Back on the Wagon

Well, I’m back in Orlando and back to work. Remember how I kept going on and on about how California is awesome and better than everyone else? Well, I forgot to share something with you guys. While I was out on my 7 mile run in San Diego, I found out the dogs are better there too. I’m pretty sure they’re literate.

Speaking of being back to work, today I’m listening to the sweet sounds of the dude that can’t stop sighing all day long. He’s really getting in a lot of them today. Probably welcoming me back.

Seriously. You are a grown man and you sigh loudly all day long like doing your job is such a chore. I’m sure there are plenty of people that would love to take your place and would happily do the job while being annoyed silently. I do not need to hear your crap all day. Please take up eye rolling or bitching to your friends on instant messenger like the rest of us.


Anyway, enough about that.

Now that I’m back from my short vacation, I’m trying to get back to eating healthy and exercising. It is not easy. I was still working out on vacation, but that doesn’t really do me any good when I’m eating 1500 calorie meals. Which I was. Hubs was telling me he didn’t think I ate that badly, but I assured him that what he saw in this post was only the pictured things I ate. I did not include the cornbread and biscuits. Or the pie and batch of brownies my mom made that I snuggled with late night.

Last night, I did my first workout to combat the vacation bulge. This workout is from my trainer and it was a pretty good one.

We did 7 groups, but I cannot remember one of them for the life of me. I liked this workout because you only do 2 sets of everything, so the workout goes by fast and is always changing.

Also, I should just go ahead and admit that I haven’t been doing that 2 workouts a day twice a week thing like I planned. (Someone even checked up on me about that.)


I did manage it once in San Diego (spin in the morning, 2 mile hill run in the afternoon) but other than that, I’ve been a complete failure. So here’s to a fresh start. I guess the good thing about failing is you can always try again, right? Or something like that.



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10 responses to “Back on the Wagon

  1. That was a friendly ask, BTW! But yes, of course, you can always start fresh. Heck, I start fresh every day. Like, “OK, I’m only going to have ONE dessert today.” And after my 3rd dessert, I tell myself I’ll start fresh tomorrow. So maybe that’s a bad example, but you get what I mean, right?

  2. Kate

    I almost feel like a happy co worker is worse. There’s a guy in my office who whistles all day. Makes me stabby. Everyone should just keep their emotions to themselves at work.

  3. Welcome back! So…you’re super strong. Row with 30 pound dumbbells? In my dreams.

  4. Amber K

    Getting back on track after vacation feels pretty darn good. Although I still can’t convince myself to workout twice a day anymore. I did that for a good long while, but I’m just too lazy sometimes to be okay with showering twice in one day. 😉

  5. Julia

    YES! I am all about falling off the wagon, getting back on the wagon, skipping next to the wagon, jumping on the wagon, talking about the wagon… you get the idea.

    Fall down six times, stand up seven girl!

  6. Even though I have to stumble sometimes, the ability to start again is something that have perfected. The only thing in life I don’t fail at 100% is starting over.

  7. Katie G

    I burned that ‘effin wagon to the ground, baby!

  8. I feel like I’m constantly talking about how I have to “start over”. Ugh. I get tired with myself. I feel ya girl.

  9. every time I go to California I say i’m moving there… have always had wonderful runs there!

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