You Think You're Better Than Me?

I went to another awesome spin class yesterday. It was at a different gym, so it wasn’t just a fluke. California is really trying to prove it’s better than everyone else.

After the class, my SIL and I went to check out the newly remodeled pool at the club where the gym is at.

We get it. You’re pretty. You don’t need to go pushing your nature and beauty and hills in my face all the time.

Just when I was about to declare California the winner of all things that could be won, I found this online.

You are rude, California. And now, you are liars. My mom lives here and she is totally old.


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8 responses to “You Think You're Better Than Me?

  1. I think they got Texas spot on though.

  2. That map is hilarious haha

    I’m from California and the scenery is gorgeous but as for the people, I can’t stand them. That’s why I can’t wait to get out!

  3. LMAO to “Vegas around here somewhere”

    Florida should really be split into 3 groups: Rednecks (N. Florida),really cool people who live in C. Florida where a lot of bad driving happens, AND old people.

  4. Amber K

    I love how Oregon and Washington always seem to be lumped in together. lol

  5. Lisa

    Oh, that is very funny though!

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And, I am not a religious nut at all! Sadly, living here in the “Religious Nut area” – I uh do think there are a lot of them here. Just, I am not one of them, and I resent that, too, California! But, wow that’s a pretty view!

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