Some Thoughts

Can I just say I’m loving all your comments on the last post? All of you ladies that have men who cook for you should consider yourself in the top tier of lucky. That’s all I have to say about that.


I’m glad I’m not alone with some of our “odd” things. Guess they aren’t so odd after all? I thought of some other things I forgot to add to the list too, like how we only do our own laundry and how I kept my maiden name.

In TV news, I finally watched Revenge and really liked it. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on yet, but it’s got me interested big time. I also really liked Up All Night and Ringer is finally getting better. During Revenge, I saw a commercial for Once Upon A Time and now I have to watch that one too.

Honestly. When are the new shows going to stop debuting? I need to find something more constructive to do with my time. I’m actually happy I’m not loving New Girl and Happy Endings so far. Those may need to GOMIDVR so I can get an hour of my life back. I could use the extra time because as my TV schedule stands right now, I don’t have time for stuff like “paying attention to people I love” or “making sure my bunny is fed.”

Despite winning worst movie poster by the Eat:Watch:Run Movie Association of One, I really want to see 50/50.

Love me some JGL. *sigh*

This weekend is my half marathon runiversary. Smile I’m feeling a little nostalgic. So is Michelle. She wrote about it this morning. One year ago this weekend, we ran our first half marathon.

Then we ran 6 more together after that. Somewhere in there, I suggested we run a full marathon and Michelle told me no. *Several times.*  Then somehow I got a yes. Now, we are running the Savannah marathon in a month. Smile

I signed up for my second half marathon before running the first. Now I’m considering the Goofy Challenge before running my first marathon. You get not one, not two, but THREE medals.

Of course, you have to run the half marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday to get them. Those are just the details though. No one’s paying attention to those.


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21 responses to “Some Thoughts

  1. we watched one episode of Ringer and it was pretty bad…so I deleted it from our DVR, now you are making me doubt my decision!! Choices! Too many choices! I like Revenge so far, and New Girl sucks. Dexter starts next week…yahoo…..

  2. Michael really wants to see 50/50, but I’m terrified that it’ll be one of those heart-warming but funny movies all the way through then super super sad at the end. I can’t handle those kind of movies! They leave me depressed for days. Report back if you do see it. I need to hear some reviews before I make up my mind.

  3. I wanted to run Goofy in 2012 but somehow traveling to/running a marathon in DC ended up being more expensive than I thought. So I’m thinking about 2013 also!

  4. This Goofy challenge intrigues me.

  5. Loooooove me some JGL. So freaking much. I need to see that movie immediately.

  6. We also do ALL our own laundry. And I just had my 14th wedding anniversary, celebrated with my maiden name. Have had my maiden name all except the first 6 months or so, when I had to drop the married name so that everything matched.
    Has anyone watched the new one with the guy from Lost and ex-Mr Passion of the Christ? Was it any good?

    The Kidless Kronicles

  7. I read the list of things that you thought were weird and I think my bf and I did the first few. We also do our own laundry, go to sleep at the same time and have our own accounts. I think one thing that wasn’t listed for us was that it took us 2 years to say we loved eachother even though we knew we did.

  8. Verlin

    I found your blog through Skinny Runner. You make me laugh – and who doesn’t love a good laugh. Have you watched Raising Hope – hilarious show – not the smack-you-in-the-face-and-tell-you-when-to-laugh-with-a-laughtrack type of show. More of a Modern Family / Arrested Development hybrid. Love.It.

  9. You know, New Girl is just going downhill (even though there’s only been two episodes). Insert sad face here. But I agree, how in the world do we fit in all of the shows?!
    And Michelle looks so much like Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter. So pretty 🙂

  10. I think I have decided to only watch E! programming from now on. It just makes me feel so unbelievably healthy and well-adjusted. Not watching all the new network programming will give me more time to cultivate my crazy, and we all know how much I need to do that.

  11. We do our own laundry, too, except sheets and towels, which we consider to be shared laundry, so we are split 50/50 on that.

    Can I confess that I still haven’t seen any new shows? Not a single one! I am trusting your judgment to narrow them down for me to the ones actually worth watching.

  12. I want to do the Goofy challenge too! And like you, no full marathon under my belt yet. I think it’s just cause I’m a medal whore.

  13. I watched the first ep of New Girl and I was like….meh. I wanted to love it, but yeah, hasn’t happened yet.
    Do Goofy!!! It’s difficult, no lie, but it’s such an accomplishment! Three medals make it worth it too, right?! I will say that I was disappointed that the medals weren’t REAL gold though. I mean, with as much as they charge for the registration fees, I wanted some GOLD! Honestly my flight down to Orlando was cheaper than the reg fees!

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