Year Three

I ran the Gasparilla Half Marathon today and came in at 2:10:52. I made my goal of running it faster than last year (by about 6 minutes) but I’m still 8 minutes off my PR. Honestly, I ran it faster than I thought I would. And faster than this girl thought I would. (In yo face!)  I’ll write a recap soon, but first let’s talk about that whole third anniversary thing.

It started out with a little of this.

(I spy a sweet bunny.)

Then we wanted to go to dinner but had no idea where, so we walked around Park Ave until we came upon this.

Where there were a few of these.

And some of this.

Those are amazing lamb kabobs. Hubs had the chicken version. The red stuff in the upper right is pickled cabbage that tasted just like beets (Y-U-M) and the rice was also crazy delicious but we left most of it on the plate since we’re still doing low carb for a little while. We really liked Bosphorous. The service was a little slow for the restaurant being over half empty, but we’ll still be back.

Does it bother anyone else that lambs are so adorable yet so delicious?

No one asked you.

After dinner, we came home, jumped into our sexiest Beiber jammies, and got down with some of this.

We loved it! So cute and funny. Salma Hayek was working really hard to tame her accent in this movie. Has anyone else seen it?

Overall, we had a really low key anniversary but it was nice to do dinner and a movie and have a quiet evening at home. We’ll save the streaking for next year.


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13 responses to “Year Three

  1. Zenaida Arroyo

    Congrats on a great race. I have yet to beat 2:20.

    The food looks so good. Happy Anniversary!

    I love the movie too. I might see it again today.

  2. Julia

    Woo hoo for the race and anniversary celebration.

    This is so uncanny – we watched Puss in Boots this weekend, too! Fave part by far is when Puss drinks his milk.

    We also watched The Ides of March, the latest twilight and The Secret world of Arriety. Big movie weekend over here.

  3. Happy belated anniversary!

  4. I will never hear the end of this. Never!!! But I am super proud, so it’s OK. 😀

    I want cabbage that tastes like beets! Is that some kind of Turkish magic? And why no pic of the Bieber jams? I need to see you in those.

  5. Amber K

    I wasn’t sure if that movie was going to be any good, so I haven’t seen it yet. Glad you had a fun night out!

    Oh and I love cute animals. Which makes me feel lucky that I hate the taste and texture of meat. No worries for me. Although my husband loves it. I’ll leave that disgusting stuff for him 😉

  6. I want to see that movie but haven’t yet. Beautiful flowers! Now tell us about the race! 🙂

  7. Shannon

    I’m DYING to see Puss in Boots (it just took me three tries to type boots. I had butts, bottles, and then got boots. Woofty)! Cartoon kitty cats are the cutest. Cuter than that real life baby lamb 🙂

  8. Ahhh I wanted to watch Puss In Boots so badly last night but my movie choice got vetoed. Sad day. You two kids are so cute. I wish you guys could live in my closet so that whenever I was in a bad mood I could just open it up and there you would be to cheer me up.

    I can’t eat lamb…I love all meat, but I just can’t with the lamb. No judgment here though, lamb it up!

    Congrats on your sexy time, even if it wasn’t a PR!

  9. I love low key, so this sounds like a perfect evening in my book! Congrats on staying married for 3 years without killing each other, and congrats on a good race! I can’t wait for the recap!*

  10. You two are too cute! Happy anniversary:-)
    Congrats on a great race! Looking forward to the recap:-)

  11. Have I been commenting on FB, I sure thought I’d been commenting more often on your blog (really thought I had on this ONE)..maybe it was all in my head? Anyway…love Bosphorous and so glad you two do too!

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