The Last Three Miles

The last week of marathon training called for 1-3 miles at marathon race pace. So last night I went to the park (eh? No treadmill. I’m getting fancy on ya’ll) and ended up doing 3.3 miles at a 10:01 pace. Not sure how “marathon race pace” that is for me. I guess it is in my dreams.

It’s too early for quality jokes.

That run might be the last before Savannah unless I’m able to get a couple in Thursday morning before we leave, but I’m not counting on it. During the run, I used my regular iPod ear buds hoping they stopped sucking at some point, but they didn’t. Do I have malformed ears or something? Because they do not stay in and I see people use these in races all the time. With my hat and my glasses and my headpones, I just have too much stuff around my ears and it’s so uncomfortable. And I can’t handle having those Yurbud type ear buds because I have to stick them so far in my ear and then it feels like I’m on an airplane. So, now I need to go back to my headphones that make me look like a tool.

(Have I made that joke before? If so, too bad. I’m getting old and forgetful.)

I also think I found a new power song. My power song for the past 2 years has been Out of Control by Hoobstank (try NOT to run fast during that chorus) but now I’m loving this one. (Those are YouTube links.)

And last but not least, I got the BEST good luck package in the mail yesterday from Stacie at Skipping in Seattle.

The one on top is chocolate DIPPED Peeps. Dipped? I haven’t even heard of those. It’s like regular Peeps and chocolate-covered Peeps got together and make beautiful Peep babies.

Seriously, how sweet is it that someone I know through blogging only was thoughtful enough to send that? Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ve only mentioned once that I like the candy corn pumpkins better than the regular candy corn. The girl knows her stuff. Thank you , Stacie! (And I swear I will make up bailing on the San Diego Rock n Roll last year to you!)

How many of you actually know who those girls are in the first picture? 🙂


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28 responses to “The Last Three Miles

  1. I know those girls. lol
    Regular ipod earbuds don’t stay in my ears either. I have skullcandy earbuds and they work well for my ears, but yeah, you have to shove them in.
    Are you starting to get excited?!!! 😀

  2. C’MON people – Tiffany and Debbie Gibson! Anyone who doesn’t know them is missing out – “I think we’re alone now” has to be one of my all-time favourite 80s hits! (and I’m only half-joking about that) 😉

  3. Oh, I definitely know those lades! Remember her mall tour?!

  4. Debbie Gibson! I was never into her though. NKOTB all the way!*

  5. Misty

    Those Yurbuds look like torture. I use the JVC Marshmallow ear buds. I apparently have freakishly small ears and they’re the only ear buds that are comfortable for me to wear. They sell them at Walmart and you can also find them super cheap on ebay. I’ve never had a pair stop working on me and they’re pretty cheap.

  6. I’m an eighties girl, too.

    These headphones work great for me, and are CHEAP at Target:

    • I have a pair that go around my ear like that too! But those keep falling off too. I’m not sure which brand it is. I am convinced my ears are abnormal. I might look for those at Target and see if they look tighter than the ones I have. Thanks!

  7. Dude…I used to choreograph Debbie Gibson and Tiffany mashup dances, then perform them in my driveway. Somewhere, there’s video.

  8. I can’t keep the regular ipod buds in my ear either. I use skull candies ear buds. They come with 3 different rubber things that fit different ear sizes, but they don’t go way down into your canal (twss) like the yurbuds. Maybe it’s too close to Savannah, but I got mine for just $10 at FYE. You know, that store at the mall where I got my Debbie Gibson and Tiffany CD’s.

  9. I know Debbie Gibson and her over-poofed hair with oversize sweatshirt. I still have some of my XL sweatshirts in my closet. Hilarity … I think I wore them when I was 12 yo, and again when I was pregnant.

  10. I’m so old that I remember when NKOTB used to open for Tiffany. And then it got awkward because half-way through that tour, they made Tiffany start opening for them. She just couldn’t ride “It Could’ve Been So Beautiful” higher than they rode “The Right Stuff.”

    And iPod earbuds suck. They make my ears hurt like hell within five minutes but at least they, for the most part, stay in my ears. My favorite pair was some pair I got at Wal-Mart for $5. I can’t remember what they were called but they were orange and I loved them until my toddler ripped them apart. They go into your ears like earbuds but for some reason, they didn’t hurt. I think it’s because they had some rubber wrapped around the earphones.

    Good luck!!

  11. Lisa

    Good luck this weekend!

    Now I’m going to have Only in My Dreams in my head all day today…. and yes, I had many a Tiger Beat and Teen Bop with Debbie Gibson and Tiffany on it!! 🙂 Oh, Oh, Oh.. it was only in my dreeeeams….!!!

  12. Ro

    I loved Debbie Gibson! I remember getting the single cassette tape for “I Just Can’t Shake Your Love” b/c my allowance wouldn’t cover buying the entire cassette album.

    Good luck on your marathon!!!!!

  13. I really like the Phillips earbuds I have – they are somehow slightly different than the iPod ones and they stay in. Skullcandy do not work for me – I think it’s because my ears sweat (gross, but true!).

    I loved Debbie and Tiffany – and yes, I had Electric Youth perfume.

  14. My husband has the same problem as you with the earbuds. He has a pair of bose ones that seem to work really well for him. But those aren’t cheap.

    Good luck this weekend!!

  15. I have SkullCandy earbuds that I like pretty well. I usually hate earbuds but these are livable.

    I loved Debbie Gibson in my younger years (I feel old.) I totally had Electric Youth perfume. I had all the tapes I could find. My sister and my friends would have “performances” on top of my toy box lip syncing to her music. And I totally have Only in my Dreams playing in my head now. I think I need to update my running playlist now.

    Super good luck this weekend!!!!

  16. Stacie is the sweetest. It’s 9am and I’ve now got the most ridiculous need for chocolate covered sugar coated marshmallows. Dang you.

  17. Um, yes, I totally had the Electric Youth perfume with the pink spiral down the middle. Sexy.

    You need Skull Candy earbuds. Target. $10. Just make sure you put on the smaller ear fitting thingys (technical term) so they don’t fall out. They’re not perfect, but better than most.

  18. adrianna

    i had a pretend walkman w/ tiffany’s i think we’re alone now and played it over and over and over. so cool.
    i have never been able to wear ipod earbuds for more than 5 strides of a run. they come right out and i spend the entire time jamming them back in, so i always end up buying something else. my ears are weird and i’m aware, but it still drives me nuts.

  19. Love the good luck peeps!! Can’t believe your race is so close!

  20. Aww glad you liked your treat! 🙂

    Headphones never stay on me either!! Then I found these:

    They are only slightly homo, but they are cheap and legit work. They work with any earbuds.

  21. Chuluotababe

    Debbie Gibson and Tiffany!!! Not ashamed to say that I got Electric Youth for Christmas when I was a kid. 🙂 (Can you blame me for wanting to smell EXACTLY like Debbie Gibson – she was cool!) LOL

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