Pigs are Flying

So, I did it.

No, really. I did.


I actually got up this morning at 5:00am and ran 5 miles at the gym (in about 48 minutes). Those are my first miles in a couple weeks, by the way. THEN, I worked out with my trainer this evening. That’s 2 workouts in one day, my friends. I’m pretty excited about this since this blog is a vortex of bad luck when it comes to doing stuff I say I’ll do. Once I post it, it doesn’t happen. But I guess with that rationale, I should talk about how I’m going to binge eat Peeps and maybe I’ll actually eat healthy.

Our trainer gave us a triangle workout where the reps start high and decrease as you go.

Here’s an example of a one-leg lunge, a push up with a row, a squat with a shoulder press, and a walk-out. We ended the workout with 10 torturous minutes of jump roping. Torturous because I hate jump roping more than fat kids hate single serving packages. I didn’t really like the workout much but my shoulders are sore, so at least it works.

Now let’s see if I can double up again tomorrow. I already have a spin class planned after work, now we’ll see if I can get up at 5am again for a 3 miler. Wish me luck. Or don’t. I don’t need you anyway when I have this.



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16 responses to “Pigs are Flying

  1. Wooo! Impressive. 🙂 You can do eeeet!

    I did day 2 of week 2 of the Drop 10 workout I’m doing. So far…moving forward…let’s see what happens when I finally get to week 5! 😉

  2. Way to go! I keep trying but as of yet, hasn’t happened. I already get up for work at 5:30 though, so I’d need to wake up in the 4’s….probably never going to happen 🙂

  3. wooo! congrats on the run AND double workouts 🙂

  4. YOU ROCK! I doubt I will ever be able to do this but I will keep pretending like one day I will…

  5. Ugh, early mornings hate me. Or I hate them. Or whatever. You are awesome for getting up that early and going back to the gym a second time.

  6. Well? Did you??? I am going to try to take today off re: our email conversation yesterday. But I do feel better today, so we shall see! You should throw those peeps away. And pour dish soap on them. It’s for your own good.

    Now I’m going to go pin that workout. 😉

  7. Willie

    I’ve been following your blog from some time but have been a fail on commenting. When you commented that you may never have the motivation to run again, I knew you’d find it. Or it would find you.
    and it did..YEAH!
    I want to thank you for sharing your CF workouts. I have been challenged with finding time in the gym and training for Grandma’s Marathon. Your posted workouts give me options that I can do at home even if I have to make some changes. THANK YOU!

    Also I too am a Bunny Mama and I love that you post going on’s with your little bouncy furry friend. I recently adopted my red, satin bunny who didn’t have a home to go to. What no home?! I was her foster parent and figured a full time easter bunny for our family. We win!

    anyway you are a joy and delight – keep sharing!

    Willie Tibbetts

    • Paula

      Aww, you made my day! The CF workouts are my favorite. So, I’m glad they’re helpful! I love that you’re a bunny mama too. There doesn’t seem to be many of us out there. They are so fun and I never get sick of looking at her sweet face. I think Pants is a little upset she hasn’t had more blog time lately, so she might need to make a reappearance soon. 🙂

  8. 2 a days are hard, especially back to back! You rock!

  9. You’re so hard core. I need to make my big butt do 2 workouts a day. Awesome job lady!

  10. Amber K

    That’s exactly why I try and talk about things on my blog that have already happened. Because they just won’t if I plan in advance. I think this is the opposite of how most other people work….lol

  11. WOOWOO! Way to go!!! 2-a-days are ROUGH! Way to dig deep and pull it out!!!

  12. kathleen@runderbykat

    Nice work!!! I’m super impressed… and if you do two workouts tomorrow I’ll have a new hero.

  13. Sarah S

    Oh good lord, I am going to have nightmares about that last image. Shudder.

  14. Way to go, Paula! I hope you don’t wear yourself out with so much doubling up. That Triangle workout looks awesome- I hope to try it soon, thanks for sharing!

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