Getting Better

I’m in a much better mood today than I was the other day. Probably because I know I don’t have to be anywhere after work. Usually all my workouts during the week are scheduled for the month. I give myself just enough time to get home from work, quickly eat something, change my clothes, and head back out the door. So basically, all my days are just a rush to be at the next place and it gets stressful after awhile. I think that’s why I love having no plans. I could never leave the house and be happy. I have no idea how I got this way because I used to be such a “let’s do things!” type of person. Now I’m lame, old, and lazy.


Ok, let’s get our numbers on since this is going to be random.

1.  Sometimes I feel like I should have kids just so I can use the “I don’t have a babysitter” excuse to not do something. Because I know all of you with kids do that. You just don’t talk about it. It’s like a secret society and those without kids can’t call you out because if we do, that will probably be the one time you really couldn’t find a babysitter. Well, I’m on to you. And in an effort to bring equality to this world, I’m going to dress up animals and pretend they are my children so I can use the excuse too.

2. I finished season 4 of Breaking Bad. The DVR is 94% full because we’ve neglected it for so long. In a way, I’m relieved that I won’t be spending every waking hour wanting to watch it but on the other hand watching anything else now seems super strange. Like these guys:

(I just wanted a reason to post that. I can’t stop watching it.)

3.  Season 4 was awesome, but I think I still liked seasons 2 and 3 better. No spoilers, so don’t worry – but Walt seemed like so much more of a jerk than usual. I have no sympathy for that guy anymore and he deserves anything that comes to him. Jesse on the other hand, has an open invite to my house.

4. And while we’re still on the subject of Breaking Bad, I find myself looking forward to what over-sized, terrible t-shirt Jesse is going to wear next. He wore a sparkly one in season 4 that was probably the best thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t find a picture of it anywhere. So enjoy this instead.

5. The past several days, I’ve been super sore from Crossfit and weight training. So it came in handy that I was sent a cute little package from Laforce +Stevens to try out BenGay Zero Degrees. Check out all the fun stuff they sent!

(Hair ties, hair spray, a workout video, an insulated bag, and a gym towel.)

BenGay Zero Degrees is similar to Icy Hot and BioFreeze, which I basically lived on during marathon training when I had so many knee and foot problems. Except, you can store Zero Degrees in the freezer for that extra jolt of holy crap when you put it on your muscles. Plus, it comes in packaging that looks like a stick of deodorant instead of a hand pump or roll-on.

Here’s what I thought: I liked it better than BioFreeze. Not because it works better, because I think they are both equal in terms of soothing muscles. But I liked that it was easy to apply and I didn’t have to put it on my hands.  I also thought the cooling sensation lasted a lot longer. An hour and a half later, I could still feel it working. Basically, I didn’t need to reapply it. So if you’re in the market for something like this, give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Just don’t tell your husband because when you ask for a massage, he will throw this at you instead.

6. I bought some more sparkling water. This time I’m trying out La Croix grapefruit flavor.

I’m not sure why every blogger recommends this stuff because it tastes like carbonated nothing and it gets worse the more I drink it. I don’t taste grapefruit at all. Then again, maybe my taste buds are numb from years of Diet Coke and Splenda.

7. I think this is the longest post about nothing that I’ve ever written. You can all rest assured that my Breaking Bad love will be on hiatus until season 5 and until then, you won’t have to hear about it anymore.

Just kidding. Yes you will.


Seriously, someone go watch that show so we can talk about it.



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21 responses to “Getting Better

  1. 1. That La Croix grapefruit is my jam. I drink 4 cans a day, easy. Kim thinks I’m an addict. I’m drinking one right now in fact.
    2. This post has more gratuitous motion than any I’ve ever seen. Bit seasick now, perhaps you should add one of those warnings like they do for shows that use strobe lights.

    • Paula

      1. That La Croix grapefruit needs grapefruit vodka in it to be delicious. I still need to try to coconut flavor. I heard that one’s pretty good. Probably also better with vodka.
      2. Just trying to wake you up a bit. I see it worked.

  2. I couldn’t stop starring at that one vid, either, once I peeled my eyes away, I saw more vids! LOL.
    And, I’ve bought that brand LaCriox to mix with drinks, but I just can’t drink it straight. I’m not a fan of ANY sparkling water. They all taste bitter to me. Bleck. Well, okay that’s not true…there are some sweet ones, but then…what’s the point?
    Good to know about the Bengay Zero…as part of my problem with the sports creams is having to put it on my hand…and if don’t wash off fast enough, then my hands feel cool for like an hour. Which, is just weird. So, I might try, but, right now we have 2 things of sports creams, so it’ll be a while.

  3. Sara

    I saw Sparkling Cranberry drink at Publix yesterday and thought of you getting sprayed with it (lol). I was tempted to buy it, but after my ventures with La Croix I resisted. I like fake sweet stuff too, so I wasn’t a fan.

  4. I’m not on board with the La Croix stuff either – it definitely tastes like carbonated nothing. Kind of like Soy Joy bars that taste like cardboard. I just can’t get on board with people endorsing those. Sorry if you like them.

  5. Who knew there were so many sparkling water options? Kevin actually likes the citrus flavored La Croix. And that’s coming from someone who could drink a two liter of Mountain Dew every day.

  6. welp, thanks to you i am now obsessively watching breaking bad too. i guess it finally reached critical mass of mentions between your posts and random friends, and i netflixed it. i accidentally watched ep 2 first, so i was like jeez they just jump right in, melting people down in the pilot huh! awesome! it is getting a little cancery for me up in there, if i wanted the pathos of real life i’d pay actual attention to my family instead of watching tv, but jesse is eminently watchable isn’t he…*not drooling..* i had to laugh by ep 4 too, you are totally right, walt cries in every episode; the fact that you pointed it out has me doing shots in my mind whenever it happens now 🙂

    • Paula

      Yes! Keep me updated how you like it. And don’t worry, the cancer thing takes a backseat soon. We should make a drinking game anytime Jesse says “Yo” or “Bitch” or says a sentence and then pauses and says, “right?” 🙂

  7. Walt does get pretty cranky in the last season. Dude was just flat out crazy some times. I honestly don’t know how he’s still alive….idiot.

  8. Verlin

    I’ve only watched the first two episodes … and that was a while ago. Life has gotten in the way of my recreation. I’ll try harder and we can be BB pals.

  9. Michelle

    Oh man. Im halfway through season 3 and will talk about it with you any time! I also hate how Walt gets meaner as the seasons go on. As we were watching season 1 I looked at my roommate during a Jesse scene and said “That is a bad descision I would make over and over again.”

    • Paula

      Ha! I love it. My husband has to deal with how much I love Jesse. Poor guy. And so true. I thought Walt saw him as a son for awhile but now it’s like he only looks out for #1.

  10. Angie

    I tried it too. It took awhile to get used to it and I’d rather not drink it again.

  11. Stephanie

    Jesse with the shaved head, Jesse with the long hair- DOESN’T matter. UGH HE IS SO HOT

  12. Amber K

    It is like a secret society, but it’s also true. My best friend has four kids and to find a babysitter that wants to take them all at the same time is like pulling teeth! Granted, when she can get out it’s like I won the lottery!

  13. Stacie

    Ok… Season 4 finale… Mind blowing, right?! The very very last part!! I never thought Mr. White could be so evil! I can’t believe next season is the final one!!

    • Paula

      Yes, it would have been if my plot guessing husband didn’t call that 10 minutes before the show ended. But after all his manipulating in season 4, it’s not surprising. I’m SO sad there’s only one more season. But I’m kinda glad I’m just watching it now because I would not have been able to wait between seasons for those first 4.

  14. I might have to check out this Breaking Bad show. You’ve never steered me wrong. I just finished the first season of The Walking Dead. Clearly I was missing out.

    I lurve me some La Croix. Lime is my favorite!

  15. Misty

    I mix no sugar added fruit juice to club soda to get that drinking soda type feeling. It keeps me from drinking so much soda and it gives me some extra vitamins. I also started drinking vodka or tequila with club soda and then just asking for lemons or limes. It’s sort of like a skinny girl margarita, I guess.

    • Paula

      Yes! I do that too. I like grape vodka and soda the best. I had a friend suggest adding real fruit juice to sparkling water and that’s helping so far. I wish I didn’t have such a sweet tooth! I’m hoping drinking less pop will help with that. 🙂

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