A Bunch of Nothing

So, the weekend was fairly uneventful, just the way I like it. I got no cleaning or chores done which really annoys me but not enough to actually do them I guess. Friday started off with a trip to Track Shack to pick up the Saucony Kinvaras I ordered. I wasn’t sure which color I wanted, so the guy ordered the 2 colors I liked best so I could decide when they came in. I thought that was awesome, only, he messed up the order and got one of the colors wrong. So I ended up with the pair they got right.

I’ve only run a couple miles in them so far, but I really like them and I think they’re super cute and shiny – the only two criteria one should look for in a shoe. I’ll probably use them more for Crossfit than anything. With the lower drop, it’s a lot easier to keep my balance when I do squats. And since they are so lightweight, it feels much easier to do leg lifts and flutter kicks.

Speaking of ab work, after I picked up my shoes I went across the street for a Crossfit workout. Hubs and I were so sore from previous workouts that our trainer worked the only body part that didn’t hurt. You know, so we could hurt all over. I think this one took me 45 minutes.

Saturday, hubs and I went to Saffran for dinner. I ordered the same thing I had the first time I was there. Saffran uses no white wheat or white sugar in their recipes, so I took that as a sign that I should pretend the burgers were the caloric equivalent of a large piece of celery.

After lunch, hubs and I headed over to Florida Mall to spend money on things we don’t need. I had to take out a small loan and offer the soul of my first child to buy some new makeup.

I swear I went there for the mascara only and a guy with lip gloss on talked me into buying the rest. Let’s just say the mascara was $15 but the bill was over $100. That pure transformation night treatment better transform me into Sofia Vergara for that money.

We also found a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! YES.

The one close to my house was open for 10 years, I discovered it, and then it closed 2 weeks later. Life can be so cruel. So it’s good to know that I can ruin my diet with just a bit longer of a drive.

Then, just when I thought things couldn’t get better after the whole Rocky Mountain discovery, I found a stuffed bear larger than me (I am 5’9″ by the way). So I hugged him, patted him on the ass, and gave him my number.

This has nothing to do with my weekend, but I think it’s funny.

So there you have it. A bunch of nothing.

Somewhere between the workouts, the unnecessary shopping, and the eating, I finished season 2 of Game of Thrones (Amazing. And now I need to watch season 1 again just so I can understand everything), 6 webisodes of Burning Love (< —– for the love, watch those. They are less than 10 minutes each, hilarious, and feature my lover Kristen Bell), and the first episode of Downton Abbey (I liked it!) and Parks and Recreation (I liked this too. Now I need to watch more. Are you happy now?).

This weekend I’ll try harder to be a useful member of society.



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21 responses to “A Bunch of Nothing

  1. What are good mornings? The name is so happy, but I get the impression that the actual move is less than happy.*

  2. Oh that’s the bear (actually, a bear – there are several of them) from Brave. And it’s a female, by the way. Hence the queen-like crown.

  3. Sounds like a good weekend to me! 🙂

  4. Welcome to Downton. Now sit back and bask in the awesomeness that is the Dowager Countess. Maggie Smith is so good in that role.

  5. I loooove those shoes. I bought three pairs of the pink Kinvara 2s because I wasnt sure I’d like the 3s but now I want them!

    Catching up on TV and eating delicious things from a chocolate shop sound pretty productive to me! 🙂

  6. Your TV watching makes me super happy. Did you see the Game Of Thrones/Payphone video I posted on FB today? You HAVE to watch it. Game of Thrones is so ridiculously good.

    And you’ll be happy that I’m finally 3 episodes into S4 of Breaking Bad and Bright House FINALLY added the next 5 last night — two weeks after they added the first three to On Demand. I’m predicting a BB marathon tonight. Wonder if E. will mind going to bed at 6.

    And you won’t regret Parks and Rec. It is LITERALLY (as you’ll soon find yourself saying thanks to Rob Lowe) the funniest show on TV right now.

    These days I’m also jonesing for S2 of Downton Abbey. I really need to start watching shows before their next season airs. Now I’m stuck in Waiting Hell for it to hit Netflix.

  7. Amber K

    Looks like fun to me, although I think I had a heart attack after seeing the cost of that makeup. Let me know if you do turn into Sofia Vergara!

  8. Becky

    Sounds like a great weekend! You mentioned taking cross-fit at a place across the street from TS. My husband is looking to start and that’s around a mile from our house. Have you been happy with it? Is that where you normally train? Miss seeing you on the road- I ran with Kristi Lynn and Courtney’s group and you joined us for a few runs past year….

    • Paula

      Yes! I love it there. But it’s a personal training gym not a Crossfit place. Our trainer does Crossfit workouts for us. And I remember you! I moved up to a faster group this year and didn’t see Courtney or Kristi Lynn’s name. Are they still running?

      • Becky

        Thanks for the info! KL and Kimber are leading a 4:15 to 4:30 group this season- they got quite a bit faster than last fall. I’m not running w a group yet as I’m recovering from foot surgery. Hoping to get back out there soon! I figure I’ll start with a 5:1 group and eventually work my way to KL or Wendy’s group eventually….

  9. New stalker fan here. Downton Abbey is FABULOUS (and it needs to start again soon!). Game of Thrones is on my summer watch list.
    I also must hug life size bears at any opportunity. I think we could hang out and molest stuffed animals together. (Wait – that sounded wrong.)

  10. I think you’re the only person who gives me a run for my money (literally?) when it comes to how many pairs of running shoes I own. We HAVE to be pretty damn close

  11. Michelle

    Oh man. It took me about 3 episodes to really get into Downton. Then I was OBSESSED and pretty much only watched it when I wasn’t working. Swoon.

  12. Sophia Short

    looks like full of fun fun fun! A great bonding with friends and love ones on weekends. And I agree with them, your neon shoes looks so great! 🙂

  13. Sarah S

    I am now hooked on Burning Love. It’s Vinnie freakin’ Van Loew!

    • Paula

      YES! I loooove him. Have you see Party Down? There are only 2 seasons but it’s hilarious and has Vinnie and Dick from Veronica Mars. And then the dad, Veronica, and Logan all have episodes they guest star in. 🙂

  14. Ohhhhhh I love those shoes. I just got new shoes but I could totally ditch them for those!

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