1.  Rachael  tweeted me some devastating news yesterday that the price of peanut butter is going up by 40% by the end of this month. WTF peanut butter? Like I don’t have enough of a problem trying to pay for my drinking habit. You can find me at the local grocery store hoarding this weekend. This also might be a good time to tell you that I got back together with someone special.

The picture looks overexposed, but that’s just the light shining down from Heaven whenever we get together. I won’t leave you again, Sunflower Seed butter.

So what’s the consistency of Sunflower Seed butter supposed to be? The first 2-3 jars I had were like a thick soup and it could almost (but not quite) drip off the knife. My current jar looks like this.

Which one is normal?

2. Thanks to this guy for tweeting me this awesome story about a guy who took a bus to the finish line of his marathon. He got caught, but Michelle and I are going to be much smarter. We’re already hashing out our plan to hide skateboards in the bushes in Savannah.

3.  Yesterday morning, I got up early to do my 4 tempo miles at the gym so I could go to Crossfit that night. As I was leaving, a gym employee was putting out bagels and cream cheese for the members. Planet Fitness has bagels every second Tuesday morning of the month, and pizza every last Thursday night of the month.  Awesome idea, a-holes.


4.  Tomorrow is Bring Your Pet to Work day. Ever since I was bitten by a dog, I have a mild hatred of all dogs I don’t know personally except wrinkly, pissed-off looking breeds like Pugs and French Bulldogs. And Basset Hounds. I like them too. Ok, maybe I only hate ugly dogs like the little f*cker that bit me. Either way, I will be avoiding them tomorrow.

Hubs wants to bring Pants to work so bad but I’m sure she would flip out. She was spooked by a snake she heard on TV the other day. Then, the other week it sounded like her whole playpen fell down so I ran out to see what was wrong. She was running away from something that spooked her and was slamming into the playpen at full speed face-first. The playpen is made for dogs and she was moving it across the floor she was slamming into it so hard. Poor thing. I felt so bad and tried to calm her down. This happened once before and I thought someone had been in the house because the cage was in a different position. Now I know she  just freaked out. So, we can’t take “the princess” out of her normal habitat.

5.  My 24 mile run is this weekend and then taper begins. Usually I dread the really long runs but now I’m looking forward to it after reading Cely’s inspiring first marathon recap. If you haven’t already read it and are looking for some inspiration, you should. I can honestly say that I’ve been worried about finishing Savannah in a time that I can be proud of and that recap put me in a whole new mindset.


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23 responses to “Reunited

  1. thanks for the pb info, I’ll definitely be stocking up! I’m tempted to go tonight before there are runs on pb!

  2. Never have I been more thankful that I work at home on Thursdays.

    This guy

  3. Seriously, peanut butter is going to go up 40%? Why? Is there a shortage of peanuts? Good thing some nice coupons already had me buy some extra containers of this glorious item!

    I’m gathering your marathon is coming up soon….? Wild! You’re going to do wonderfully! I know it’s a bit south of here, but the weather has been great here, would be perfect for running! I think Savannah is a bit too far for us to come down and cheer for you…but I can still do it from here! I think my cousin is doing this marathon also…hmmm….

  4. WTF peanut butter?!? That’s kind of an enormous jump. Why??? I guess we just have such expensive taste that the products we enjoy feel the need to keep up.

    Glad to hear you’re excited about your run this weekend. It sounds absolutely terrifying to me. This week is my “bye” week for a long run, so I only have to do 6 on Saturday. Probably a good thing.

  5. And I agree about your cute buns…she should definitely stay in her comfortable princess home…all those other animals might scare her too much! Have Fabian plaster pics of Ms. Bunnypants all over his office… 😉 You should feel free to do this in your cube also. 🙂

  6. You’ll do great. Crazy that your bunny can move a cage.

  7. Poor Pants!!

    B is going to be PISSED about the Peanut Butter increase. Seems nutty (<– yes I'm a dork) to me to raise it by so much. Why are nuts so effing expensive?

    I DO love Sunbutter (so awesome that I can eat it without my face blowing up like I'm 13 again) and my previous jars looked like yours. My jar this time is more drippy.

  8. don’t be surprised if i tweet you a pic this weekend of a basket full of peanut butter. i’m going to take the plunge and buy all the kinds i’ve been meaning to try. those jerk peanuts really know how to screw my grocery bill.

  9. Mz. Teri

    So….. it looks like your “princess” farts sunshine. 😛

  10. That’s my favorite Pants picture yet. So adorable.

  11. I haven’ t been able to read your blog in dayssssssss and the world has be scary and lonely without it! Dude you are going to MURDER your marathon. You are way way way more prepared than I was and you have way more long runs under your belt. Seriously, it’s going to be cake!!

  12. I’m totally going to begin hoarding PB asap, that is terrible news.

    And I can’t tell you how jealous I am you get take your pet to work day. I have been lobbying for that in my office for years with no avail. Pictures please!

  13. 24 miles?? Just add on the extra 2.2 miles and make it a full.

  14. I always have the soupy Sunflower seed butter so I think that is the normal one! Unless I just always get the rejects 😦

    But hey, I still love it

  15. Ahh I heard about the PB price thing too… good time to start hoarding before it gets worse 🙂
    24 miles? Unbelievable, I could never.. good luck Paula, you will sure rock it!

  16. I wish my job had bring your pet to work day! That sounds fun! (Minus the biting part.)*

  17. I think that smelling pizza during my gym workout would make me slightly sick.

  18. What the F training plan are you using?!?!?!?! A 24 mile training run?? Holy crap, you are a rockstar. I’ll be thinking of how much more awesome you are than me during my 2nd attempt at 20. Eek.
    BTW your prize is on it’s way!!

  19. WTF, peanut butter?!?! SO SO wrong. P.S. I am ridiculously excited for you to run your marathon. Kick ass this weekend!

  20. Eek! Thanks for the warning … 40% is a ridiculous jump. Although I might want to make the switch to sunflower seed butter.

  21. I wish my sunflower seed butter was like that! That’s the main reason I tend to stick to peanut butter, other nut/seed butters are always so soupy! Stupid peanut butter prices going up!

  22. Sunbutter IS delish! I stocked up on peanut butter yesterday and at least here the price already went up. :/ Rude.

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