All the Dam Sightseeing

Monday (yes, I’m still talking about Vegas), Hubs and I went on a tour of Hoover Dam. We learned a bunch of cool things like how the force of the water running through the pipes of the dam could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in 7 seconds. And how the pipes are so big they can fit 2 buses in them side-to-side and still have room.

We stood in a room above that pipe and you could feel and hear the vibrations from the water flow.

These are some of the turbines that create electricity for hundreds of thousands of people in 7 different states. They are 7 stories tall each, even though they don’t look that big in the picture. (Check out their size compared to the people walking to the right of them.)

We also learned how the dam was built in 5 years using only math (no help from computers or calculators) and it was finished 2 years ahead of schedule.

The bridge is the newer part of the dam. That took them 8 years to build…with computers.

The dam is also part of the Arizona/Nevada state line.

The states are in different time zones and right now, Nevada is an hour ahead of Arizona. So, hubs decided to go back….to the future!

Besides all the cool fun facts, the dam is massive and it’s construction in 1935 is pretty amazing for its time.

After the tour, we went to see a show. We’ve seen 4 Cirque du Soleil shows and while they’re all really good, they aren’t all that different from one another. So we wanted something different. We decided on the Jabbawockeez at the Monte Carlo.

We’ve seen them on So You Think You Can Dance a few times, so we were pretty sure we’d like the show. They did not disappoint. The show was really fun and funny and definitely worth the price if you’re looking for something other than the 8+ Cirque Du Soleil shows in Vegas.

After the show, there may have been some staying out way too late at Coyote Ugly. There also may have been a really rough morning after 4-hours of sleep. Then there was the 5-hour plane ride that we couldn’t buy food on because they ran out. And then there was the woman we sat next to that we could hear her EVERY breath, who also talked to herself as she widened her eyes like she was super surprised by something.

I’m so springing for first class next time.


Alright, give me your weirdest airplane story in the comments. 🙂 (I had a woman circle her pinky over my food before, back when airplanes had food.)


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21 responses to “All the Dam Sightseeing

  1. Fun! I’ve been to Vegas twice but never gone to see the Hoover Dam. Pretty amazing.

    So, what was the purpose of the woman putting her picky over your food? Strange ppl. I am trying to think of weird airplane stories, but I don’t know if I have any. Lame.

  2. Circle her pinky of your food? Why? So strange…

    I haven’t flown much to have any fun stories. Although, when I flew with the Oregon Ambassadors of Music when I was in high school the flight attendant got on the intercom and welcomed us to the flight. Except she pronounced it Ore-gone instead of Ore-gun. Yeah, almost an entire plane of teenagers corrected her in sync.

  3. Love your pictures! Looks amazing. 🙂 I haven’t seen a Cirque show…so..I’d someday like to. 🙂

    I’m sure I have weird airplane stories…but, I have to get going to finish up packing…so…off the PC here soon.

    I do look forward to your AMH posts…lol…even though I watch the show. 😉

  4. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that impressed with Cirque when we saw it in July. I felt rather “eh” about the whole thing. We went to the Dam too though, which is pretty darn cool I think!

    Maybe we’ll check out the Jabbawockeez next time we’re in Vegas!

  5. My fiance and I would be total nerds and get a kick out of going “back in time” too! On one overseas flight, I got stuck next to the woman who talked in her sleep.

  6. The dam is awesome… I really want to see it in person sometime. And you got some really good pictures of it! What do you mean by… circle her pinky OVER your food? There are so many interpretations in my mind.

    • She didn’t touch it. She just circled her pinky over my roll about an inch above it. And I just sat there and stared until she stopped. And then I didn’t eat my roll.


  7. On my flight home from Vegas 3 yrs ago, there was an issue with seating arrangements and a woman and her 2 daughters (one who was very young, and the other about 12 or 13) were all split up throughout the plane. She refused to leave them by themselves and after standing her ground for several minutes, the police were called and the mother was TAZED. In front of her children. I couldn’t believe it. I still don’t think that was really the answer to the problem… I haven’t flown United since

  8. I was sitting in coach on a flight to Vegas when Billy Idol came on the PA and announced that one of the first class passengers was going to sing a song to one of the passengers in coach, who as it turned out had a sleazy fiance who was hitting on all of the stewardesses. All kinds of hilarity ensued but in the end the singer got the girl and the sleazy guy got hounded by a bunch of people and then eventually assaulted with a food cart in the aisle of the plane. And everybody lived happily ever after.

  9. I have to admit, my main reason for wanting to go to Vegas is to see the Hoover Dam. Then again, I also want to do a tour of CERN in Switzerland so… ::pushes up glasses::

    My worst flight was getting stuck in front of an older lady (I’d guess last 70’s) who spoke very loudly and narrated our ENTIRE 9 hour flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt. “We’re going over Greenland. Doesn’t look very green does it? HA HA HA! Did you know that it’s actually a part of Denmark. That’s the North Atlantic. The water is very dark, isn’t it? Anyone up for a swim? HA HA HA!” NINE HOURS OF THIS!! When the flight attendents asked her (three times) to please keep her voice down as it was ‘sleep time’ for most of the passangers, we then had to listen to an hour of her complaints regarding the attendents/the airline/the seat sizes/the choice of movies… Ugh. I have never been so happy to arrive at my destination!

  10. Danielle

    Weirdest airplane story – I will never forget this flight… on a flight from Boston to Charlotte in Feb 2009, the 50ish year-old man sitting next to me peed himself. He never made any attempt to get up and go to the bathroom, he just let it go! I’m sure I’ve got others, but that has to be the worst!

  11. Mammabird

    Pretty paper, pretty ribbons…..wait, that’s not right….
    Pretty pictures of the Dam !

  12. Stefanie

    I hope you made a lot of dam jokes while you were there. 🙂 Did you see any Transformers?

  13. Well that was damtastic! ha ha. No really, that dam is pretty cool.

    I think I have a pretty good airport/airplane story. Two St. Patty’s days ago I was celebrating with my friend in Alberta, and had to catch a 7am flight back to Ontario in the morning. We got absolutely smashed, like one of my drunkest nights ever, and I had to get up at 5am to get to the airport on time after going to bed around 4. I slept in, and I was so hungover. Actually, no, I was still drunk. I felt like I was in a dream. I stumbled into the airport, went to check my suitcase, discovered it was too heavy, so I needed to move stuff from it into my carry-on, quickly, before I missed my plane…I started throwing clothes out of it and accidentally grabbed the plastic bag that had all my dirty clothes in it, which went flying and all my dirty underwear fell out of it. Awesome. Very embarrassing. Then I noticed another friend’s boyfriend was behind me in line, and had seen the whole thing, and proceeded to tell me “Wow, you look rough.” Yeah, thanks.

    Anyway, I got on the plane and discovered I was sitting beside a woman and her brand new baby. Awesome. She told me I smelled like booze, but no worries because she liked it and longed for partying days. So it all ended well. Good times. Lesson learned though…don’t drink til 4am if you have an early morning flight.

    Annnnd, sorry for the novel.

  14. Just think, the Dam was built that long ago and is still in one piece, working hard, but my iPhone was purchased 2 years ago, barely works, and is pretty much worthless now. I miss old school technology.

  15. That’s so dam cool. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    I don’t have weird fight stories, but my brother does. He’s sat next to a woman with an economy size box of Trojans bursting out of her purse, another woman with a..ahem..”neck massager” hanging out of her bag, and someone who put their bare foot in his face. Actually, that’s on the blog today. Hungry?

  16. Misty

    My weirdest flight was my first international flight from Nashville to Frankfurt. I really lucked out because my group of friends were sitting right next to the bathroom (ironic font here). Two of our buddies were moved to the back of the plain so an older lady with a colostomy bag and her son could be closer to the bathroom (I was totally fine with this). Until…the guy, who was super rank, took off his shoes and for the entire flight attempted to convert me and my other friend to Islam. My friend is Catholic and told him to shove it. I told him I was not religious so he became more furvent about converting him. His feet smelled like boiled cabbage and burned hair. So bad. After about 10 hours it was time for breakfast. The second they placed the plate of food in front of us my buddy, who was sitting closest to stinky man started spewing vomit. Apparently the smell was so bad the thought of brie made her violently ill. And then she spent the rest of the flight in the back of the plane and I got moved to first class after cornering a flight attendant and crying about being vomitted on and forced to smell toe funk for 12 hours.

    People in first class smell like heaven and the Lancome counter.

  17. Let’s see, my first time taking a kid on a plane, we flew to Portland, & dropped Sam off with my parents, then continued on the Las Vegas. All was well. On the return flight, my husband had to stay in LV for work (a likely story), so I made the portland-Seattle leg solo. I fell asleep with him on my lap (he was about 5 months old) & I was so freakin’ sleep deprived from having a 5 month old baby + Las Vegas. When I woke up, he was sucking on a dude’s finger. The guy next to us put his finger in Sam’s mouth to “soothe him” while I was sleeping. NO JOKE. The guy was wearing a suit, and looked totally normal, but WTF? Sam was not crying either, so the finger in mouth was no attempt to regain sanity while sitting next to a crying baby. The guy just wanted to help out. Creep factor of about 1000.

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