How to Spend 3 Hours at a Salon and Still Look Like Crap

I went to get my hair done today. I hate going to the salon because it’s always a 3-hour ordeal. I usually get highlights and since my hair is naturally red, it takes forever to process. So I get my hair done maybe twice a year. Today was that day.

Wow, it was hard to take that picture while driving. —->  Just kidding. Probably.

I asked for blonde chunky highlights with a black base. I didn’t want the very top of my hair highlighted because once the highlights start growing out, it’s not as noticable. I’ve done this before and it makes it especially easy for me neglect my hair for 7 months at a time.

When my stylist was done, the highlights weren’t chunky, so I can barely see them. And there were areas that should be black that she missed. I pointed the areas out and she asked if I wanted to come back in so she could fix them. Sitting in a salon for another 3 hours sounds worse than walking around with crappy hair right now. So she fixed some areas before I left and sent me home so I could rinse out the color myself.

Having tin foil in your hair is a pleasure when you’re sitting at a traffic light.

After I rinsed out my hair, I found all sorts of new spots that piss me off.

So I had my hair professionally done to look like I did the color myself. < —- Awesome.

I realize that picture isn’t bad but I have it styled so you can’t see any of the crappy areas and the highlights aren’t what asked for. My stylist left me a message. She wants me to come back in. Would you sit for another (possible) 3 hours to fix it?

Ok, I’m done bitching about my hair now. I should probably start being thankful for something since Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I guess you go to the same stylist for 10 years and eventually you get something you don’t like, right? So…I am thankful for the other times she did not screw up my hair.


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37 responses to “How to Spend 3 Hours at a Salon and Still Look Like Crap

  1. Oh hell no. I would be plenty pissed about that. You need to get them to fix it and refund your money, plus throw in a spa treatment for your inconvenience. For real.

    On the other hand, I am digging the dark color on you! Also, I kind of love your natural red. How you got that neon spot underneath is beyond me. Hey, come to MI. I’ll color your hair for FREE in under an hour. 😉

    • The neon spot is just my natural red hair color that was missed. I guess the picture coloring is off a bit. But that’s not the only spot. They are all over. Maybe I can make this a new trend?

  2. I would be a little pissed off if I were you! I know your pain about the time spent in the chair as I have tonnes of hair. Is she going to charge you to fix it? If not, I would go back and if it still sucks, ask for your money back and go somewhere else. And it doesn’t look bad until you showed us that big patch near your roots.

  3. Julie

    As a past professional colorist, you should let her fix it for you at no charge. That bright splotch at your roots is known lovingly as a “bleed” and its from the foils, which she can take care of when you go back in, as well. If you don’t go back in, it may create animosity between you and your stylist, which in turn may make you never want to go back to her in the future. And since you’ve been going to her for ten years, it would be a shame to see that relationship damaged.

    • Oh, it would definitely be for free. Just the thought of sitting there kills me. But your right, I should go back. She’s called twice since I left so she’s trying really hard to give me what I want.

  4. Ugh, a bad salon experience is the worse. I’m so sorry! You should definitely go back to get it how you want it so you’re comfortable. But I do like your hair dark!

  5. That sucks! She should definitely fix it for free…so you should go back. Then, if she doesn’t fix it right…idk…other gals got ideas…good luck! And agree it looks good…it’ll look great once fixed! Ok, off for some gummy vodka shots! OMG…weird.

  6. Mz. Teri

    Time to get a new stylist. I have one I can recommend! 😀

  7. You’re crazy. I’d love to have an excuse to spend three hours somewhere essentially by myself. I can go as your body double and let her “fix” my hair. Think the switcharoo would work? It always worked in ’80s sitcoms.

    And the black is awesome … but I’m kind of afraid you’re going to kick my ass. You look fierce. If you had the black hair when you came upon the gun-toters, THEY would have been the ones running in the other direction!

  8. I know some really gay men that would LOVE to do your hair. Let me know.

    That really blows that she eff’d it TWICE. WTF??? I hope you didn’t have to pay and if you did, I hope you get your money back.

    I usually don’t cry about my hair (because I know if grows back and you can color it – blah blah blah) — but I probably would in your situation. When you spend that much time at a salon, you want what you asked for!!!

    That said – Happy Thanksgiving!!

  9. Definitely have her fix it!
    It does look great dark though! You’re lucky to be able to be versatile to go from one to the other. 🙂 My hair is dark brown and I don’t think I can pull off much else. But I’m like you and it’s like pulling teeth to get me to get my hair done.
    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. That is quite a dramatic change! That black is HAWT! It’s kind of making me want to go dark…but I have never strayed from my blonde locks. I do really like your natural rouge though, you ginger little minx.
    I’d definitely go back and have her fix it. Silly stylists.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. julie16750

    Definitely let her try to fix it. Even if it does take three hours. Also, I know from experience on my own hair that black is very hard to remove or go lighter on.
    Good Luck! 🙂

  12. Katie G

    Sorry for your crappy experience, but you rock the shiznit out of that dark hair.

  13. PISSED. OFF. That underneath area looks retarded. I’m being honest with you because we’re best friends. But your dark hair DOES look good, girl.

  14. Wow! You look great with light hair and dark hair. And, I totally understand not wanting to spend another 3 hours at the salon … I feel the same way. I hate getting my hair done. But, I’d go back to fix it.

  15. Um, dark is AMAZING on you. I love love love going really dark brown, but I agree — the trick is to get some highlights so it doesn’t look flat.

    I’d be so pissed if I were you. To spend that long and that much money and end up with something you could have done in 15 minutes while drinking? Ugh.

  16. Ugh… Bad hair is the worst! You always leave feeling like crap! Waste of time and money. Hope you got your money back… Or a new do, from someone else…

    Since I find your blog HILARIOUS and it always makes me laugh (except for this one. It made me angry for you…)… I want anyone who stumbles upon my blog to find you so they can agree that you’re funny. Which is why I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can check it out on this post:


  17. I’m willing to cut her some slack if you’ve had good results from her for 10 years. Everyone has off days. If that had been your first time w/ her I would say walk back in there and slap that bitch around until she gets it right.

  18. Oooh, my gosh! That’s horrible. She screwed up on both of your instructions. What the hell?! She needs to fix it, or give you your money back. I would HATE to sit there for 3 hours again. I would probably make her just colour it all ONE colour and LEAVE. Because I’m impatient and hate having my hair done. You, on the other hand, clearly want something specific. Have her fix it. Seriously. If you really can’t take the 3 hours, have her give you a base colour and that’s it. Or get your money back and have a friend help you do it.

  19. Honestly I love the red but yes I would sit another three hours to get it fixed! Everyone sees our hair, and it’s worth taking care of. If you started wearing hats everyday people might wonder what’s up.

  20. How absolutely frustrating. I have never had my hair done in a salon (only done by myself or my mom), so I would especially be ticked to have it be professionally messed up. I mean, Lord knows I have messed up my hair plenty, but at least I didn’t pay for it!

  21. Allyssa

    Yes, you need to go back for another 3 annoying hours to let it be done correctly. But only because they owe you the correct coloring and for FREE!

  22. Verlin

    I don’t think I could handle sitting for another 3 hours (or even 1.5). I’d ride it out for a bit to see how you can work around the colour and then go back a bit earlier than your usual 6 months for a “greatly-reduced price” – best of both worlds. I get SUPREMELY bored at the hairdresser and can’t wait to get out of there.

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  24. I had this very thing happen to me. My highlights were not chunks. They were like weird L shapes on my head, and it looked like shit. I cried when I got home. I’ve never cried about my hair before. I DO like the dark on you though. Very sassy. Make her fix that. Even if it does take 3 hours. And make her fix it for FREE. Sometimes I wonder how these people can even make a living if they can’t listen to their clients?

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  26. Marie

    Hair issues are the worst. I can totally relate. I had been going to the same 2 stylists ( I had two incase 1 was on leave, unavailable, or on vacation I had a good backup hair stylist) for years with NO complaints. We recently moved to another state so I was on a mission to find a new hair stylist. I’m a rather easy client. My only concerns were my hair can pull yellowish-brass, having a widows peak I liked it platinum around my face (don’t wanta look like count Dracula) and ultimately simply having platinum blonde high lites. No low lites, no crazy or multiple colors and to try getting the high lites as close to my scalp as she could without the bleeding affect. Pretty simple right? WRONG! I had gone to a stylist, went over my concerns, and what I wanted to archive. Since the current hair stylist also used the same coloring mine back home did, my old stylist told me what she uses to a “T” to help archive the same results. I realize everyone has there own technique of doing hair, but it was simply a guide line to give her an idea.

    When she was done, it did look blonde. Once I got home, I played around with it, parting it in different sections and checking threw out (more so the crown of my head). I had lots of areas which were yellow, and plenty of sections that look as if she didn’t even high lite them. In other words, 3 weeks of re growth already. How can this be when I had and paid for a full highlight? I contacted the hair dresser the following morning to express I wasn’t happy along with sending her pictures to back up my points to understand my issue.

    She said she would add more high lites and put a glaze on my base to help break up my base color, blend, and achieve the platinum look without damaging my hair. I NEVER had to have a glaze to achieve my platinum look. But whatever. I again expressed I would being going out of town in a 1.5 weeks and about that same time she was going on leave. So she scheduled me to come in when she could squeeze me in. Which didn’t work for me, but if she could get me in to fix this matter, I would make it work. A few days pass, and comes to the afternoon of my appointment when a receptionist calls me to say she had to cancel. She could get me in 4 days later. Again, that didn’t work because I was leave to head outta town. So, again, I rearranged my schedule and lost a day traveling to get my hair fixed. Surprise surprise, around the same time on the day of my appointment, I get another call form the receptionist stating the stylist had to cancel yet again. Now, I had to leave late that night and had no time left to reschedule. Now what options do I have?

    I then called the stylist, and left her a voicemail simply stating that since I had a service I was not happy with, and she has canceled on me last minute both times I gave her the opportunity to correct the problem, as a result I have to go to another stylist to have my hair corrected and would like to have a refund and any future anointments I had with her canceled which was the best option at this time due to going out of town which she was made aware of when I went in for my initial appointment and again when we talked about scheduling an appointment for her to fix my hair. Now throw her leave in there. I have yet to hear back from her. Hoping she acts professional as I have been nothing but polite, nice, understanding, and gave her multiple chances to correct the problem. What do you think? HELP!

    • Paula

      Honestly, it sounds like she’s cancelling on purpose. By the time she does fix your hair, it will be around the time you need to go back to get your hair done again. Now, this is just what I would do, but if I didn’t hear from her when she got back from vacation, I would call her one more time, try to work it out, and if it didn’t happen, I’d let her know that I’ll be in touch with the Better Business Bureau.

      I once had a screening at a doctor. I declined the screening but they did it anyway and charged me. I called and they saw in their records that I did decline and they said they would take care of the bill. Two bills later, two calls later, and one letter that I would be sent to collections, I wrote them a letter that I would go to the BBB if it wasn’t taken care of. Within a week, everything was cleared up. 🙂

      • Marie

        Paula, thank you so much for getting back to me and so fast at that!

        In response to your reply back to me, she’s going on maternity leave, so she’ll be out 6 weeks. As you stated, by the time she does come back, it will have been long over due to have my hair done. That’s why i gave her chances and tried working with her. Rearranging my days and time to fit in only to be canceled. I have a feeling she wont contact me regarding my VM on getting a refund because not only did she fail to do my hair correctly, but then when given chances, she canceled and didnt make the problem right. She is a renter, so any kind of compliant as in a refund i have to deal with her directly since i pay her directly. HELP!

        • Paula

          She rents from a business establishment right? If you contact the BBB about that establishment, it looks bad on them so she will have to resolve the issue. If it’s a thing where she just works out of her home or something like that, then you’ll have to chalk that up as a loss unfortunately.

          • Marie

            Thank you for getting back to me! Hair drama is the worst! Esp when i’ve been willing to work with her to fix the issue a few different times. Now, i’m highly ticked! She’s wasted my time, money, and chances. So your saying that if i don’t hear back from her regarding a refund because she has not followed threw with fixing the problem, go straight to the BBB on the salon in which she rents from (she rents a chair in a rather pish posh area/salon) complaining of the salon in which she rents from but more so targeting her? As a result, she would have to resolve this problem with me since it will make the business in which she rents from look bad?

            I called 3 hours ago and giving her until 6:30ish this evening to get back to me. If not, i’m not going to continue playing games, but go right to the BBB. I’ve never had to file with BBB before, does that really help in cases like these?

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