I Love Days Like These

I’m on an alternative work schedule at work. Basically, I work longer hours during the week to get every other Friday off. Usually I end up having plans on those Fridays and it just makes my jam-packed weekend even longer and more exhausting.

Well, today is the first Friday I’ve had off where I’ve had no plans. And it’s been magical. I went out for lunch with the hubs, returned some stuff to Target, mailed out some goodies for a friend at the post office, dropped off old clothes at Good Will, did the dishes, and watched my bunny hump a cow.

HOT DAMN I love productive days. They put me in such a good mood.

I also picked up some of this at CVS.

I have high cholesterol and I’ve made attempts at diet changes to get it down. I even lost 26lbs on Weight Watchers and my cholesterol didn’t budge by more than a few points. My family has a history of high cholesterol, so it’s not really a surprise to me.

Well, my personal trainer has high cholesterol too. She read up on Red Yeast Rice and its cholesterol benefits and decided to try it out. She texted me yesterday that her cholesterol has gone from 230 to 175. (I think she’s been taking it twice daily for 2 months.) So, I’m going to try it out.

There are a few side effect warnings on the bottle  – muscle pain, weakness, rash, gastrointestinal issues. Say whaaat? That’s like effects of long-distance running in a bottle. I’ll go ahead and start taking it after my 24 mile run just in case.

Time to get my running gear ready for tomorrow morning. Smile


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14 responses to “I Love Days Like These

  1. I’m not going to say what I initially thought when I read “red yeast.”

    PS- Naughty bunny!!

  2. GM

    I used to love those AWS .,.. work longer 9 days and take the 10th day off.

    Have a good run.

  3. I think its weird when my dog humps a pillow – I can’t even imagine a bunny hump!

  4. I’m curious if it works for you! My mom has the same high cholesterol issue even though she eats healthy and really tries to watch it. If it works for you, I’ll pass the info onto her!

  5. That’s awesome that you can work your butt off to get every other Friday off. Sounds nice to me!

  6. Gosh those side effects are a runners worst nightmare! You might want to start after your Mary even! Those are huge results though! Very cool! I used to work the 9/80 schedule and LOVED it! I miss my off Fridays so much! And I end up working longer days anyways…

  7. I’ve never heard of this red yeast rice stuff before. I honeslty have no idea what my cholesterol is. Is that bad?*

  8. I am at a point in my life where I totally see the appeal in humping a pillow . . . Not that desperate yet, but I’m not judging either.

  9. Laurie

    I would be curious about that Red Yeast also, I have high cholesterol too (runs in the family also). My doctor put me on the cholesterol medicine and I don’t want to stay on it. Keep us updated if it works for ya!

    Bunnypants is so funny! 🙂

  10. High Cholesterol runs in my family too, and yep – lucky me, I’ve got it despite being a vegetarian for 10+ years! My mom was able to get off her cholesterol medicine by using Red Yeast Rice, so there’s another success story for you 🙂 I hope it works for you too!

  11. Hope your 24 went well!

  12. Wow…that’s good to know about Red Yeast Rice…

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