You Will Be Mine

Yesterday, I met my friend Ursula’s dog, Moe. Then for the remainder of the night, I contemplated how important our friendship was because He is so cute. And I’m pretty sure Bunnypants will agree that he needs to be part of the family. She can talk about how she has one ear and a penchant for parsley.

And Moe can talk about how he has one eye and no depth perception.

I just think it’s rude that anyone would show me this dog when I can’t have him. (And I’ll spare you the details of how he lost that eye.)

We posed for pictures all night long. We talked about the future. This dog and I are MFEO. I’m coming for you, Moe. We will be together. In the meantime, I have to return my running shoes again. And eat some lunch. And maybe catch up on some stuff on the DVR. But after all that, I’ll definitely steal Moe.


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11 responses to “You Will Be Mine

  1. Michelle

    Awww what a cute dog!

    Maybe you have discussed this, but why does Bunnypants only have one ear?

    • Paula

      We got her when she was 8 weeks old and she didn’t seem to have any scaring or wounds from a fight, so we’re pretty sure she was born that way.

  2. Amber K

    How cute is Moe?! I’d want to steal him too 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness that puppy is so stinkin adorable. Reminds me of the one eyed puppy on the ASPCA commercial. Gets me every time!

  4. Moe is presh! My bff when I was little had a one-eyed dog. Having two eyes is overrated.*

  5. This is one time that I would definitely condone stealing. After lunch, of course.

  6. So cute!

    There is a dog in my neighborhood who is adorable and gets out of the yard sometimes. I see him when I’m running and he will start to chase me. Of course, I would never take my neighbors dog but I have had the thought if the dog followed me to my house, is that stealing? 🙂

  7. Shannon

    His fluffy-ness has stolen my heart as well. And that picture of pants killed me. She’s the cutest.

  8. OMG, Moe is precious. Moe + Pants = BFF for sure.
    Also, fun fact. My family had a one eyed cat when I was growing up.

  9. Katie G

    Just so you know, Florida Little Dog Rescue has LOTS of Moe-like doggies for adoption!

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