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Lots of stuff to talk about in this post and it’s random as usual. So for your reading convenience, I added titles in case you think it’s too boring to read all the way through and you want to choose a topic. Like a “choose your own mystery” but way less interesting because it’s my blog. And there’s no mystery.


It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve done any strength training after that whole taper thing. I also haven’t talked about it in awhile, so now I’m going to. Monday was my first night back and our personal trainer came up with this tasty little nugget:

Warm-up: 1/4 mile run

Group 1, 3 sets:

  • ¼ mile run
  • 50 decline push-ups
  • 100 bicycles (ab exercise)

Group 2, 3 sets:

  • ¼ mile run
  • 15 “L” pull-ups (your body is in an L position, so it also works the abs too)
  • 30 front lunges with two 10 lb weights (15 reps each leg)

I felt like I was going to die by the second set of Group 1. Usually this kind of workout is challenging but not in a please-let-me-dig-my-own-grave way. Once I got home, I was wiped out and ready for bed by 9:00pm. I’ve never been wiped out from a workout like that before. Taking 2 weeks off and returning to the same intensity of a workout is rough.

The decline push-ups were not a good idea for my shoulder, so by the second set I went to a much lower decline. They made both of my shoulders hurt. The pull-ups seemed to work out some of the hurt from the push-ups. Yesterday, I swear my shoulders felt about 40% better. They don’t hurt less…just less often. So maybe some good exercise is the answer to working out that pain? Or maybe my arms will just fall off faster.

Last night’s workout looked like this:

3 sets:

  • 30 (ish) side steps with a tension band around the knees
  • 15 lateral raises (15 lbs)
  • 15 bicep curls (12 lbs)
  • 15 sumo squats (30 lbs)
  • 15 shoulder presses (10 lbs)
  • 15 step ups (each leg) with an 18 inch step (30 lbs)
  • 15 push-ups
  • 15 mountain climbers
  • 15 sit-ups
  • 15 flutter kicks

That was a really challenging work out and I had to stop several times to catch my breath. Never thought I’d be doing shoulder presses with only 10 lbs but with all the other reps, it was hard.

I love strength training. I know there are certain girls who put together these type of workouts on their own, but if I didn’t have a personal trainer standing over me making me do it, it would never happen. It’s so much more interesting and motivating with someone there. I’m pretty sure I’d be rich if I could do this on my own. I like to imagine the stuff I would spend money on that goes to personal trainers. Like a collection of designer Hammer pants.


I haven’t been running much. It’s weird, but running a marathon seems like the end of some big life accomplishment. Like, that’s great. You ran a marathon. Now it’s time to move on with your life, do something new, and never run again. Right now I feel like never running again and I’d like to snap out of it. Well, I need to snap out of it. I have plenty of half marathons coming up that say so. So, I’m going to run with my group this weekend. We’re doing 8-10 miles and I think that will be a good distance to see how my shoulder is doing. My Crossfit trainer said it could be tendinitis. Anyone have experience with that?

My TV Addiction

1.  I didn’t take Once Upon a Time off the DVR after all.

I let 3 weeks of episodes pile up and then watched them all in one sitting. That show got much better after the first episode. (You were right, Amber!) And the ending to this week’s episode? Did not see that coming.

2.  I love Chuck. That is all.

3.  And finally, Showtime has found a new way to siphon money from me after this season of Dexter ends.

Kristen Bell? Really, Showtime? Thanks for finding my one soft spot and continually poking it with a stick until I gave in.


Yep. It came and went. Saturday was my one year blogiversary. In that time, I’ve written 408 posts and had 6,270 comments from all of you. Pretty amazing. So I have been writing drivel for quite awhile now and I just wanted to thank you all that take the time to read it. Especially those of you that have been around for most or all of that time. 🙂


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25 responses to “Back to Strength Training

  1. Funny, I was thinking about bailing on Once Upon a Time too, but decided to give it another go, didn’t watch this weeks ep though. I should think about getting a personal trainer, I’ve seen a million different routines to do, but I just don’t do it.

  2. Happy Blogiversary! What’s the gift for one year, paper?

    I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time too and I’m really starting to like it. So, now I have three whole “must see” TV shows for the whole week. Didn’t see that ending coming either! Diiirrrrty!

  3. That’s a hard workout! You’re, like… really strong. I’m really, really impressed. DUH

  4. I am definitely someone who needs a structured workout laid out for me or else I won’t do it. I think that’s why I like Crossfit…that and the challenge of it! 🙂 This isn’t the last season of Dexter is it? Or just season finale soon?

  5. Pam

    Once Upon a Time looked promising, but I forgot to record it and now I feel behind. If you like it I might have to try to catch up.

    I wish I was as motivated about strength training!

    Happy blogiversary! I’ve loved following! Oh, and you made my day 🙂

  6. I am so jealous you can do a pull up.

    And we’ve been watching Once Upon a Time as well — my Hub totally digs it, but I’m not quite sold.


  7. Still need to watch OUaT from Sunday. I’m slacking. Excited about the ending though.

    Have you really been blogging for a year? Wow.

    I need to come up with some intense strength training workouts. I really want to build some muscle.

  8. Health Freak College Girl

    i love chuck too! it’s my fav 🙂

  9. Happy Blogiversary! I’m a much newer reader (and commenter for sure), but I always enjoy reading new life journeys.

    So glad you like Once Upon a Time! It really did need time to grow and now I look forward to it each week. Thankfully, there are plenty of shows that get me through. Yeah, a little too much TV viewing in my house! lol

  10. I saw a tweet or FB post about your blogiversary! Congrats! I seriously love what you’re doing here. It’s completely not like anyone else I read, and I love you for it. In fact, your blog inspired me to clean out my google reader to get away from the blogs that seem to be clones of one another. I love your originality. Keep doing what you’re doing, friend!

  11. Are you doing 15 consecutive unassisted pull ups? Hats off to you.

  12. Careful with that tendonitis, it can be a PITA. I had it on and off in my Achilles back in high school and there’s not too much to do for it other than rest. If you push it too much you risk much longer term damage and the choice to rest it will be taken out of your hands (i.e., you won’t be able to move without screaming in pain).

  13. Laurie

    Happy blogiversary Paula!!! You’re one of my favs! 🙂 I felt the same way about Once Upon a Time, but now its getting better! Good luck with your workout, I wish I could just do half of what you do!

  14. Deana Morris

    I’d never do my strength work without my personal trainer shouting praise and encouragement. They’re worth every penny

  15. Stefanie

    I haven’t caught up on OUaT yet. But, if you say so. I will. And holy shit, 300 bicycles?? INSANE.

  16. congrats on your blogoversary! that’s big!

  17. So glad I found your blog…thanks for stopping by today!

    I just started back strength training this week after taking off to train for the full in Savannah….LOVING hittin the weights again.

    Happy Blogaversary!! 🙂 Hope you celebrated with cake. 🙂

  18. Marilyn Fluegel

    Paula…I have enjoyed every moment of your Blog’s and look forward to them daily…like the newspaper….interesting and great job!! PAM

  19. Happy late blogiversary! I saw the end of Once Upon a Time coming and was still disappointed when it was revealed. She plays a good “evil queen.”

  20. I am so hooked on Once Upon a Time. That and Revenge are my favorite new shows, I think.

  21. I have taken months off strength training and my muscles are all jello-like right now. I started back with weights this week and i can hardly move my arms. Ouch 😦

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