On My Mind

My mind is all over the place this week. I’m trying to make lists of what I need to take to Savannah and figure out what I need to get done at the house before I leave on Thursday. We were also asked to put in extra hours this month at work which doesn’t help me get things done. It’s nerve wracking because I always think of 80 things to do at the last minute and get super stressed out. So with that, I give you the random things on my mind today.

1. Holyshitmymarathonisin4days.

2. DVR cut #3 is in.

Ok, to be fair I haven’t watched the second episode yet (and I will), but the show is a little too cheesy for me. The commercial made it look like a more tame Game of Thrones and instead it’s just silly. Also, I thought Ginnifer Goodwin was exceptionally horrible in the first episode which was disappointing because I like her. I’ve heard from several friends that Grimm is much better. Has anyone seen that one yet? I’m thinking of giving it a shot.

3. Max finally made it into his new house.

I need to get him some type of plant to do fishy things with since it’s so empty. But seriously, that’s pretty sweet digs for a stupid fish that doesn’t even like to swim. When I put him in the tank, he was swimming all over the place freaking out. Hubs thinks he’s on the verge of fishicide. I just think he looks really worried.

4. I dressed up as Buffy the Vampire Slayer at work yesterday for Halloween.

(That picture is from the last time I wore the costume. Picture edited to protect identities of the innocent.)

One guy asked me if I had my hair done (it’s a wig) and another guy asked where my costume was. I told him I was wearing it and then he asked if I was dressed up as a Technical Writer. Awesome. So at least 2 people think I look like that on a regular basis. At least I won a $25 gift card for guessing the amount of candy in a jar. I have Rainman-like abilities when it comes to candy.

I was the last person to make a guess, so that had to suck for other people. When I was on the cruise to the Bahamas, I was the last person that entered to win the spa treatment too. So let this be a lesson to you all. If I enter a contest last, I’m going to win.

5. I’ve had several of your comments go to spam lately, so if they’re not showing up, that’s why. I always forget to check my spam folder. I’ll try to be better about it!

6. My marathon playlist is coming together. I keep making changes because a song that sounds good now doesn’t mean it will sound good when I want to start listening at mile 16. Here’s what I have so far, but I’m sure it will change again.

7. I haven’t had any pop for SEVEN days. Ok, that’s not totally true. I had 3 alcoholic drinks that had Diet Coke in it and I had half a Diet Coke at the movies. But usually I have 3 cans a day on top of that. So by that standard, it’s a vast improvement. By the way, when you’re from Chicago, you call it pop. Not because you’re from the 50’s.

8. I came back from lunch today and saw this guy on the street.

I could have sworn he was planking, which is why I busted out the camera. Nope. He was strapped to that sign and the wind blew him over. He had to call someone to come out and lift him back up, sign and all. It was hilarious.

9. My favorite spam comment of the day.

Thank you. That is my goal. To make everyone happy right after a Schindler’s List viewing.


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36 responses to “On My Mind

  1. Rachel

    I may be a horrible person, but the picture & story about the guy with the sign made me laugh out loud. I’m sitting in Goodyear & had to stifle my laughter so they wouldn’t think I was nuts.
    Good luck in Savannah!

  2. I’m actually really liking Once Upon a Time. I wasn’t sure after the first episode, but the second made me absolutely want to see where they are going to go next. I’m watching Grimm too, but it’s too gory. I’ll still probably watch, just will be listening more than actually looking 😉

  3. Sara

    LOL, the gold sign guy. I would have screamed, “Where’s your gold now?”

  4. 1. I love your random thoughts.
    2. I think Once Upon a Time is cute…but I’m undecided until I watch two more eps (including ep 2)…and I still have yet to check out Grimm…on the list to do.
    3. Awesome fish digs for the fish you never wanted, but you have…and show it love by getting it stylish digs. 🙂 It’s happy, he just doesn’t know it! Or is it a he?
    4. Bunnies protecting the pictures of the innocents. Oh who could they be? LOL!
    5. I laughed out loud at you winning when you enter last! Not because I don’t believe it, but because you wrote it with such conviction. Go you.
    6. Skipping playlist…lol. Wait…I’m not sure I like that song Sexy & I know It as much without the video…now I laughed my a$$ off watching that.
    7. Skipping soda…pop…cola…I’d agree…that dude looks like he’s planking…funnier that he needed help to get up b/c attached to the sign. OMG!
    8. After almost 7 months here in SC…tonight we will finally sleep on our own bed.

  5. Ok, I almost spit out my drink when I saw that pic of the guy with the sign!

    THANK YOU for having such an amazing blog! Seriously. I can be having such a downer day, and I read a post of yours and VIOLA: I am laughing:-)

    (I haven’t tried reading Eat:Watch:Run after watching Schindler’s List though….)

  6. I had to go back and look at the pic again. Hehehe.

  7. I got that spam comment too a couple weeks ago, it made my day! I am silently laughing at work over that guy and his sign… and by silently laughing I mean doing that awkward laugh where you’re trying not to. I’m on the fence about Once Upon a Time now too and I’m so irritated that I forgot to record Grimm. I’ve heard it’s good so I’m hopeful.

  8. Is that the “We Buy Gold” guy who did the wind aided face plant? He also almost got flattened by bikes in the Pints for Prostates stampede. I hope they are paying him well.

  9. I’m with Becky… there is SO much going on in this post. And it’s all awesome. That sign guy… hahahahaha

  10. It IS called pop. Haters gonna hate. Whatevs.

    On Saturday night, some drunk chick thought I was Hannah Montana in my purple wig (like, for real) and then she asked if it was real. At least yours is a color that occurs in nature. I had no doubt about your candy clairvoyance. You are a visionary.

    Get excited–I have another match date tonight! Fodder for the blog! Let’s hope he’s not bedazzled.

  11. Oh my gah – sign guy. That is awesome. Damn wind.

    I think Grimm is worth checking out, I’ve committed to the first few episodes. Based on the first episode I think its definitely darker than Once Upon a Time, but a lot of questions were left unanswered for me. The main guy annoys me for some reason I can’t put my finger on, but I’m going to stick with it for a few more.

  12. Boo on giving up on Once Upon a Time!!! It’s like I don’t even know you anymore.

  13. I used to call it “pop” when I lived in Michigan. Since moving to Texas, it is either called soda or coke. Doesn’t matter if it’s Dr. Pepper, Sprite, root beer, we call it all coke.*

  14. Hope your fish doesn’t try to commit fishicide! That’d be a sad day. Love the picture of the guy and the sign. HILARIOUS… But sad at the same time!

    Definitely a good playlist you got going. Good luck in Savannah!

  15. Omg that guy that fell over is HILARIOUS!! Reminds me of A Christmas Story except better because it’s an adult!!!

  16. Verlin

    “Fishicide” – my favourite comment of the day. You a funny gurl. Keep up the good work.

  17. Thank you for putting your entire playlist on here. Now I can copy… I need new music. Also, Derby saw the picture of your new fish and immediately jumped into my lap for a closer look. Shocker… she’s hungry.

  18. Kate

    Lmao about the sign guy!! That made my day!

    Um, pop is a northern thing. Whatevs.

  19. It’s soda!!!
    I think I might start saying sody-pop for fun:)
    Whatever you call it, way to go on cutting down and goodluck with your race!
    Also, you got to keep the candy too, right?

  20. Man, this post is funny. Especially that sign guy!

    I call it pop, too. I was chastised by a Southerner and told to call it coke. Didn’t make sense to me, so I still call it pop. And, I drink a lot of it, too. Good job on cutting down!

  21. hhahahah that picture of the guy strapped to the sign is so sad but so funny hahahah!

  22. Hahaha. That poor guy! You did just remind me that I have to start working on my own playlist for my half on 11/13.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  23. Just looking at your playlist and I couldn’t help but notice there was no Tiffany or Debbie (or is it Deborah) Gibson songs. Come on, you gotta represent.

    Good luck in the marathon. For an added challenge, try running with a sign strapped to you. It seemed to work out really well for that other guy.

  24. Karen

    Hey – the NYC marathon is sunday and I am still trying to pack and figure everything out too! I am nervous but excited! I am from Chicago too! Are you from the north or south side? And yes, in today’s post I knew Debbie Gibson and Tiffany (’cause I’m 49.)

    • North! I’ve lived in Arlington Heights andBuffalo Grove (and McHenry, which is even more North). Good luck in NYC! I don’t see how that race could go bad with all the awesome stuff to look at and crowd support. 🙂 Next year, I’d like to run a race in Chicago. I miss it there.

  25. So I am just now getting around to reading (sorry!) and there are so many gems in this post. Fischicide? ha ha ha ha ha!

    I’m from the South, obviously, and every soda is called Coke. You want a Pepsi? It’s a Coke. 7 Up? Another Coke. Similarly, there is no such thing as sneakers – only tennis shoes. Running shoes are tennis shoes. Gym shoes are tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are tennis shoes…

  26. I loved the sign guy… totally laughed out loud. I’m one of those that would be pointing and laughing as it occured.

    Your brave soul have given me strength to quit my “Coke” addiction (oh that sounds bad)…. next week.

    Still super excited for you guys!!

  27. adrianna

    this post just had me laughing so loudly. i think i scared the neighbors.

  28. How did I not know you were from Chicago? Me too! I’ve lived in Florida for about ten years now, but I was born in Chicago then moved to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, then ended up here!

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