A Scenic 10-Miler

I’m back from my weekend in D.C. It went so fast! I had so much fun and I’m sad it’s over. But at least I get to write about it here and pretend like I’m still there. One of my favorite things happened Saturday morning. My homey, Melissa, and I went on a 10 mile run around D.C. It’s not every day you can run around D.C, right? Unless your Melissa. Then I guess it is everyday. Well, whatever. Not like it’s pretty there or anything.

The day was wet, gloomy, and humid, but the temperature was 70 degrees so it was actually pretty pleasant. We started by Melissa’s place and took in all the terrible, terrible scenery.

We ran to Dupont Circle and then through Georgetown, which is a super cute area with tons of (expensive) stores and restaurants.

We ran by the Potomac River and saw all the kayakers. I think if I lived in D.C., I’d want to take up rowing and be on a team. Looks like so much fun. And then I’d be able to invite everyone to my gun show.

A little less than halfway through the run, we reached the monuments. Most of them are in the same area, so we took a little break to walk around and take some pictures.

Everything is really beautiful and immense. The Lincoln Memorial is amazing and so much bigger than I expected.

There’s my favorite Vampire Hunter. I really, really wanted to sit on his lap.

Also, next time anyone takes a picture of me, please remind me to never do that pose again. I probably should have put more thought into my outfit too. Instead, I picked that timeless classic. I can’t wait to look back on that picture in 20 years and show my grandchildren my “Holla at my Peeps” tank top.

This is the World War II Memorial. You can see the flag in the distance at half mast for the Colorado movie theatre shooting.

Here is The Vietnam Memorial. So many names, it’s sobering. There was a class of students out there doing etchings of names and we felt like that was disrespectful somehow. But not as disrespectful as the guy with his arms up in the air smiling for a picture in front of it. /off soap box

Melissa said the Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial just opened up a few months ago. I loved all his various quotes etched into the walls.

This is the Jefferson Memorial. We didn’t get close to it but you can see it across the lake from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.

Our last scenic stop was at The White House. Allllll the way back there.

It seemed so small in comparison to the memorials and of course you can’t get anywhere close to it. To take a tour, you have to submit an application through a Member of Congress at least 21 days in advance.

On our way out of the memorial area, we saw a ton of ducks dunking their heads in the lake. I hearby declare it, the Duck Butt Memorial.

On the way back there were also a lot more people out and about so we had to dodge a lot of tourists and stop at a bunch of intersections. The stop and go was really killing my legs. The last 2 miles felt insanely slow but we ended with a 9:59 pace overall, so I’m pretty happy (and surprised) with that.

I’ll have more DC fun later, but today I’m back to real life so I better get to it.



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19 responses to “A Scenic 10-Miler

  1. Whoop! Best 10 miler EVER!!!

  2. Next time make time to go out to the Jefferson Memorial. It’s my favorite (other than the Lincoln at sunset) and the crowds are usually pretty sparse since it takes a bit of effort to get out there.

    • Paula

      Yes! I want to see that. I also didn’t see the Exorcist stairs so I pretty much need to go back since I didn’t even scratch the surface of D.C.

  3. Looks like a great 10 miles! I usually run by Target and CVS, not nearly as exciting as all those historical monuments. I think the Vietnam Memorial is so beautifully designed.*

  4. IDK My BFF Jes

    I loved the memorials when I visited DC. Lincoln and WWII were my favorite. I saw them at night and it made them even more beautiful.

    • Paula

      Those were my favorite too. So, so beautiful. I definitely need to go back to see them in the evening. I just got unlucky with the weather.

  5. Amy

    Name rubbings on the Vietnam Wall are an important and unique aspect of that memorial. Those who physically can not make it to the wall also have online options through the Vietnam Vetrans Memorial Fund (the organization that created and cares for the memorial) or vietnamwall.org to create virtual rubbings. I’m sorry that you find it disrespectful, to the vetrans and family they find it comforting.

    • Paula

      When twenty 12-year old kids are doing it at once, it seems disrepectful. But I like the idea of doing it for those who can’t make it to the wall. I guess it was just the circumstance that made it seem that way.

  6. Amy

    I can see how it would seem to be, it is just a unique aspect of this memorial. I also feel that it gives kids a hands on experience, a tactile link to their history. However, it must be made clear that just because it is allowed there it isn’t allowed at other memorials. Trust me I had to sit on my hands so I didn’t swat at this kid running his hands along the walls at Mount Vernon.

  7. I love DC! Last time we were there (a few years ago), we saw all the monuments by bike, which was really neat. We biked from Arlington, through the cemetary, across the George Washinton Bridge and around all the monuments. Did you have a chance to see any of them at night? They’re so breathtaking.

  8. Because I’m obnoxious, I’ll correct one thing for you for your next trip to DC — they’re not lakes. It’s the Tidal Basin that’s in front of Jefferson and the Reflecting Pool in front of Mr. Lincoln. I don’t know why but the word “lake” is never used in regards to the bodies of water around the memorials. Well, maybe it is and I’ve just never heard it but usually you hear those two terms instead. /endobnoxiouscomment

    But I’m so glad you had fun! It’s the best city in the world. My favorite is the Koren War monument. It’s very haunting, particularly at night when all the statues are lit up. I went to the MLK one a couple years ago before it was finished. It’s nice to see it done. Oh, and next time you also MUST go to the FDR memorial. You’ll love the statue or his dog Fala.

    Can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip!

  9. Haha awesome tank top! I’ve never been to DC, but doing a runner tour is smart. Get to see lots of things and then you can eat lots of delicious food after! 🙂

  10. Amber K

    I have never been to DC! Definitely going to have to find my way to the East coast sometime.

  11. Beth

    Looks like you got a great running tour of DC! I stayed there for just over a week in 2007 and loved running down by the mall and the Potomac. Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

  12. I had no idea taking a tour of the White House was so difficult. I took one as a kid, but we also met our congressman on that trip, so maybe that’s why. That’s a great way to see the city!

  13. I love running sight seeing! My friends once did a 10 mile night tour of the monuments, and I’m insanely jealous.

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  15. SkinnyRunner

    when i was in DC in march my dad kept telling me to go to the Vietnam Memorial and I was like, yeah yeah, pipe down, Old Man. until i went. and it is amazing – so simple yet powerful and SO MANY names.

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