The Leftovers

I was so busy talking about running 24 miles and being boo-ed yesterday, that I forgot to mention a couple things about the weekend.

1.  The first DVR cuts of the season are in.

I tried really hard to like this show. I love Will Arnett. I love Christina Applegate. But man, I cannot identify with these characters. Maybe it’s more for parents? Or people without cold, black hearts? Because I cannot get with all the baby stuff. Raising Hope is way more my style. (Hubs and I love Raising Hope.)

Next up (sorry, Michelle):

I love Elisha Cuthbert but I can’t do it. Even Damon Wayans Jr. is pretty charming. But for the love of God…

I really don’t know what happened there either because I loved Casey Wilson on SNL. After last week’s episode when her and her mother were singing their problems to one another, I wanted to poke my eyes out. Instead, I just deleted it from the DVR. It was a close call, though.

2. On the awesome TV front, I love that The Walking Dead is finally back.

I know a lot of you don’t like horror or zombies, but if you do, this is seriously an amazing TV show. So well done and well acted.

3. We watched Take Me Home Tonight.

I loved this movie. So cute and funny, plus I have a total nerd crush on Topher Grace.

4. After the 24 miles on Saturday, hubs and I met up with some friends to see The Thing.

Hubs was acting like a 13-year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert for this movie. So we hit up an afternoon showing as to not interfere with my our drinking plans that night. If you don’t already know, this movie is a prequel to The Thing with Kurt Russell made in 1982. I don’t think it makes sense that the movie is named the same thing since it’s not a remake, but whatever.

The movie did really well linking up to the first movie so the writing was impressive. Hubs liked the movie a lot. I thought it was ok. The creature effects were so over-done that they were more ridiculous than scary and I think that killed a lot of the tension for me. But, if you’re a fan of the first one, you’ll probably like this one.

5. That night, we went downtown so I could properly hydrate after my 24 miles.

That one on the right was called a Cream Pie. Sooo delicious. We met up with Lisa who was already downtown for a birthday party. Hubs did some hooping and we did our picture-taking thang.

We had a fun night. Probably too much fun because I didn’t wake up until 11:30 the next morning. Smile

Anyone else watching The Walking Dead or do you hate zombies?  (I love zombie everything. And they can give me horrible nightmares, but I just can’t quit them.)


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35 responses to “The Leftovers

  1. Just started Season 1 of The Walking Dead, two eps in…so if we get thru the other 4 fast, we can watch the first and possibly 2nd online….before they go away…and maybe catch up with everyone to watch on tv by 2nd or 3rd. LOL! I have no plans to watch THE THING….but Wes and Nicole do…so glad to hear it was pretty good, hope it brings them joy.

    And those drinks do look pretty yummy….where were you??? I miss cheap drinks and lots of options in a downtown…uhh…anyway…they look delicious. 😉

  2. Michelle M

    I love The Walking Dead. Zombies are awesome. We finally watched the first episode of American Horror Story last night. Creepy beyond belief.

  3. Luke and I don’t have DVR OR CABLE OR ANYTHING because we’re cheap. Wait… we DO have Netflix. That enables us to watch shows way after they come out, at least. Last week, I watched the entire first season of The Walking Dead in one day. We’re hoping to catch up this season using our friends who have a DVR.

    Sorry about that whole paragraph. I know it’s a mess.

  4. Allyssa

    Your distaste of Up All Night doesn’t necessarily have to do with not having kids. I have two young children and I still couldn’t get into this show. It only made it a few episodes before I cancelled it from my DVR list.

  5. Dude. Or ma’am I should say. The 20 minute sequence with the walkers on the highway was just about perfect. Hardly a word of dialogue but so intense. That was worth the entire season. Plus loved the look on Rick’s face while the field autopsy was going on as well as the zombie Baptists. Anyway, word on the street is that ep 2 is the best of the bunch so far.

  6. What is the walking dead?! I think I need you to tell me what shows I need to be watching because clearly I’m missing out on all the good ones!

    But I love me some zombies. I’m actually reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

    • You will love the show then! It’s in the second season and season 1 is on DVD so you can catch up. It’s based on the graphic novels of the same name. It’s on AMC – Sunday nights at 10. It’s SO good!

  7. I LOVE The Walking Dead! I was so excited for Sunday’s episode. Best zombies I have ever seen – movie zombies included. Like The Almost Runner I watched the entire first season in one day! So good.

  8. I love Happy Endings!! She can be a bit much sometimes though.

    ….I LOOK like a zombie sometimes. Does that count?

  9. I couldn’t get into Up All Night either. For me, it was the character on the right that I couldn’t stand. I like Happy Endings, but I agree about the character you pointed out. She’s kind of annoying!

    I have been hearing lots about this walking dead show…might just have to check it out

  10. I feel like Penny is a whole new level of crazy this season on Happy Endings – I can see the annoyance. It used to be the blonde that I found annoying.

    I tried to get into Walking Dead but couldn’t (Dan watches though). I guess Zombies aren’t for me. I prefer demons.

    As for Up All Night – I think they get so many things on parenting right, but then they make so many things NOT funny. I still love (and watch) for Will Arnett

  11. Felt the same about Up All Night and Happy Endings. And New Girl. Liked the pilot, now it’s just annoying.
    I’m actually digging Castle, Pan Am and Parenthood right now. Oh, and Gossip Girl because I love trashy teeny bopper TV. HIMYM has always been a favorite sit-com wise. Where is Cougar Town, that’s what I’d like to know?!?

  12. I so feel you on Up All Night. I do not really watch sitcoms, but I wanted to give this one a whirl because I LOVE Will Arnett and Christina Applegate. I barely chuckled. It was just not funny to me:-(
    Now Walking Dead?! There is a show that I LOVE!! And the season premier did not disappoint. The last minute had my heart beating double time. LOVE. THAT. SHOW!

  13. I love Zombie movies or shows but I don’t have cable so I’ve never watched Walking Dead. I really want to though because everyone always says how awesome it is. I’ll have to order the 1st season to be in the loop.

  14. Dear Hubby and I love love love Walking Dead. Our DVR crapped out on us on the premiere night, so we have to wait until tonight to watch the re-airing.
    I’m with you on “Up All Night.” I love all the actors, but there’s just something missing that makes me want to care.

  15. I don’t watch any of these shows. But I have heard such good things about Walking Dead that I might have to find it on Netflix or Hulu. Are you going to see the new one with Daniel Craig?

    The Kidless Kronicles

  16. My husband is all over the Walking Dead. I just can’t get into zombies of any kind.

    We’re still watching Up All Night, although it could be a LOT better. I had to cancel 2 Broke Girls, too much other stuff on at the same time and it just wasn’t keeping my interest.

  17. Everyone has been talking about that Walking Dead show and I still have yet to check it out! And Topher Grace is my ultimate nerd crush- I cannot believe I’ve never heard of that movie.

  18. I watched a few episodes… but then was cable-less! BOO!

  19. You can put me in the “hate zombies” category. I get scared super easily, so I can’t watch anything remotely scary.*

  20. I watched The Ring in 2002 and am still scared of my TV and the things/dead girls that may live in it. Therefore, I don’t really watch anything scary/horror-related, although that American Horror Story show you talked about sounds really good.

    On the flip side, I’m not really feeling Up All Night either, and I’m pretty sure I may fall into the “new parent” demographic that NBC is looking to hit. I heart me some Will Arnett, but something on that show just isn’t jiving with my funny bone.

  21. Julie

    I love The Walking Dead. I am so glad that the new season has started.

  22. I am also way too cheap for cable, so we have to wait until the new season of Walking Dead is online. I love all things zombie! George Romero’s early movies were filmed near where I grew up and he was a friend of a family friend.

  23. I love that going downtown forces me to sleep in the next day. Looks like such a fun night!

  24. Umm, who DOESN’T have a geek crush on Topher Grace? I could never be friends with any such person!

  25. Um…. where’s your bicband? Seriously.

  26. I have never even heard of The Walking Dead!

  27. Mz. Teri

    I tried to like Up All Night as well, because I really like Christina Applegate. But, alas, I just can’t get into it. I thought maybe it’s because my kids are teenagers and I just can’t seem to connect with the “younger” parents and the obnoxious I mean weird stuff they do to try to be good parents. Poor Christina. She’s had a run of not-so-great sitcoms. Hopefully one of these days she’ll get lucky and find a good sitcom that will last more than a couple seasons.

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