Nice Day for a White Wedding

So now for the real reason we hopped a plane to Reno: Don and Morgan’s wedding. After breakfast, a workout in the hotel gym (for me), some lunch, and a nap (for hubs), we took our yearly shower (not together) and made ourselves all purty.

The wedding was held at a special events center called The Grove.

The grounds were beautiful and set up was just being completed in the dining area once we arrived. Not many people had arrived once we got there, so we took a look around. You could see a lot of Morgan’s added touches to the place, like crystals hanging at the altar, a photo booth with a bunch of props to use in the pictures, and feather pins on the tables for guests to wear.

And one of my favorite and unique touches was the wedding mad libs for the bride and groom.

I regret not taking a picture of what I wrote on mine. There was something written about Morgan always dry cleaning Don’s assless chaps. I’m not too sure, I was a few drinks in.

After taking pictures like I was paparazzi at a Justin Beiber siting, guests started to arrive, including our friend Tyler who also flew in from Orlando for the weekend. (Tyler, hubs, Morgan, Don, and I all used to work together. Don scored a sweet job in Reno, so Morgan and Don moved out there a little over 3 years ago.)

The wedding was Edwardian/Neo Victorian themed.

From their wedding Web site:

Picture gentlemen in top hats, and ladies adorning themselves with a unique combination of the era’s fashion with a modern twist which might include an eclectic or miniature hat or head adornment, tailored riding coats / jackets or cropped bolero jacket.

I was surprised by how many guests actually dressed up and went all out with their costumes. It was really fun and different take on a traditional wedding. I wanted to get more pictures of the guests but I didn’t know a lot of them so I felt awkward.

The weather was absolutely beautiful and the ceremony was short and sweet. I don’t cry at weddings (I usually save that for bad commercials), but I may have shed a tear or two at Morgan’s vows. They were really sweet.

When they announced the bride’s new name for the first time, she got this huge grin on her face. So cute! And also my favorite picture of the 75 or so that I took.

After the ceremony, the wedding party went off to take some formal pictures and hubs and I found our seats.

Then we took advantage of the bartender. Repeatedly. Which led to taking advantage of the photo booth.

We enjoyed a really delicious buffet style dinner that included salad, mashed potatoes, veggies, salmon, and beef. I don’t like salmon but this salmon was amazing. It didn’t taste fishy at all. I ate everything on my plate like it was my job.

I love it when hubs wears a vest. Mmmm. *licks chops*

Sorry. Got distracted there.

After dinner, Morgan and Don had their first dance outside. A choreographed fire dance, of course.

Then a bunch of girls (including Morgan) from their fire dancing group, Controlled Burn, did a choreographed dance. Then the men followed with their own fire dance. They were all really fun to watch.

After all the dances, we went back inside for the traditional bride/father, groom/mother dances, then some belly dancers took the stage, and then a group of hula hoopers did a routine. This wedding had some serious entertainment.

After all the dances, it was cake time.

All the cakes were from Nothing Bundt Cakes. They didn’t look like anything fancy but holy crap they were amazing. So amazing, I tried 3 different flavors. Then I went for a 4th, but I was so full, I couldn’t do it.

Good thing I was not too full for more drinks. We joined the bride and groom at the bar for some shots while the rest of the guests packed out the dance floor.

The rest of the night, we hung out and chatted until it was time for the bride and groom to leave.

If I told you they left on a huge fireball shooting truck while everyone held gigantic sparklers, would you believe me?

For real. That happened. And someone who saw the flames called the fire department. Perfect end to a unique wedding. 🙂 Congrats Morgan and Don!

We had a lot of fun. I’m always kind of sad to leave my friends and Reno because it’s one of the few places I’ve visited that I would consider moving to. There’s so much to do and it’s just a really fun place. A perfect mix of big city and small town.



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20 responses to “Nice Day for a White Wedding

  1. Holy hell that’s an awesome wedding! Her entire outfit is awesome. Sometimes you see theme weddings and it looks so costumey (not that a wedding dress doesn’t look like a costume anyway) but hers is just perfect. So cool!

  2. Reno is such a fun town. We used to go up there a lot when I was a kid. What a great wedding! I love the non-traditional stuff. 🙂 Glad you guys had a great trip!

  3. wow that looks like a cool wedding!
    My parents had a “Golden Days’ themed wedding, like wimen with feathers and stockings and my mom had a really cool offwhite lacy old timey dress, guys with top hats and straight coats! cool!
    i also like the mad libs, that is cute!

  4. Amber K

    That looks like such a blast! I have been to so many weddings that were a total snore, but I always love it when people get creative like this!

  5. Ms. Teri

    They have always been a creative couple, and the fire dance put it over the top. Congrats to both of them! Oh, and you and the Fabman looked fabulous (as usual) as well.

  6. Your friends are officially cooler than mine will ever be. That wedding looks so awesome. I would fly across the country for a wedding like that in a heartbeat.

    Also, the small bottles of Korbel? That’s clutch.

  7. SkinnyRunner

    ive just decided after reading this that all i want to do in life is go to a themed wedding.

  8. I need more bundt cakes in my life. I can’t remember the last time I had one! Looks like such a fun wedding!

  9. Love the madlib idea. You should’ve brought it home with you!!

    I am also a “I don’t like salmon but this salmon was amazing” type of girl. So basically we are the same person. In case you forgot.

  10. Did you hum all the way there? Ok, There’s my yearly REM lyric joke that nobody gets but me. Man, I was just worried about not flubbing my lines and showing up on time during my wedding, Mo and Don had to NOT SET THEMSELVES OR EACH OTHER ON FIRE. That’s equal parts awesome yet insane.

  11. I love love love the bride’s whole ensemble! It’s nothing that I would ever wear, and yet I am obsessed with it. Gorge!*

  12. Sarah S

    Your friends have cooler weddings than my friends.

  13. Truly, the most amazing thing I have ever seen, not limiting myself to weddings, but life in general.

  14. What a funky and unique wedding! I love that they did what they wanted and made it their own 🙂

  15. WOW. What a seriously seriously gorgeous event. I am jealous by how ridiculously awesome that wedding was! And her outfit!!!! Awesome. Love the mad libs too.

  16. reno, huh? i went once and felt scarred for life. you sure sell it tho…maybe it’s all about who you know. i went to give free cigarettes to spectators at the airshow (yeah, that’s a job) and by the end of the day we had a running tally of 1) likely militia members spotted and 2) missing teeth. it was not awesome. also, one guy asked me for filterless camels and told me “that’s what i’ve been smoking since the third grade.” that pretty much cinched my impression of reno! 😉

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