The Post Marathon Post

So, that marathon thing happened. It’s basically all I can think about for the last 3 days. I’m never like this with half marathons, so I guess running a marathon is a pretty big deal to me. Who knew? So, here’s what’s been going on since Saturday.

First Thing I Did When I Got Home on Sunday


I recover quickly from long runs. I do a lot of cross-training, so I’m going to go ahead and thank Crossfit and weight lifting for that. The day after the marathon, my knees and legs in general were pretty sore. I could walk fine once I got going, but when I got up from a seated position or out of a car – that posed a walking challenge.

I’m terrible when it comes to stretching and foam rolling. So I didn’t do either after the marathon. I did take a rather long ice bath and I wore my Zensah compression sleeves after the marathon and the entire next day. The second day, my inner thighs were a little sore so I stretched and foam rolled (a little) and after that, the soreness was gone. So, I’m sure if I stretched and foam rolled after the marathon, my recovery would have been even faster. But damn. Stretching is so boring. I’d rather sit on the couch and count the popcorn on the ceiling.

I’ve even gone to yoga classes before and I can’t relax in those. All I think about during the class is how many minutes till it’s over or what I could be doing that is more fun than yoga – like visiting a screen door factory.


I haven’t ran or worked out since the marathon, which is unusual for me. Unless you count lifting the fork to my mouth as an activity, then I’ve been very active. Three days might be the longest voluntary non-workout period I’ve ever had that wasn’t during a vacation. Basically, I get home from work and take a nap. Then I wake up and watch TV for a couple hours and go right back to bed.

After the first recovery day, my knee felt back to normal. I hope to get in a short run today or tomorrow just to make sure it’s ok. Or I might go grocery shopping instead. Or sleep some more. Nothing like a marathon to suck all the productivity out of you when you get home.

Race Adrenaline

You know how everyone tells you how you’ll do great on race day because you have that race adrenaline that will keep you going? Race adrenaline stresses me out. I think the reason my training runs were better is because I don’t have that pressure to finish. When I’m in a race, I have to finish and that pressure can really bring me down mentally. Once I’ve checked out mentally, something I enjoy becomes a chore instead.

Next Up with Training

I have a bunch of half marathons lined up right now. I’m really looking forward to the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll half. I’m going to run that race for fun, not time. I want to dress up somehow and I’m planning on leaving my Garmin at home. I’ve never run a race without my Garmin or at least the Runkeeper app on my phone, so I may have a panic attack. But screw it. I want to see how a race goes without it. I have plenty of races coming up that I will run for time.

Will I run another marathon?

If you asked me before I ran Savannah, I would have said hell no. If you read my post on what I’ve learned from marathon training, I was not enjoying getting fat, missing Friday night’s out with my friends, and any run past 18 miles. Now, I will definitely run another marathon and I will make my goal. Savannah still makes me sad. It’s so annoying that I have to prove something to myself, but I do. Now, I’m trying to decide if the race is going to be sooner or later.


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16 responses to “The Post Marathon Post

  1. I always have to prove things to myself, I’m pretty annoying to me sometimes.

    I don’t really take a lot of time to recover from long runs either, so I think it definitely has to do with cross-training. And I keep looking at that pic of the guy walking, it’s making me giggle – I needed an afternoon pick-me-up 🙂

  2. I plan on doing NOTHING for the week after the marathon… That is my treat for running a marathon. Plus it’s flippin busy at work and I’ll actually be back at work the day after the darn race.

    I knew you’d do another marathon! You’re not a quitter. You go kill the goal!

  3. FINE. run another one. i DARE you.

    p.s. you’re awesome.

  4. I always say no to any other races during my training…but then, miraculously, something happens afterwards and I seem to forget all the bad and start counting down till the next big one!

    Great job again!

  5. Tameika

    I so hear you on mentally checking out. I just ran my first half two weeks ago and have only done a few runs since then. I think I’m exhausted from the mental game and just not into it right now. Oh and I’m PMSing something awful. Damn hormones. Hoping I get back on the train before too much time has passed.

  6. Hope your knee is back to good…and I still think you are flippin’ awesome marathon runner, you!

  7. Sleeping all the time??? Duh! You ran a MARATHON! I say enjoy the halves for now. Get some rest and some perspective and then go again. And I totally get your need to run another full. You’ll get it. You want it too much not to.

  8. I think I want to run a marathon just for that sticker.
    I am the worst at stretching. I find it so boring and rarely do it. This has not been a big deal for me since I typically stick to a distance between 5-7k, so I’m sure my bod would require it for marathon running.
    You are a superstar for finishing. Anyone who runs a marathon is a superhero in my eyes.
    I love your one-eared bunny!!!

  9. Napping after work sounds divine! With all the races coming up, you should enjoy this time, and it sounds like you are!*

  10. Mz. Teri

    Hmmmm, your decision/timing on whether to run another marathon is very similar to that of deciding whether to have another child. I think most women (while they’re in labor) probably say – I’m never doing this again! But then for some unexplainable reason you forget about the weight gain, the labor pain, and having to get up in the middle of the night for feedings and diaper changes, and you decide to do it again. Only took me three times to make the final decision not to do it again! 😀

  11. Ha – I just ran my very first marathon three days ago. The first thing out of my mouth after it was “I’m never doing that stupid *@% again!”.

    I think I’ve changed my mind, though. I want to do it again because I think I can do it faster. I’m not ready to tell anyone, yet…

    • Paula

      I did a second one and looooved it. And it was 23 minutes faster. So you can’t totally do it. You got the bad one out of the way, now you’re ready to kick some butt! 🙂

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