As always, I have a bunch of things to talk about that I never mentioned this weekend:

1.  I bought a new fish tank for Max. It’s big and unecessary and it annoys me that I even spent money on a fish that I don’t really like in the first place. But the outside of the box is what sold me. This fish tank has the ability to bring its owner happiness and I want in on that action.

2.  I ran 12 miles with my group on Saturday morning. It was 55 degrees out and fabulous. My average pace was 10:50 which is slower than a few of my previous runs, but I felt really fast and that’s got to count for something. Next weekend I have an 8-10 miler and then it’s marathon time. Expect a freak out post at some point.

3.  Yesterday, I ran 4.25 miles at a 9:33 pace. I’m not supposed to be running extra miles since I’m in taper, but I had to burn some calories after Saturday night’s drink fest 2011. I’ll probably skip a run this week for cross-training so I don’t upset the taper gods.

4.  I went to a few Halloween stores yesterday. I found this Wilma Flintstone costume that was really cute. The store had regular and plus sizes, which I don’t think I’ve seen before. I felt like the photographer didn’t even try with the plus size girl. I mean, at least photoshop her a tan and give her a wig that fits.

5.  I think I found the reason why people have children: infant costumes. omgsocute!

6.  I also found this hat that I really wanted to buy but then wimped out because I’m cheap. Now I can’t stop thinking about it.

7.  And last but not least, guess what just became the most clicked picture on my blog?

Ya’ll are a bunch of pervs.  This week, I’ve had almost 200 searches for “American Horror Story maid.” I guess something eventually had to take the top spot away from “unicorn poop cupcakes.”


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19 responses to “Tidbits

  1. Your post title reminds me of the mini doughnuts in Canada called tim bits….and now you have me craving some! Damn you.

    ps- you should totally go back for that hat! 🙂

  2. Please buy that hat!!! And I am dying at that plus size model. Why did they do that to her? Put that woman’s wig on right! That is not even right!

    And who is clicking that picture?! Dirty!

  3. I hope the new fish tank brings you lots of happiness and smiles,too.

    Nothing Halloween going on here…no costumes, no thinking about them…no decorating…on one hand it’s nice…on the other…ya. But, I did buy a cute Halloween candle holder. It’s this one! http://www.zomboscloset.com/.a/6a00d83451d04569e2015392019cdd970b-500wi

  4. I notices that with Halloween costumes too! It kind of bothers me. Let’s put some effort in here people. Come on.

  5. I don’t think it’s possible to EVER be that happy about a fish. Just sayin’.

    And you caught me on all of the pervy clicks. At least you made the picture easily accessible again so I don’t have to keep searching your blog 😉

  6. Stefanie

    Sorry, I couldn’t control myself with all of that ass hanging out all over your blog. I totally had a baby so I could dress her up. Little C will be a yellow duckie this year!

  7. I’m so mad… I ordered my costume a few weeks ago online (a legit website) and they JUST informed me that it is out of stock. Now I am costume-less. Sure, I could go to the store and buy one, but I’m so bitter that I’m rebelling and not doing it. Haha AND that is quite possibly the most horrible plus size costume photo I’ve ever seen. Haha

  8. I want a baby in general, but especially so I can dress them up!

  9. You must go back and buy that hat. It’s not even an option. 😉
    Did you get a costume? Do they dress up at your office?

  10. I actually have the Wilma costume. I hear what you’re saying, but the plus size pic is more indicative of what the costume really looks like. I mean–the wig is ill-fitting, I am pasty, etc. Never wore it, but I might have to bust it out this year if I can’t think of a way to pull off Strawberry Shortcake. Yes, I have wanted to be her for years. But I also have a purple wig that I will take any excuse to wear, so my costume might just be me in the wig with random makeup.

  11. Laurie

    OMG Paula, you crack me up!!!! Love that hat, you need to go get it!

  12. You need the hat!

    And, I love American Horror Story and your recaps. But I’m not the perv, I promise.

  13. I guarantee you there will be a freak out post about the marathon on my blog as well. It’s all becoming way too real! LOL

  14. Mz. Teri

    Why do I have this vision in my head that a taper god looks like a worm that’s fat at the top and thin at the bottom? Ask fabman to draw that for you. 😀

  15. That Wilma comparison is too much. I kinda feel bad for the one on the right. I wonder if she knows that other Wilmas look much better:(

  16. Woah, I NEED that hat! I’m already planning out baby Halloween costumes for next year. Another blogger dressed her 1 year old as a zebra and it is absolutely adorable.

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