, he’s my own age and he’s a damn good actor. When you watch him you sort of even forget how hot he is, which is pretty amazing.
    4. Shia LaBeouf: Yes, this is super creepy since he’s a way younger than me. And yes, the new Sigur Ros music video was disturbing and he looks dirty in it, but still. I think he’s a better actor than he’s shown himself to be in movies (Wall St. sequel WTF?). Also, he is super moody and conflicted in real life and I like men who aren’t afraid to get in bar fights and make bad decisions. Ugh. I am not making my case am I?
    5. Justin Timberlake: He can sing and dance and act (sort of). For the record he makes a way hotter Sean Parker in Social Network than the real Sean Parker. I mean, Sean Parker can only dream, right? (Can you tell I really dislike Sean Parker?)

    Honorable mentions: Paul Rudd (solely bc of Clueless), Daniel Craig ( and David Tennant (scottish! hot! dorky!)

    And I saw WTH to R. Pattz. He’s like Matt Smith in that I And I saw YES to Aaron Paul and Jeremy Renner. Hot, short men unite! Ok. That was fun. Sorry for writing a book!

    • Paula

      This is about the best thing ever. I feel like now that you admitted to Shia (a kinda out there choice), I can admit that I used to have a weird thing for Giovanni Ribisi after Boiler Room. He’s a really good cryer in movies, kinda like Leo DiCaprio. I love a good cryer. Now I feel like I’ve said too much.

  15. We for sure have Aaron Paul in common. He is one beautiful, beautiful little man.

    Also on my list is John Krasinski (he’s just adorable ya know?), Andrew Garfield (I’m kinda not sure why, but he recently won me over after the latest Spiderman), and Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights. The way his eyes crinkle when he smiles slays me. *swoon*

  16. Amber K

    I made a list years ago when my husband was just my boyfriend. Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Phillipe and Paul Walker were 4 of the 5 (apparently I’m Ryan obsessed). Then I totally creeped him out by my fifth. But I maintain that Dick Van Dyke was a hottie in his day and later on.

    • Dick van dyke totally was!! Singing, dancing, funny, charming, ahhh I’m glad you said that πŸ™‚ mary poppins and chitty chitty bang bang, he might even have been my first crush.

      • Amber K

        I think I posted my response in the wrong place, so I’m trying again!

        Dick Van Dyke was definitely my first crush. Actually just last weekend I shared Mary Poppins with my niece and she agreed that he was a cutie. But then she just kept talking about Justin Bieber….

  17. Adrianna

    this is certainly my favorite posy to date. and I can’t believe you have Eric from days on your list…great choice! I wondered where he went after he left Salem…

    zac efron, r-patz, JT, Andy samberg, Ryan gosling, john Mayer (I cannot explain this nor can I deny this), Leo dicap.
    all these swimmers and soccer players will fulfill my evenings for the next 2 weeks, however. I’m glad I live alone…I mean….

  18. RDJr is one hot piece of ass! Good choice on him.

    Mine are:
    Paul Rudd
    Ben Affleck
    Jon Hamm
    Jason Bateman
    Number 5 is usually rotating (and hubs is okay with it), currently it’s Bradley Cooper (although when that new movie comes out where he’s got dreads, he might be booted)

  19. RDJ and Jensen Ackles are definitely on my laminated list (did not know it was called that, we just call it “our five”). I should decide for sure on the other three and make it official.

  20. Caitlin @ ArtemisPrime

    Paul Rudd is the ONLY one on mine. Swoon.

  21. Omfg dude I just finished watching season 4 of breaking bad, and I like you but I will knock you out for aaron paul. Sorry to say bc i think I pretty much started watching the whole show bc of your blog, but yeah…you cannot have him.
    And omgwtfbbqspicysauce was that insane season ender?! I need my kind for work and things and now it’s blown like right eyeball. Soo sweet!

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  23. Amber K

    He was definitely mine! Actually just last weekend I shared Mary Poppins with my niece and she agreed that he was a cutie. But then she just kept talking about Justin Bieber….

  24. My husband enjoys that Robert Downey Jr. is on my list. He said it would be awesome if I “comforted” Iron Man. Ahem. Also on the list: James Franco (dont judge), Matthew McConahey (even though I cant spell his last name and he may not bathe regularly), Bono (hes #1- go big or go home) and Johnny Depp. Honorable mentions: Adam Levine, Paul Rudd, Channing Tatum (only if hes dressed in his stripper gear), and Taye Diggs. πŸ™‚

  25. The only man I have consistently been in love with for the past 30 years is Tom Wopat…Dukes of Hazard…(not kidding)…totally dating myself…

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