Taper Time

Saturday morning, I woke up at 2:45 (that’s am) to meet my group for our last long run: a 24 miler. I didn’t feel good or bad on this run – it was just ok, and I’m good with that. We finished in 4:35 which at least puts me on target to finish Savannah in 5 hours (but hopefully less). One of our watches said we did 24.5 miles, so, who knows what the real distance was.

The first 4 miles were torture. It took forever for my legs to warm up. After mile 4, my legs started to feel better but my left shoulder started to hurt from my Camelbak. I spent the rest of the run stretching my shoulder at every water stop and walk break but it never felt 100% again.

At mile 12, we came back to the start to pick up more runners who weren’t doing the full 24. I dropped my Camelbak off at the car and cursed it for bothering me NOW – three weeks before marathon time – when I’ve been running with it for a year and never had a problem.

Now I’m thinking I shouldn’t run with it in Savannah. I was fully planning on it and now I don’ t want to have something on my back for 26 miles if it’s going to hurt my shoulder again. I have enough problems with other things hurting. Like my ego. Maybe I’ll carry a water bottle, which I hate slightly less than severe shoulder pain.

Don’t gloat. I still hate you.

I stuffed 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into my running bra and ate half at miles 6, 12, 16, and 20. Now I’m sick of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I hate eating while running so much. If I could hook up an IV and run with it, I would. It’s so tempting to try gels again, but I know what would happen if I did.

At mile 16.5, I made a “special delivery” at 7-11.

At mile 18, my left glute started hurting.

At mile 21, my abs started hurting.

At mile 22, my abs hurt so much that I couldn’t remember that my glute was hurting anymore. Shannon, my favorite pace leader, said that’s a sign your using your core correctly when you run. Awesome? Has anyone else ever felt like they just completed Abs of Steel during a long run?

When I got home, I put on a big, fluffy robe and sat in the pool for 10 minutes.

It was no ice bath, but the water was still cold and felt good. The next day, my hamstrings were a little tight but over all I feel like I’m already recovered. I mentioned to hubs that I think I recover quickly from long runs and he thinks it’s from all the cross-training I do. Squats and lunges suck, but they are your friends.

T minus 20 days till Savannah!


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39 responses to “Taper Time

  1. I can’t believe you had to wake up that early. That’s not even early… it’s just late late night! You could’ve gone to Taco Bell for fourthmeal!

    Anyway, do GUs have caffeiene and THAT’S why they make people poop? I’m confused.

  2. What time do you have to go to bed to wake up at 2:45am?! Crazy!
    You are getting so close to the Big Day! Whoo-hoo!

  3. When I did long runs for my first marathon my abs would really hurt. So much that I went to the doctor because I had convinced myself I had cancer.

  4. “I stuffed 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into my running bra…”
    That’s taking padding to a whole new and potentially awesome level: Edible Inserts.

  5. Holy bajeebus a 24 mile training run? You’re a beast! I’m debating whether I want to do 22 or not this weekend! And I dont know how you get up at the ass crack of dawn. That is amazing.

    Sorry about your camelback! That has to be annoying!! I use the amphipod handheld. I think it’s the least annoying handheld bottle.

    No abs of steel here…but maybe buns of steel.

  6. Awesome work on the marathon prepping! I admire your for getting out of bed at 2:45 and doing ANYTHING, let alone running 24 miles.

  7. I was going to wear my CamelBak this weekend, but I couldn’t get it to feel comfy on me. I think I might just sell it. I am thinking about carrying a water bottle too – maybe after the first half (if Dan is able to meet us anywhere).

    Oh, my abs hurt after ever long run! I thought it was because I’m weak — good to know it’s not. And while I don’t do squats and lunges — my legs feel great today! Super surprised. I think it’s the ice bath (for me).

  8. “Just Poop”, Ha! I’ve been told that it tastes like POOP!

  9. My abs hurt after really long runs, too. But then again, so do my arms, shoulders, and neck.

    Personally, I can’t stand to hold anything in my hands when I run, so I can’t do the water bottle thing. I have one of those water bottles that come with a strap if you need to borrow anything. 🙂

  10. Sweet baby Jesus, that is so early to get up to go running! I do not envy you…but you will have fully trained and ran a marathon and I have yet to, so maybe I do in a sick and twisted way. If that made any sense?

    How happy are you that taper time is here? What training plan are you using? Just curious as I am still debating on which one I want to use

  11. Congrats on being awesome. For real. 24 miles is no joke. Maybe you could get little mini peanut butters to take with you like a gu? Less like eating but without the sugar issue??? I know I’ve seen individual PB packets (like ketchup). I give you credit. I would NOT be dealing with a sandwich in my bra no matter what.

  12. You’ve got Savannah in the bag, girl.
    I really believe cross training is so good for us runners. When I cross-train I run better and faster.
    I don’t like eating and running either. My breathing gets all out of whack. I’ve been struggling more frequently with sugar too. I have switched running fuel sources countless times since I started running. Sugar belly is the worst.

  13. Good job on the run. I don’t run with my camelback unless we are out on the trails. My lower back starts to hurt, which I would think is also a core issue.
    Oh, and 2:45 just wouldn’t happen around here. So good job.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  14. Way to go woman! I can’t believe you ran so far for training? Hard core. I had painful abs this last run too… I was just convinced the pain was spreading..

    I never thought of getting in the pool as a substitute for an ice bath. I’m not sure what the pool temp is at right now… probably 95, stupid Texas.

  15. Karen

    Yes, my abs hurt too after a long run. They sort of burn actually. Its weird. I am already tapering, and did a 12 mi run Sunday. I felt crappy because my runners knee was acting up. Special delivery happens to me too. LOL. At this point I feel like I only may make it thru a half marathon when I run the marathon 😦 Maybe because I had bad period cramps too. My marathon is Nov 6th. when’s yours?

    • Mine’s Nov. 5. 🙂 I’m really hoping for no special deliveries on marathon day. I don’t care if I have to wake up 2 hrs early and do jumping jacks to make it happen!

      Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

  16. Wow! You’re almost there – you sound beyond ready. I’ve yet to even dare running past 13 miles.

  17. Dang, 24 miles is flat-out baller! I’ve never done a training run that far. You deserve all of the chocolate whipped vodka and Halloween candy in your other post! Enjoy the taper!

  18. Prudence

    Dang girl! You are on fire! I can’t wait for race day recap!!! It’ll be here before we know it! BTW any concerts in your future?

    • I can’t wait for race day! Sheesh. I feel like I’ve been preparing FORever. And yes!I’m going to a concert on Thursday. I bought the hubs tickets to see Bassnectar for his birthday so we’ll be seeing that. (it’s techno) Should be fun. 🙂

  19. Have you tried things other than GU? Like Sport beans, GU chomps or Clif shot blocks? I’m started to experiment with them to see what works for me. I like the Clif stuff because it’s mostly natural stuff.

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  21. Wow I thought I woke up early for a run. You’re a trooper!! I can’t wait to read your marathon recap. I’m running my first in January and I’m learning a lot from your posts 🙂

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  23. 1. Super duper congrats on the long run!
    2. Poopy (ha!) about the Camelbak 😦
    3. I hate carrying things while running. I bought an iPod shuffle simply because my arms got tired carrying a full sized iPod. Perhaps this means I should do some strength training…hmmm…
    4. Congrats again on the long run!

  24. Amber Lavinder

    Have you tried Honey Stingers? Gu gives me the same problems but Honey Stingers and I are BFF!

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