To Catch a Thief

Yesterday, we had a Valentine’s Day Raffle at work, just like the one last year.

I won a box of chocolates. 🙂

I am anal enough to know that the box wasn’t in the exact position it was in yesterday when I left work. I am also fully aware that I ate or took bites of 7 chocolates yesterday and ate 1 chocolate this morning. There are 9 missing. I’m no math major but I’m pretty sure 7+1 ≠ 9.

And don’t think I didn’t immediately notice it was the best one, the caramel pecan cluster I was saving for hubs (because I ate the other one).

Whoever you are, thief of pecan caramel clusters, I’m ready for you.




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41 responses to “To Catch a Thief

  1. People are terrible about that! I once had a half eaten pickle from Jimmy John’s in the fridge, which someone ate and left the wrapper in the fridge. REALLY?

  2. Wow…that’s like so not cool! Like they will come forward now! lol. I hope you really DID lick them all!

    They sure did a nice job decorating this year. 🙂

  3. Also, how can I get my picture on here? I sure miss those crazy critters you had before. 🙂

    • Paula

      Hmm. I’m not sure you can since I’m now self-hosted and you’re on Blogger and not WordPress. I’ll see if I can find a plug-in for my blog that allows that. 🙂

  4. I can’t believe someone had the balls to steal your chocolate!

    They were giving out “love cake” in our main lobby yesterday, and my coworker and I totally stalked them for nearly an hour to see which server was giving out the biggest pieces, and timing our cake pick-up perfectly so that no one saw us the first time and we could go back for seconds. We are sneaky like that.
    I love V-Day. I ate so much chocolate yesterday.

  5. The chutzpa. I hate office food stealers! My boss used to eat my yogurt almost every day and I was about ready to kill him! He apparently thought that if it was in the fridge, it was for him. Not cool, man. Not cool. You should set up a hidden camera.

    • Paula

      Yes! That happens at my work too. So much so that HR had to send out an email on a few different occasions to actually tell us not to eat food that we didn’t put in the fridge ourselves. Which is an LOL thing to have to tell grown adults in a professional workplace.

  6. Emmarie @ Bananas and Beer

    Haha, I love that you called that thief out.

  7. Wow, your work went all crazy on the decorations!!

  8. Sarah S

    You should laxative spike the remainder. That’ll teach them.

  9. Heidi@CrazyFitLife

    Nobody likes a chocolate thief. I LOVE your note!

  10. What is wrong with people?

  11. Lindsay

    Ew, that would have pissed me off.

  12. theAlmostRunner

    hahaha I wasn’t expecting that last picture. Also, I like the subtle header change. Nice.

  13. “Ps. I licked them all”
    Love it:-)
    Did they not realize who they were stealing from?!

  14. Who does that!! That’s so rude! That is the best kind though… I’m impressed you were gonna save one for the hubs, I’d have eaten them both myself… Then again, I’m not very good at sharing.

  15. That is ballsy of the person who took the chocolate! Did you leave them on your desk or were they in a drawer? Either way, not cool!

    • Paula

      They were on my desk. But so was a half eaten Fiber One bar and no one took THAT. haha. But seriously, stranger hands in my food does not make me happy.

  16. people are unbelievable! i hope you catch them and teach them a lesson they never forget. i like that your company does nice decorations. it makes the day seem special. hope it was happy!

  17. Wait wait wait wait wait WAIT! Someone SERIOUSLY ate one of your chocolates? This might be worse than my neighbors who keep putting dog poop bags in my tree! HOW DARE THEY???!!!! What if that was your ABSOLUTE FAVORITE one you were saving best for last? Oh now I am REALLY riled up! UNACCEPTABLE! If someone ate one of my precious cadbury eggs I would lay the smack down!

    • Paula

      Oh, if it were a Cadbury egg, there would have been a manhunt instead of a blog post. Totally off topic, but have you ever made s’mores with a Cadbury egg instead of a piece of chocolate? It’s insane delicious.

      • Um, I’m going to do that IMMEDIATELY. Do you cut in half or isn’t the smore too thick?
        I tried making cadbury egg cupcakes the other day (I need to write a blog post about it) but I sadly failed. They were still DELICIOUS though, just had some logistical problems with them completely falling apart.

        • Paula

          Yeah, I have to cut them in half. Then I eat half while the s’more is heating up. It’s a win-win. Answer to your cadbury egg cupcake – how about using the mini cadbury eggs and just shove them in the batter before you cook. I do that with Oreos and it is delightful.

  18. Amber K

    I never understand what goes through people’s minds when they steal food. Is it a passive aggressive way to laugh at someone who’s been bugging you? Did they get picked last in dodgeball? What is it?

  19. Kim

    Oh my gosh, this made me laugh! Someone stole my yogurt out of the fridge at work recently. What is wrong with people!

  20. I’m sorry someone stole from you, but that is the funniest response to a thief I have ever seen! Cracked me up =)

  21. OH MY GOSH! I cannot believe that someone thought they could get away with taking a piece of your candy like that!!!!! Love your comment back to them.

  22. Megan

    Dude, stealing a girl’s chocolates is so NOT cool. What douche would do that? And it was a good one. Couldn’t they have stolen something gross, like a fruit jelly filled one or something? Way to lay down a warning, though.

    On the other hand, I’m super jealous of your work raffle/party. If I were at work right now, I probably would’ve gotten zero candy from all of my rugrat students. In fact, they would’ve asked me why I didn’t bring THEM any candy. Lame.

  23. Misty

    I once went to the grocery store on break (it’s right across the street from my work) to get a tub butter to make brownies with that night for a work event the next day. I stuck the butter, wrapped in the grocery bag, in the fridge. At the end of the day I grab the bag and take it home. I get home that night and somebody had taken off the protective covering and, it looked like at least, scooped their fingers in it. I was disgusted, threw it in the trash, and was furious. (It still kind of makes me mad thinking about it now, actually…) Anyway, the next day on the platter that I brought for the brownies was a note explaining that a butter bandit ruined brownies for everybody. Well, my office not appreciating a lack of brownies, went on a man hunt. Turns out it was one of the supervisors that wanted something eat, had some tortillas, and wanted to spread butter on them. Her excuse was she didn’t think I’d notice… WTF.

    • Paula

      Butter on tortillas makes me shudder. But I LOVE that your office found the culprit. Hopefully after that, she didn’t to it again!

  24. Morgan

    It was me. I ate your pecan cluster.

  25. Shannon

    Why do people think they can steal other peoples stuff?!?! Our cleaning crew kept taking food from my drawers at work and I was SO mad about it. Buy your own food, people. Sheesh.
    Love the note 🙂

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  27. Your work sounds like such a fun office!

    I used to steal spoonfuls of Nutella from my college roommate’s jar, so I totally have some empathy for that thief – temptation is hard to resist! 🙂

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