By the Numbers

So, we’re back to my OCD numbering today.

1.  Last week was so hectic that by the time Friday rolled around (my day off), everything around the house was so neglected that the whole day was spent doing chores and errands. Hubs was still working well into Saturday night (promoting his game) when he decided that he needed a break. So even though neither of us were really in the mood to do anything, we went out because it usually lifts our spirits. Or maybe that’s the alcohol?

I even dressed up a little.


That is my new dress I love that I got on clearance. It’s a size too small but if I stop breathing long enough, I can zip it.

Anyway, the place we went to had a Cirque theme, so they had face painters there. A bunch of guys at the bar were getting curly-que mustaches and uni-brows painted on, which was hilarious. One guy was trying to convince me that I needed a uni-brow. I assured him, I was not ready for that in my life just yet. Later, I spilled my beer all over myself, the bar, and under the cash register. Then the guy came over to me and whispered, “I think you’re ready.”

2.  Why can’t iPhones take non-grainy pictures at night when the flash is right up in your face?


3.  My iPhone and I broke up shortly after that picture. I returned it for the Droid Razr. The phones are the same price, but when the guy rang it up, I got a $100 discount for upgrading to 4G. (??) So I ended up saving $70 even after paying the $35 re-packaging fee. Sorry, iPhone. We were not meant to be. Maybe in a couple years our paths will cross again when you stop sucking.

I did love my iPhone cover and now I can’t use it. I’m attempting to fill that void with the 2 new ones I ordered for the Razr. I’m using the obnoxious one on the right first.

4.  I finished Season 1 of Breaking Bad. Someone should have warned me there were only 7 episodes. Now I’m totally unprepared for Season 2. I wanted to have it already delivered from Netflix but I still haven’t watched In Time sitting on my coffee table. And after loving Friends with Benefits, I need more JT in my life.


I regret that picture makes me laugh.

5.  I cancelled Showtime finally. I was keeping it because I was trying to get into House of Lies but it just wasn’t happening. Four episodes piled up on the DVR and I didn’t feel like watching them, so I just decided to cancel. Then, this weekend hubs and I had nothing to watch so we watched the old episodes on the DVR. Annnnd…WE LOVED IT. It got so much better. The stuff I hated was really toned done and the story got so good. Now I have no Showtime to see the last 2 episodes. EFF.  I need to find those last 2 episodes somewhere. I’m dying over here.

I swear I’ll never leave you again, KB.




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30 responses to “By the Numbers

  1. “I think you’re ready.” Seriously just about peed myself. Amazing.

    And you look all kinds of hot in that picture.

  2. YOU LOOK SO CUTE!! love that dress on you!!

    p.s. your hair looks awesome.

  3. I love that dress! You looked amazing!! 🙂

  4. Zenaida Arroyo

    LOVE the dress!!

  5. your hair is always marvelous! im so jealous! 🙂
    and that picture made me laaaaugh. haha love it

  6. Loooove that dress!

  7. I was digging that iPhone case, but really can understand you breaking up with the iPhone. I prefer the new case on the left to your case on the right, but enjoy it’s your phone!

    And, I agree you were looking good in that dress! Glad you had fun out.

    I personally did not care for In Time as much as I wanted to…and I really wanted to. It was just alright. But…everyone has different tastes, I’ve seen someone post that they loved it. Well, I loved the concept…but I won’t be owning that movie (at least not by purchasing).

    • Paula

      I’ve heard a lot of people say they love the concept and not the movie. I liked the trailer a lot so I’ll check it out. Definitely not expecting Oscar material. 🙂

  8. That dress looks like it fits pretty well and I love that necklace with it!

  9. I’m way too behind on commenting on your posts. I meant to comment the other day and forgot. Clearly my to-do list is out-of-control when I can’t even getting around to commenting on the blogs that I want to comment on.

    So, couple things:

    1) I can’t believe you switched back to Droid. It makes my Droid heart soar. And, you’ve changed my life. Seriously. I’ve been trying to master the art of the Swype since you taught it to me and I may never, ever leave it. I still keep hitting send before re-reading so it has sent some awkward texts. But I’m getting there.

    2) Your cases are way cooler than mine. I need a case upgrade. But I’ve become addicted to my case’s kickstand and none of the cute cases seem to have them. Droid case designers needs to get on that.

    3) Breaking Bad is one of the greatest shows. Ever. In the history of TVkind. We tore through the first three seaons on Netflix (and seriously, friend, you’ve GOT to make the switch to digital Netflix only. It’s much easier to feed TV addictions with it without having to send in those pesky discs). Currently, we’re dying waiting for Season 4 to hit On Demand/Netflix. It’s available on Amazon I think, but I’ve been trying to avoid shelling out even more money to feed an addiction (which I meant to say on your extravagances post). How great is Tuco and his gold teeth?

    4) We have Showtime still only because BrightHouse won’t let me cancel it. Somehow I’m grandfathered in with some bundle package, so if I cancel Showtime, my cable and Internet bill becomes much more expensive. Makes total sense. So now I keep it to watch Twilight movies on On Demand over and over again.

    OK, I think I’ve had enough verbal diarrhea on your blog … for now.

    • Paula

      1) AWEsome! I knew you’d love Swype. It was one of the first things I missed. And my best friend took back her iPhone the same day and went back to Droid. She’s a Swype girl too. I’m really liking the Razr so far. It’s really similar to the X but with improvements.

      2) I get them on Amazon for less than 2 bucks. There are so many cute ones there.

      3) I love Jesse (?), the partner. He’s sooooooo cute. We got rid of digital Netflix cuz there was never anything we wanted to watch on there. Then new movies would come out and only be available on disc. So I switched. Maybe I’ll check to see if they improved their catalog.

      4) I’m gonna need to get HBO soon for Game of Thrones and I’m too cheap to have both at once. I’m going to wait a month and catch up on Demand so I can save $20. < —- cheap

  10. Is that your J dress? Hee. It’s cute!

    I’m sad that we can’t endless iMessage each other – but truthfully, I am just glad you will stop bitching about the iPhone now – lol.

    • Paula

      It is my J dress! Doesn’t it look like something she would wear? I’ll still find something to bitch about with the Razr. Just for you. 😉 Like how it’s bringing in my gmail from 2 different apps. And the one that I want to get rid of I can’t remove because it’s connected to a bunch of other apps. See? More bitching. Yay!

  11. Now here is my list:
    1. I LOVE that dress, so fun! And your hair is super cute too:-)
    2. I know nothing about cell phones. I am still using my Sprint Katana that I got in 2004. True story.
    3. YES! YES! YES! You are watching Breaking Bad! I am IN LOVE with this show and I know that you are going to like it…just wait for season two….two words: Jesse Pinkman. You will love! Promise:-)

    • Paula

      1. Thank you!
      2. That’s a pretty good phone to last for 8 years.
      3. I’ve already decided that Jesse is already my new boyfriend. I LOVE him. LOVE.

  12. Stacie

    Isn’t Breaking Bad on Netflix Instant Streaming? That is how we watched it. I’m just warning you… Your mind is going to be absolutely blown. Breaking bad is the show I compare all other shows to, and frankly, all shows suck in comparison. Walter White = <3. P.S. Season 4 has been BY FAR my fav!!!! 🙂

    • Paula

      We don’t have streaming Netflix, just the discs. I had streaming for over a year and never used it because everything they had on there was crap and I wanted to watch newer movies. Have they improved it?

  13. Megan

    You look awesome in that dress!

    Something else that is awesome: Breaking Bad. Dude. That show is ridiculous. Bryan Cranston takes it to another level, and every season, as Walt progresses into his meth-fueled craziness, I love him more and more.

  14. Emmarie @ Bananas and Beer

    Haha, I just ordered the same cell phone cover.

  15. Love, love, love that dress. And the guy trying to get you to give yourself a unibrow. He sounds pretty fun, but scary at the same time.

  16. Amber K

    Man I love Kristen Bell. Not enough to pay extra for TV, but I need more Kristen Bell in my life.

  17. You look amazing in that dress. That is all. 🙂

  18. Yes, that dress is the best ever! You look super cute and I appreciate that you got a leopard case. I rock a leopard case on my phone and I feel like it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. I took your advice and am trying CrossFit. I have an “introduction” tomorrow night and I start next week, after my half marathon. Fingers crossed I like it… and get ripped/lean/beasty

  19. I love love LOVE that dress! Where did you get it! 2 thumbs up!!

  20. Love your dress and your hair! You look fabulous. Can I steal both? I am kind of sad that you returned your iphone…I personally love mine, so I don’t understand how you don’t either. It’s a good thing I can forgive you for this 😉

  21. House of Lies is awesome and you have to see the last two episodes. So good!

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