Fourth and Final

You’re going to love this. I forgot to mention that while I was in California, I had my gait analyzed…for the fourth time. Oh, I’m sorry. Are you sick of hearing about this?

Yeah, so anyway. I went to Movin’ Shoes in Encinitas. No fancy treadmill or video recorder this time around. Just a guy watching me run in a pair of Asics down the sidewalk.

The guy that helped me said I was about as neutral of a runner as you can get and that I didn’t need new shoes. Yep. That is my fourth different opinion. And probably the closest to my third opinion, which was that I need neutral (not stability) shoes.

He looked at my current shoes and said they still have some miles left and not to get rid of them. If anything, he said I could use them for shorter runs because they look pretty good for having over 400 miles. He didn’t try to sell me new shoes. Or anything for that matter. It was weird. He was actually helpful without looking to profit.

I showed him the areas on my feet that hurt after I get into higher mileage. He asked me a bunch of questions, and then gave me a sample of Runner Goo to try out – for free. I looked everywhere online for this stuff and couldn’t even find a picture of it. But Runner Goo is a cream that you rub on your blister/callous areas. When it dries, it hardens and and forms a protective cover that protects those areas from further irritation.

He said my feet probably rub in certain areas since my big toes curve and aren’t straight.

Basically, the shoes I was wearing are fine, my knee-ankle-calf problems were most likely a result of the the massive amount of running I was doing, and the rest is what solved those problems. So I’m going to stick it out with my current shoes for a little while longer. Of course, the ones I wear are discontinued so I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

So that brings me to that part where I still have no desire to run. I’ve run a little here and there but more for exercise and not because I want to. And because I like to add more stress to my life by worring about trivial things, I’m worried the desire to run is gone for good. 😦


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11 responses to “Fourth and Final

  1. I thought of you yesterday cause my BFF bought new running shoes a few weeks back and they are shredding her feet on her long runs, which never happens to her. I told her to try exchanging them (a la you!) but wasn’t sure if she could cause of how long she has had them. What was your exchange policy?

    • Paula

      I’m not sure there was a policy. They just have a sign that says if yuo’re not happy with your shoes, to bring them back and they’ll get you in something you do like. If she was fitted for them and they aren’t working, she should totally take them back! Even if they say no, it’s worth a try.

  2. You’re probably just a little burned out. If you don’t want to run right now just focus on what you do want to do. Then, in a million years when I am able to run again, we can tackle building up our running base together. Just in separate states. Which is practically the same as running together, right? Right.

  3. A cousin of mine who puts massive amounts of mileage on his shoes went to a running event at our local running store. Never before had my 41 year cousin had pain while running until he was sold a pair of shoes by an “expert.” Turns out, they had local track stars from a high school helping out and that’s the one who advised him. He went back to his old shoes with some crazy number of miles like 500 on them. Problem resolved.

    I’m glad that you got some good advice finally.

  4. Caroline

    With all your shoe issues (especially with the Creation 11 to Rider 15) have you looked at ShoeFitr feature to compare shoes? It’s how I purchase my shoes since I’m very picky/particular about my shoe fit and when I try to buy in running stores the reps always try to put me in the most popular shoes that fit me all sorts of wrong. Just a random suggestion worth trying when you do get to having to replace your Creations.

    • Paula

      No, I haven’t but that’s a great idea. I’m going to do that this weekend and see what it comes up with. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Amber K

    That is insane that you have had so many different opinions! But I think I would trust the person who wasn’t trying to sell me something. I’ve always disliked running, so I can’t be of much help there. But I’ve heard that other people start craving it once they stop doing it for awhile.

  6. Kate

    It never really goes away. Don’t worry. It’s sort of like everything else in life. As soon as you stop trying to want to run and just sort of forget about it, you’ll really want to run again.

  7. Verlin

    I think I’m good for at least 5 or 6 more gait-analyzing-related posts. No worries here!

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