Chicken McNuggets 4Ever?

Have you seen the article about the 17 year old British girl who has eaten almost nothing but chicken nuggets since she was two years old?

This week 17-year-old British factory worker Stacey Irvine was rushed to the hospital when she collapsed, struggling to breathe. During the exam, doctors were stunned to learn that Ms. Irvine had never in her life eaten fruit or vegetables; instead she had eaten almost nothing but fast-food chicken nuggets since she was two years old.

Her mother, Evonne Irvine, told reporters she had gone to great lengths to try to feed her daughter more nutritious food, at one point even trying to starve the girl, but it hadn’t worked. Stacey responded that, once she started eating nuggets, she “loved them so much they were all I would eat.” (source)

I’m not sure when this picture was taken (pre or post being rushed to the hospital) but I think it’s kind of appalling she would take smiling media pictures with the food that’s causing her health problems. (There are more pictures in the linked article.) Wouldn’t a parent have to approve that for a 17 year old?

I also can’t imagine liking something so much that it’s all I would eat. I mean, I LOVE cupcakes, but at some point I reach overload.

What do you think?


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20 responses to “Chicken McNuggets 4Ever?

  1. that’s gross… but i get sick of foods REALLY quickly if i eat them too much, so i can’t imagine eating the same thing every. single. day. she seems pretty, well, slim for only eating chicken nuggets though.

    • Well, it’s not what you eat. It’s how many calories you take in compared to how many you burn. It says in the article she shared a 20 piece meal with her boyfriend. 10 nuggets and some chips a day won’t make you overweight. Just unhealthy. But yes, still gross.


  2. Wow, she has been basically getting NO nutrition for 15 years. I’m sorry, but I have 5 children and I don’t care how much they like pizza, they sure don’t get to eat it everyday! I totally blame the parents here.

    • I agree. The parents have complete say in what a 2 year old is able to eat.

      • Jen

        That’s not always completely true. My middle child dropped off the growth charts between ages 1 and 2. His doctor told me to feed him more. I seriously wanted to cry, because I was trying to. My child would throw up if we made him eat anything he didn’t want, and would go hungry if he didn’t like what we were eating. From ages 2 to 6 he lived on milk, PB, and white bread. He would occasionally eat chicken nuggets, but if we tried to even make him try anything new or different he would throw up.
        Eventually he got better control over his gag reflex, and we started making him eat 1 bite of whatever the family was eating. Then watching his friends eat at school made him braver.
        These parents are at fault, but having been there, it’s so hard when no matter what you do, your kid won’t eat.

  3. David

    And just how long would it take you to reach “cupcake overload”? (weeks, months, ???)

  4. I eat the same lunch every weekday, along with the same breakfast. However, mine are actually nutritious choices.

  5. I love variety, so I’d go nuts. And I don’t understand how she could have refused to eat anything else starting from age 2. Can two year olds be that forceful to only eat chicken nuggets? The pictures in the photo are definitely not appropriately related to the topic at hand.

  6. my best friend and i were talking about this today – what kind of parent can’t make their 2 YEAR OLD eat things other than mcnuggets? the article makes her more like a freak than a health warning.

  7. this is completely insane. when you’re 2 years old, the parent chooses what the kid eats so the mom should have tried some homemade mcnuggets or something. no wonder mcdonalds has stayed in business this long…there are crazy people like this!

  8. Katie G

    There, there Mrs. Nugget Enabler. It’s okay. I can’t imagine the helplessness you must have felt at seeing your two-year child taking your money and driving your car to McDonald’s every day to get chicken McNuggets. How terrible it must have been for you watch this event for years as you sat back impotently, utterly incapable of intervening! Why don’t you lie down over here and I’ll get you a cold compress, you poor dear.

  9. Nuggets freak me out. They’re just so unnatural! (I imagine someone taking a cookie cutter to a chicken.) You have to eat healthy stuff every once in a while. Nowadays there are so many delicious healthy foods. Eating only nuggets is just cuckoo-bananas.*

    • Ginni

      I couldn’t agree more! My dad used to say something like: you point to me where a ‘nugget’ grows on a chicken, and I’ll try it.

      If we can’t point to where it comes from, maybe we shouldn’t eat it!

  10. I’d be really surprised if this kid doesn’t have scurvy or ricketts. While the parents sound like enablers, I do know a lot of parents will feed their picky eater whatever the kid will eat. She is not the first two year old to pretty much live on chicken nuggets. Still, they usually outgrow that.

  11. That’s crazy yo. I’m going to have to check out that article. I actually like chicken McNuggets (I know, I know), but I like so many different types of food that there is no way I would ever be able to choose just one favourite. I want to eat everything!
    But if I had to choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would probably be cheese. Or cookies.

  12. I get sick of foods far too easily to stick to just one kind forever. I always hated that question “if you had to pick one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?” There is absolutely no way I can pick just one!

    She must have a stomach of steel to be able to handle all of that!

  13. Um yeah, that is gross and it is appalling she would take pics like that. So weird….people are just weird

  14. Erin

    Does she eat breakfast? They don’t serve McNuggets until 10:30 a.m. The Daily Mail always has trashy articles. There was something a while ago about a grandma marrying her step-grandson.

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