The Aftermath

It’s been a few days since Jacksonville and I’m still all giddy about it. Who’s that smiling over there? Oh RIGHT, it’s me. 🙂 Of course, with every marathon there’s the “after” part so I thought I’d talk about a few things I forgot to mention and answer a couple questions I’ve gotten.

Michelle @ Michelle Does Germany asked about the PR Thing

Even though I didn’t mention the race on the blog, I still would have told you all about it afterwards – PR or no PR. I thought I could do better than Savannah and I just needed to prove it to myself, so I took out all the stressful factors to see if it would make a difference. I would have no problem telling you all that I suck at marathons and am a complete loser if Jacksonville went in the crapper. And really, if Jacksonville went badly, I would always know that things could be worse than having a bad race. Like needing one of these.


I guess you can say I tapered only because I haven’t been running much since Savannah in general. I did one long run on the weekend and one junk run during the week. I didn’t do any speed or tempo runs for over a month because honestly I don’t think they’ve done anything for me during marathon training. I didn’t taper my cross-training at all. In fact, my hamstrings were still sore on race morning from a Crossfit workout on Thursday but I wasn’t worried about it since that was the case with most of my training runs.


After Savannah, I had knee and shoulder pain. It took a good 4 weeks for both of those problems to go away completely. While I had shoulder pain during the marathon in Jacksonville, it stopped once I stopped running. In the 2 days following the marathon, I had some groin pain and calf and ankle stiffness. Oh, and when I was trying to figure out what muscle was hurting, hubs tried to convince me it was called the “leggus extendus.” Awesome.


Today, everything feels back to normal. Two day recovery? I’ll take it! But I’ll still take a week off from running so I can recover completely.

What I did differently

Instead of my pre-race salad that guarantees no poops, I ate a bunch of random appetizers that I never normally eat and then I molested a chocolate fountain. I wouldn’t normally choose to do that (except the chocolate fountain part) but that’s how it worked out with our holiday plans.

I skipped my oatmeal for breakfast and had a half of a PB&J instead because it was easier at the hotel. During the race, I ate half of a PB&J and took a Thermotab every 5 miles (except mile 25). In Savannah, I fueled every 4 miles which was too much for me. I also took Ibuprophen before the race instead of aspirin.

Amy @ Army Amy asked if I’m ready to run another marathon

Yes! I want to run Jacksonville again someday. I also want to run a Chicago race since it’s my hometown and I haven’t been back since I was 17. Another marathon might have to wait for 2013 because it takes a long time to train and it’s hard to devote the time to all those long runs. Right now, I want to focus on getting faster for my upcoming half marathons and Jacksonville has totally inspired me that I can do it. So, I’ll be back to speed runs soon and I hope to break my PR with one of my races in March.

(Photo may or may not be “enhanced.”)

Angie @ The Bitchy Runners mentioned (on the blog’s Facebook page) that the Jacksonville Bank Marathon was mentioned in Runner’s World.

Runner’s World magazine named the Jacksonville Bank Marathon one of the 10 best marathons for competitors looking to run their “best 26.2 ever” in the January issue. (source)

Even Runner’s World knows that race is the JAM. 🙂

Did I miss anything? (I’m happy to answer any questions.)

Are you getting excited for tonight’s American Horror Story season finale? 🙂


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10 responses to “The Aftermath

  1. Jason G.

    You could have at least spent more time on the 2 to make it look believable.

  2. So let’s plan for Chicago in 2013. Enough time for me to recover (financially) from my brothers weddings, have a baby (maybe?), and train. Sound good? 🙂

    • Let’s do it! And the race is earlier so training won’t be as long. Ugh. No more 5 month training plans. (That baby thing just blew my mind a little – hee)


  3. I’m glad that you have big race plans! Half marathons are the shizz. You get a great sense of accomplishment without the huge commitment of a full. Speed sounds like a great goal!*

  4. I’m back in the eastern time zone, so for the first time I will have to watch AHS in the dark (It comes on at 4pm in Alaska). I’m a little freaked to watch it, so I may just pass it up tonight and watch tomorrow morning. Serioulsy. It freaks me out.

  5. That pillow is creeping me out. Who thinks of these things? lol

  6. DO CHICAGO! I will live through you, since that race has been one I have dreamed about doing since I started running 3.5 years ago. DOOOOOOO IT!

    I’m glad you posted about the marathon, PR or no PR. I have been so behind on blogs that I felt like I missed something and that you had talked about it beforehand.

  7. Huzzah for super sneaky secret marathons! I’m still filling my 2012 calendar…I’m having focusing problems and can’t seem to pick. I think I want to do a spring and fall marathon. I think. (:

    I hope someone makes you a pillow like that for Christmas…I say make because I simply do not believe that those are for sale somewhere.

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