How Not to Spend a Day Before a Race

Hubs and I started Saturday off with a very non-Vegas lunch at Wendy’s and then a 2-mile walk (< —- foreshadowing) to the expo at the Venetian to pick up my race packet. Once there, we met up with Michelle and Dan. The expo was crowded and uncomfortable so I didn’t take many pictures, but I did manage to get this sweet piece of photographic history.

And this one.

See the port-o-potty fitting room in the back? Dan dubbed going to the bathroom “going to the fitting room” the rest of the weekend.

We walked around the expo for awhile but it was so crowded, I just wanted to get out of there. So, Michelle and I got our race packets, had our fortunes read, and then left shortly after.

After the expo, we walked around the Venetian for awhile, took a few pictures, and had some gelato.

The four of us parted ways and then hubs and I made the 2-mile walk back to our side of the strip. (< —– foreshadowing)

A bunch of you were asking how I liked New York, New York. I thought it was a fun hotel but the rooms aren’t any different than a typical hotel which was disappointing. I also didn’t love their restaurant selections but overall I’d definitely recommend it.

That night we met up with Michelle and Dan for dinner at Chin Chin (in NY, NY).

Then this happened.

ALL of it. (< —– foreshadowing)

After dinner, we had some time to kill before meeting up with Cely after her Thunder from Down Under naked man show. So, we walked down to Mandalay Bay for a blogger meet-up at Eye Candy. We weren’t planning on going, but then we heard this saucy minx was going to be there and changed our minds. Just when I thought I was going to stand in a corner and look like a total creepy stalker because I didn’t know anyone, I ran into this girl.

Janae couldn’t be any cuter if she tried. I want to put her in my pocket and take her out whenever I need to be cheered up. For real. You can’t not be happy around her. The girl is contagious.

We all hung around for an hour or two and I had a $10 rum and diet coke that made me sad.

There was some dancing. Mostly on Michelle’s part.

Then we headed to Luxor (more walking <—- more foreshadowing) to meet up with Cely and Brandi. Cely doesn’t take paparazzi photos but Brandi was all over it. Probably because she’s so gorgeous that she makes everyone around her look like a troll in comparison.

You should read Brandi’s blog. She’s adorable, funny, and has to “go to the fitting room” a lot during races too. That’s the back of Cely’s head at the Blackjack table behind us, so I guess she did take a picture with me. She told me next time she’d even look at the camera but I’d have to earn it. Winking smile

Oh, I forgot to mention, before we left Eye Candy, we picked up a random girl at the blogger meet up and brought her to Cathouse with us. Hi Anne!

We can’t bring Dan anywhere.

While we were in Cathouse, my feet started killing me from all the walking. So I took my shoes off.

We left the club around 1:00am after ordering enough drinks to make our wrist bands worth it. ( <—– foreshadowing)

By the time we got back to the hotel, I was barely walking because my calves, heels, and pads of my feet were killing me from walking around all day. I had to take my shoes off just to walk back to the room because I just couldn’t take another step without pain.

So here we’ve learned:

  • Just because your cute boots never hurt when you wear them at home does not mean they don’t hurt when you walk 6+ miles in them in Vegas.
  • When your pre-race meal is usually a salad, you should not have a big bowl of lo-mien.
  • A $10 wrist band good for vodka drinks before 1:00am does not mean you should keep ordering them.


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33 responses to “How Not to Spend a Day Before a Race

  1. Could not stop giggling. And I don’t remember you taking your shoes off.

    PS – Brandi is gorgeous. I hate her.

  2. That’s a lot of foreshadowIng! I can’t wait to read the full shakedown!*

  3. This weekend in Vegas was more like the Ultimate Blogger Meetup 2011 rather than a race weekend! Apparently my entire Google Reader picked up and went to Sin City haha

    Wouldn’t be Vegas without a few hundred bad decisions 😉 I’m sure the boots were super cute though and vodka delicious. Lessons learned…

  4. oh and ps I LOVE your hair dark 🙂 it looks awesome!

  5. Lee

    I sounds like fun to me.

  6. Love this post and LOVED meeting you. I wish I could have stalked, I mean, seen you more! I am stealing this picture of us, k thanks 🙂 And allll of the cool kids go to the fitting room during races!

    Michelle dancing/jumping cracks me up.

    Was the lo mein good at least? It looks good.

  7. I am so jealous I didn’t get to hang with the cool kids!! That bowl of Lo mein looked delicious btw.

  8. Oh I can only imagine how bad your feet were hurting. OUCH. And the vodka. ohhhhhh the vodka.

  9. Yep, those are pretty good ones. I made the same mistake when I went to Vegas…the high shoes, walking the strip. Oh Nelly! Painful. 🙂 Jessica

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  11. Love your blog and all the fun you bring to things you experience! So glad you had fun in Vegas, definitely the kind of fun my friends and I would have there too! This looks like a race I would love doing! Congrats on a great weekend! ….. don’t even know how you did in the race and that’s cool, sounds like a blast regardless!

  12. ahhhhh love you and so sorry about the foot walking/pain stuff. I hate that… I make CK get taxis when my feet hurt! And I TOTALLY feel you on the “you don’t have to keep ordering drinks” When I was in Miami it was happy our until 11pm. Drinks were like $2 bucks and we had about 7 in 1 hours … at 10:59 my ass was getting the last one.. at 11:20 my friend was puking the bathroom.



  13. I can’t get over how many bloggers went to Vegas. Updates are EVERYWHERE (but yours are the funniest)

  14. Oh no! But at least it looks like you had a great time! I’d probably sacrifice all fitness goals for the next day of the lo mein was REALLY good.

  15. Just wanted to say that pic of you and Janae is my new favorite. You look stunning.

  16. Oh no…..foreshadowing….can’t wait for the rest of the story!

  17. Bah ha ha ha ha

    Thanks for making my Wednesday morning so entertaining. The Dan photo bombs is just priceless and that may be the best picture I’ve seen of Michelle, ever. LOVE.

  18. Haha, looks like an awesome time. And ah, all my faves in one place! I am so jealous. You guys are all ridiculously cute. Especially that first picture of Michelle…meow!

  19. My new favorite expression is “going to the fitting room.” Henceforth, I will use it constantly — even though nobody but you and Michelle will get it.

  20. All advice has been noted. I love to see all of the cross-blogging going on with this half-marathon!!! Maybe next year we’ll make some poor pre-run decisions together at the Rock and Roll Vegas race.

  21. I am on the edge of seat! So ready to find out what happened with the lo mein, walking and vodka!

  22. Laurie

    Ha Ha sounds like you and your friends had a great time in Vegas baby!!! Congrats on your run! You look so gorgeous with your hair! I think you can pull off any color! I colored my hair a dark color once (well my stupid stylist did) and I looked death warm over with my fair complexion! (I’m naturally a blond), Was not good!

  23. When I stay in Vegas I have to have a cool room. I’ve looked online at all of the different rooms and if any look like a typical hotel that one is out of the running. I’ve only been able to afford to stay at the Luxor so far, but the room was awesome.

    I would probably want to make my wristband worth it as well, but then I wouldn’t have a race the next day! I actually got plantar fasciitis in Vegas from all of the walking around. The map is so deceiving! It makes everything look so many closer than it really is.

    • Yes! Things are much further than you think. I loved my hotel room at Mandalay Bay when I stayed there 3 yrs ago and Michelle’s at Venetian was super-nice. I don’t know, I guess I just wanted a Statue of Liberty walk-in shower or something. 🙂


  24. OH BOY! I can not freakin’ wait to hear how that race went Lady with all of that forshadowing:-)
    You are one blogger that I want to hang with! You always know how to have a good time!

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