Beer Makes Bowling Better

I’ve been doing a lot of nothing on my vacation this week. I may even write a post about all the nothing I’m doing because it’s quite impressive. But first, the something I did. Bowling!

Last night, hubs and I went bowling with Linda (our personal trainer) and Jimmy. Linda starts school again next week, so her entertainment of choice before becoming a slave to homework was throwing heavy balls at defenseless pins. So violent.

I haven’t been bowling in a long time and I have no form which probably explains my old lady lower back pain today. I’m thinking, according to these pictures, that bending your knees is the key to preventing that since I’m the only one not doing it.

I probably would have noticed the back pain during the game but I had to make sure my score was over 50 with a few of these.

The more I drink, the happier I get.

And the better my game gets.

And of course every strike and spare is celebrated with a special dance.

Unfortunately the strike dance was not caught on film, but if you can imagine a pirate dancing, then you know what it looks like. Dancing after every spare and strike is crucial in letting the rest of the bowling alley know you’re better than them. 😉

We played 3 games. Jimmy was very rude during the last game so we don’t want to play with him anymore.

Every time Jimmy bowled a strike, he wouldn’t even watch the ball go down the alley. He just walked away slowly like he was walking away from a movie explosion.

Such a drama queen.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun bowling. Afterwards, hubs and I went home and proceeded to do more of nothing. I’m getting really good at it.


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28 responses to “Beer Makes Bowling Better

  1. Beer makes EVERYTHING better — but yes, especially bowling. I’m pretty sure if we ever played together we’d be on the short bus bowling team.

  2. I’m with Michelle. Beer solves all problems. That’s why hubs and I brew our own! 😉
    Bowling is a lot of fun. Doing nothing is also quite enjoyable. Glad you’re having a relaxing time off from work! Enjoy!! 🙂

  3. My hubs is ridiculously good at bowling. Like he flies around the country for tournaments. I know.

    BTW, pics are cut off today…and I’m on the blog, not the reader!

  4. Dancing is a vital part of bowling! Looks like lots of fun. Even though I just had two weeks off, I’m still jealous that you’re off work now.*

  5. I haven’t been bowling FOREVER! When my now husband and I were dating long distance and he came to visit, we used to go bowling. One time, my husband split the crotch of his pants wide open! It was hilarious.

    Ps- I am really digging your hair dark.

    Pps- I am jealous of your week of vacation! Enjoy it! 🙂

  6. My husband used to bowl professionally. Whenever we go bowling, he always goes easy on me but still crushes me.

  7. Beer pretty much makes everything better. I hate those people who just kick ass at bowling…it makes my ‘proud 90’ look really pathetic.

  8. Oh man, I am also on vacation this week doing nothing and being the worst blogger ever (ie – I am just catching up and was overjoyed when I saw the date you last posted was the same date that I had). I feel like I am fully embracing a vacation on everything that has to do with serious thinking (and sometimes blogging takes my serious thinking pants). And this comment is actually taking serious thinking because I am feeling very happy right now! So I am right there with you is what I am saying.
    But I love bowling, and I watch my ball until the bitter end. Even if it’s in the gutter.

    • Yeah, it happens. I have not been blogging regularly lately but what can ya do? I’m sure I’m making someone happy that they have one less blog to read. 🙂 However, I am not making my friends that are bored at work happy apparently.

  9. Jimmy sounds like he needs to watch “Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions”. That video makes me laugh.

  10. Amy

    Is there such a thing as bowling without dancing? You have to celebrate a good ball 😉

  11. Kevin has been wanting to go bowling for the past two weeks but we just haven’t had time. I stink at bowling but still like it!

  12. Mz. Teri

    “F Cat” – Fabman sure does have a lot of nicknames! lol

  13. Drinking does make people happier! And more awesome! Well, sometimes…

  14. I see, that’s why I was never a big fan of bowling. I never did it while drinking! There’s actually a place to bowl near me that plays music videos and has a dance-like atmosphere, but it was almost $50 an hour to bowl and that didn’t even include shoe rental. Sorry, I’m too cheap for that. They assume your party is going to be at least 6 people, when really it would probably just be my husband and me. But maybe if I was already drunk…. 😉

  15. I like doing the “One Eyed Pirate” dance.
    1. Kick someone in the shin (so they pull it up– like a peg leg)
    2. Punch them in the face (so they cover their eye– like a patch)
    Result: One eyed pirate. Fun to do after one, two , or lots of beers.
    The “One eyed pirate” is also a sexual innuendo, but I’ll let you figure that out on your own.
    You can thank my college educated friends for that one.

  16. i’m a terrible bowler. the world’s worst. and when you add in beer i tend to get significantly better and then i drink too much beer and i get significantly worse all over again. :-/

  17. I love bowling! it looks like a really fun night 🙂 I miss those nights, don’t get out much anymore .

  18. I, too, find that once I get going, I am excellent at doing nothing. 😀

    Digging your spare dance–but I’m going to need a video tutorial of the strike dance. I feel this is crucial to success in my next foray into bowling. Whenever that may be.

  19. Hubs and I were JUST talking about how we need to go bowling. It has been years and I am awful but it is always a drunken good time 😉

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