Dry Weekend

I made it through the weekend without drinking. I’m sure those of you who don’t drink are thinking, “just don’t drink.” But it’s not that simple. Drinks are delicious and margaritas love it when I drink them. So really I do it for the margaritas. Anyway, this is some sort of milestone for me because I always say I won’t drink and then still end up drinking. So now you’re probably wondering what I did with the rest of my weekend since that freed up about 16 hours of my time.

Friday evening, I went to a terrible spin class where all but two of the songs were low resistance sprints. I almost left the class halfway through but then remembered how much I paid for it. When I got home, I added a 9th color to my hair. You never can have too many in there.

Moar red! I used Emma Stone Copper Shimmer from Feria which made my roots super bright, but eh, I kinda like it. Incidentally, I’m a natural redhead. And for those of you who don’t believe me, including my friends that swear they have never seen my natural hair color, here you go.

I ran 8.5 miles with this girl Saturday morning and didn’t hate it. That’s my longest run in at least 6 weeks. I was feeling pretty good the whole time and we even managed negative splits. Then I got a bonus of seeing EIGHT brown bunnies along the way. The last mile or so was like some crazy bunny love fest just for me.

Let’s not ask the bunnies.

So after a good run and then reading about this marathon bitch-fest (that was somehow still inspiring in its own way) and then hearing about this girl’s 20 minute marathon PR, I remember that I used to like running. So, I might be sort of, kind of looking forward to training for some fall races. Not that the training will start anytime soon because I’ll just burn out more, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

After my run, I went home, took a nap, and then went to Crossfit with hubs (making only one double workout this week, but that’s better than none). It was a deck of cards workout this time.

(If you don’t remember my personally drawn examples of walk-outs and chopsticks, click those links. And be prepared to be taken aback.)

Our trainer wanted us to do quarter mile sprints for the Jokers but I was tired of running, so he picked chopsticks instead. You know what’s worse than sprinting for a quarter mile after running 8.5 miles? 100 chopsticks. TWICE. I feel like I have wobbley turkey neck. Have you ever done so much ab work that just keeping your big ass head off the ground becomes an exercise? That happened to me. It’s hard to hold my head up today because my neck is so sore. Which, I guess, is nice because now I don’t notice the pain my abs are in. So there’s that.

I haven’t shopped in a really long time. Mostly because I hate shopping unless it’s online. So I took care of that one on Saturday too.

I bought a whole bunch of ridiculous things I don’t need from Target, Old Navy, and Kohls, including a necklace that I found to be so ugly that I liked it. It’s like the necklace uglied me into buying it. Is that even possible? I’ll show you all once I figure out what to wear with it.

Then after Shopfest 2012, hubs and I watched approximately 7 hours of Breaking Bad.

Hubs and I finished season 2 on Friday night and my Breaking Bad “dealer” apparently couldn’t read my mind that I needed season 3 in like, twosecondsbeforeIfreakout, so I bought it at Best Buy. I’m that impatient. And no, I don’t have Netflix streaming because it sucks. But I guess in this case it would have been good for something. Cue the entirety of my Saturday and Sunday nights. I’m 7 episodes into season 3 and I think there’s not enough Jesse going on this season, but it looks like that might change after the last episode I watched. Also, I think that he and Demi Moore could make beautiful voice-babies together.

So that’s what happens when you don’t drink. You spend too much money on yourself, you work out too much, and you spend the rest of your time watching too much TV. Let this be a lesson to you all that you should never stop drinking. Unless you’re an alcoholic, then you totally should stop drinking and please don’t send me hate mail.


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28 responses to “Dry Weekend

  1. I drank all weekend. Lunch and Dinner both nights included wine. This week I am on time out…except Tues night where I have to have drink with a business associate of my husband. Also, we are hosting a dinner party on SAT for 10 people. I hire someone to cook so I can drink and not mess up the meal. So, M-F with the exception of Tues are dry. Maybe Sunday too depending on Sat night. Good job, I’m madly impressed. Did you use the DD excuse?

    • Paula

      No, I just didn’t go anywhere. I was a hermit. But I might use that one next weekend. Not that anyone will believe me.

  2. I looooove Breaking Bad! I also watched the first three seasons one after the other. Could not stop. I can’t wait until it’s on again!

    I also love your hair, and you were ADORABLE. And also quite cheeky it looks like. I can see it in your face 🙂

  3. Sarah S

    I now understand your pain. My neighbors rented a margarita machine and invited us over. You can’t drink while breast feeding, so I get to watch them enjoy instead. Party fail.

  4. I expect a picture of the so ugly it’s cute necklace ASAP. Get on that outfit matching, stat.

    My twitter feed was also blowing up with ridiculously awesome PRs. I guess I can’t just run the miles in my head to train? Oh, well.

  5. I wondered why there was so much alcohol available in the greater Orlando area. Don’t worry, I made up the difference for you.
    I think it’s pretty awesome how your packages and bags from your shopping trip and just hang suspended upside down like that. Very cool trick, must be the new found brain power you unlocked from not drinking.

  6. Your hair looks great–I love it! Also kudos on the drying out. You’re doing awesome!

  7. I love Breaking Bad. That’s all. I’m DYING to get my hands on Season 4. AMC needs to put it on On Demand ASAP or I’m going to go all Chicken Man on them.

  8. Two things:

    1. I love your hair and I just dyed mine back close to my natural color as well (with the addition of about 10 different shades of varying light and darkness)

    2. Yesterday I went on a major Old Navy-Kohls-Target shopping spree.

    However I did spend my weekend drinking so I think I failed there.

  9. Amber K

    I do still have streaming on Netflix – how else could I obsessively watch extremely old episodes of Law & Order? Oh, you say it’s on at least 20 times a day? Well, at least I get to make sure I can watch them all in order… 😉

  10. Stefanie

    I should try and have more dry weekends. But the tequila is always calling my name. It’s difficult when you have a liquor that loves you that much.

  11. Verlin

    There’s so much I like about this post that I’d basically be re-stating the whole thing here if I commented on all of it. I’ll think I’ll choose to comment on the incredibly orthopedic looking shoes in the baby picture. Why, oh why, did our mothers buy us shoes like that?

    • Paula

      I’m willing to forgive the shoes but only because I will never forgive the bowl cut I got about 5 years later. Or the mullet 5 years after that.

      • Verlin

        I see your bowl cut and mullet, and raise you …. a perm. Really, how many times did I come home crying from the hairdresser, clutching the photos I’d cut out of Tiger Beat magazine which the mean, mean hairdresser clearly ignored.

        • Paula

          LOL, I had the perm too. It was REALLY tight and when I walked into the first day of 8th grade, a guy said to me, “what did you do to your hair?!” So yeah. Even then it didn’t look good. I think you’re giving me an idea for a blog post here. Might as well air the dirty laundry.

  12. kathleen@runderbykat

    So the last two titles of your posts have been “will power” and “dry weekend”. Hmmm. I hope this is just because you’re saving up for cinco de mayo and the KENTUCKY DERBY this weekend! (I hope it’s obvious this may be my favorite day of the year.)
    Also, am I crazy to want to try your deck of cards workout? It looks kind of awesome and amazing….and like it could hurt me.

  13. Exactly how long is this whole no drinking thing going to go on for? I need a shopfest. 2012 of my own, I have NO clothes to wear. But I hate shopping. Soooooo much.

    • Paula

      Me either. I keep getting hand me downs from my best friend so at least that’s helping. I’m sure the non-drinking thing won’t last long. It’s hard to stay away from something you’re so good at. 😉

  14. Love the new hair color. You look hot! 🙂

  15. angie

    I really like your hair!! The cut is great too! I know what you mean about margaritas… I seriously crave them on a daily basis.

  16. Cute picture of you! And, I do remember you telling me about your natural hair color. 😉

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