Lucky Number Sevens

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who commented on the picture of my ass in this post a couple days ago. Not the point of the picture, but I’m going to take all your compliments, let them inflate my ego, and pretend I’m better than everyone else. I hope you’re all happy at what you’ve made me become.

So, to give you an update: I’m doing pretty well on my little diet. Or lifestyle change. Whatever you want to call it. I’ve lost a couple pounds but nothing major. I’m still eating lower (but not ultra low) carb and I’ve been really good at avoiding sweets (for me). I still have a Reese’s cup or a fun size candy bar type thing after lunch so I don’t get crazy, but I’m not shoving 20 peeps and a cupcake in my mouth at once, so we’ll call that progress.

Last night, I pulled out my old Asics Gel Cumulus 12s, that I don’t really love and don’t really hate, for a speed run.

I bought some spiffy new laces because the ones that came with the shoes were way too short, so it was hard for me to double knot them. I found these laces on Amazon and am apparently color blind because they don’t match at.all. Dumb.

I left my security blanket, also known as the treadmill, and went outside for my very first speed run. This probably would have never happened if it wasn’t for this girl’s post telling me how to actually use my Garmin. I guess at some point you actually need to follow the instructions on the Garmin. I had it set for 6 quarter mile intervals with a 1:30 timed rest and what I got was 6 quarter mile intervals with a quarter mile distance rest, so I had to press lap to shorten all the rests. Then I accidentally added a 7th interval (Lap 14) when I should have been in cool down. Not only am I color blind, but I can’t count. Or read.

Long, lame story short – I did a speed run.

Ooohhh, look at that! It’s like a “seven” party up in there. I like it!

Afterwards, I did a cool down mile at a 9:09 pace, which is close to the pace I need to run to PR this weekend. I can’t see that happening for 13 miles unless my future third husband, Jensen Ackles, is running just out of reach in front of me.

And even then, he might need to be holding a cupcake.

In the meantime, I need to find a cute new outfit to wear for the race so this doesn’t happen again.


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19 responses to “Lucky Number Sevens

  1. Great job with the healthy eating! And I actually love the hot pink laces!

  2. I’m so proud. Good luck this weekend – Pretty sure Ackles with cupcakes as a pacer would get every red blooded female in the world to run/race.

  3. Good job on the speed work! I’m too lazy to do mine outside. Or to wake up today and do mine.

    I was wondering why you were sending me pictures of Jensen. Not that I’m complaining. Hee.

  4. Nice work with the speedy run! You’re going to get faster! And good work with the healthy eating. I was doing good until I ate a whole box of tagalongs on 2 days. Yep. I’m awesome.

  5. Who is that man??? He is HAWT. He can be my future first husband!!! And for the record, I know what photo that is without even clicking back over, and your ass does look fantastic in it. So there.

    Oh, and this weekend??? 2:00:43. Write THAT down!

  6. Karen C

    Ah! I’d love those Asics Gel Cumulus 12s. Mine are too toasted for my (first and probably only ever) half marathon I’m training for. I had to get new shoes and am convinced my feet are mutants and all shoes stink.

    If you do find a race where he is the pace setter, I’d learn how to run fast, cupcake or not:)

  7. Shannon

    Errrr, I think the laces look super cool!! Honestly, I was looking at the pictures first and was thinking, “man, I really need cool shoelaces”. True story. Maybe I don’t see colors well either?

  8. Haha, oh how I love Miss Piggy. So funny, all your captions I heard in her voice in my head.
    I did notice your awesome ass in that photo!!!!

    I think a fun-size chocolate bar or a Reese’s Cup or just SOMETHING chocolatey is the key to me not stuffing my face with cupcakes and shit. Well, sometimes. Sometimes it doesn’t matter and I am going to just eat all the things regardless.

  9. Hahahaaa, do you know that very same OUAL post is how I realized my Garmin tracked intervals and had a program for it?! Didn’t even know that was an option. Duh.

  10. Amber K

    Great job on the speed work! Just the thought of “speed work” makes me feel sleepy. But then I didn’t sleep much last night, anyway.

  11. Laura

    Nice job on the intervals! I rarely find people who run a similar speed to me so it’s fun too see that we are close. 🙂 Good luck on a sub 2 hr Half! I find that if I try to run close to a 9 minute mile starting at the very beginning I just completely fall apart and hate life at the end so lately I’ve been running the first part SLOW, the middle part comfortably fast and the end like a bat out of hell. I find, that way, at the end of the race, I’m not completely dead. Also, passing people at the end is a serious confidence booster and will make you feel like a badass. PS: It is very odd to me that your race season ends in March in the south! In the Pacific NW my race season lasts from April to October. 😀

    • Paula

      That’s what I need to do! Though, I’ve been known to fall apart no matter what. Fingers crossed! April – October is my drool season over all you guys running your races because I have to wait till October. 🙂

  12. I was going to comment on your post with the picture of your butt the other day, but didn’t want to be a creeper. Glad I’m not the only one who thought you have a great butt! 🙂 Haha.

    I have a feeling you will be getting your sub two soon! If not, I am making you come visit me and I will pace you and make sure you get a sub two!

  13. Jensen is my boyfriend from back when he was Eric on Days of Our Lives. In what I think is the best Jensen/Dean moment of all time, I have to share.

    • Paula

      Yes! That’s from the blooper reel, right? And I started watching Supernatural BECAUSE I loved him on Days. I never thought Sammie was good enough to be his twin. hee.

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