On My Mind

Here’s some things on my mind. And I numbered them and junk.

1.  At work a few months ago, we were asked to estimate our time off for the coming months. I didn’t plan on taking any time, so I estimated 2 days in case something came up – sickness, appointments, a mental health day, Twilight sequels being released. The important stuff.


Yes you do.

RPattz, you are ridiculous.

I didn’t need those days off but scheduled them anyway and told my project manager I was available to work.  The only response I got was an approval of those days off, so I thought I was required to take them. All sorts of stuff goes into the budgeting of the contracts we work on, so it made sense to me that it was required. If we don’t take vacation, we charge to the project instead of our leave time, which can make the project go over budget. Got it. Monday, I took one of those days only to find out, it wasn’t required after all. Awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I love days off but I don’t like killing vacation time for no reason.


Ahhh. If I had only thought of that on Sunday I wouldn’t have been so bored on Monday.

2.  I added a bunch of shows to my DVR on Monday. Not like there was anything else to do.

Vampire Diaries was kicked off my DVR last year but it has been reapproved by the TV committee that lives in my mind. Everything else is on a trial basis. They must prove they are worthy of the 112 TV shows I watch. I’m not even sure how it’s possible for one person to watch this much TV. Besides the shows I mentioned in this post, I thought of at least 3 others I forgot to add to that list.

Did anyone see The Office season premiere? I do miss Steve Carrell but it’s still really funny. I love James Spader. He needs to be banned from the catering cart till he’s hot again.

Also, I am flipping-out excited about this show:

I’ve seen so many trailers for it and I still have no idea what it’s about. But I want to watch it so.bad. It looks so weird. And I like weird.

3.  There’s a month left in my marathon training which means I’ll probably start blowing off workouts any time now. Last night, I ignored what we were supposed to do for training and made up my own workout. 

Mile Pace
.25 mile Walking warm up
.25 mile 10:00
40 seconds   (.10 mile) 6:40 pace (Sprint)
80 seconds Walk
Repeat x 20  

Total: 2.25 miles running, 2.75 miles walking

4.  I watched Glee while doing sprints. It made me realize how much I hate that show. I know I’m the only one on the planet that hates it, but the songs and the characters grate on my last nerve. I thought a bunch of them were graduating and not coming back this season? Why are they still on the show? Where’s the kid with the wheelchair? Why does Rachel look like she’s in life-threatening pain when she sings?

5.  We are getting a cool front this weekend. THIS is what I wait for all year. Perfect Florida weather with low humidity. I can’t wait for my 67 degree long run on Saturday with no Camelbak. Yay!


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42 responses to “On My Mind

  1. Dude I extra hate Glee too. I felt like I also was the only one. So damn annoying. I love music so I cant get into lame ass knockoffs. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone.

  2. How do you like Revenge so far? I watched the premiere last week and I think it looks promising.

    And I don’t like Glee either. So sue me. It’s nice to know someone else out there is not a fan.

  3. runeatdatesleep

    I actually had to read “cool front” a few times to figure out what you meant. It’s been so long since I’ve felt “cool” that it didn’t even register in my brain. Ha!

  4. I don’t hate Glee, but I don’t love it either. I watch it. Ha ha.I might give it up though – especially because I’m still watching The Ringer. And while I don’t love that show either, I’ll watch SMG over any of those Glee kids (except maybe Brittany) any day. Oh, and I’m patiently waiting for Logan Echolls to make his appearance.

    Cannot wait for Sunday’s cool run!!

  5. HAHAHA LOVE YOUR POST! Those pics of him are hot…sometimes I think he’s rather hottie then other times…just not.

    Talking about your DVR made me realize I miss having one….o’well. I did catch up on some shows recently…haha…and thankfully to Netflix, Youtube, and respective stations. I’ve never watched Glee and I’m trying to keep it that way, don’t know why…b/c I like a lot of things EVERYONE else does, but this one…I’m avoiding and staking my claim as a NONWATCHER!

    LOVE THAT FL chart…so true…so true! It was dang hot here in SC this summer, but gotta say…we did have a very COLD week already this month 60s and low 70s! So…summer doesn’t last as long here and I’m thankful for that. And thankful a lil cool front is coming to Orlando, since we’re coming down and going to miss ours here. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you!

  6. American Horror Story……that image looks crazy…she looks preg….thing up top weird…I haven’t seen previews, but still not watching much TV on TV.

  7. Katie G

    I’m on the no Glee train right there with you. Can you pass the peanuts?

  8. What? You hate Glee?! Well, Glee hates your Heather’s!!!

  9. American Horror Story – I hear ya! The previews look intense, but still I couldn’t even try to begin to guess what it’s about. And Glee, you’re not the only one who hates it. I’ve never even tried to give it a shot. I won’t allow it!

  10. I used to like Glee, but mid-way through last season I quit watching it. It just got too whiny and annoying. I love musicals, and music in general, but the characters are so dang annoying!!

    I keep missing all of the new shows b/c I no longer have DVR and can’t seem to remember to acutally watch TV in real time. Ugh! I need to set alarms on my phone or something to remind me when shows are coming on. I did get to see The Office, though, and I liked it. I wasn’t sure what to expect after Michael leaving, but it has potential!

  11. I miss Michael Scott too! Not even ONE TWSS!!! WTF? Won’t someone take that over?
    I have never seen Glee and I want to keep it that way thankyouverymuch. 🙂 So yeah, I’m glad to hear you don’t like it because it seems like everyone else I know loves it.
    Are you Team Edward or just Team RobPats? 😉

    • haha, I’m team Edward and RPattz. I’m an equal opportunity lover. And true, there was no TWSS, but there were two “shove it up your butts” from Stanley – maybe that’s the new TWSS? 🙂

  12. Just the picture for American Horror Story freaks me out. I will not be tuning in haha

  13. i dont like glee either. glad i’m not the only one

  14. Wow, how could you kick Vampire DIaries off the DVR? Shirtless Salvatores make it all worth it. If I admit I think RPattz needs to wash his hair can we still be friends? The Twilight movies almost always come out right around my birthday, so I know what my girlfriends will want to do!

    • I know. I know. It was getting bad for awhile and I was letting them pile up on the DVR and not watching so I took it off. But it’s getting good again and it’s back on, so can you forgive me? 🙂

  15. nicole

    I REALLY like The New Girl so far. I don’t know, she is crazy and kind of reminds me of me! 🙂 I actually love Glee, except I didn’t even watch all of this week’s because I thought it was lame. I think it has gone downhill a lot and when they don’t do fun popular music that I like like Journey it’s just fun.

  16. Glee doesn’t do a thing for me. My sister send me versions of songs sung by the cast all the time, and I’m like, “Why?” Ha ha ha.

  17. See? Toldja you weren’t the only Glee hater! New Girl wasn’t the best last night and Up All Night is still on probation for me. Revenge? Meh. I thought it was ok. I’m telling you, though, tomorrow night you have to do Person of Interest. Totally surprised me. Of course, I liked the first eps of NW and UAN, too, and they were subpar this week. We shall see.

    Um, as long as you don’t stop running altogether, I’m pretty sure you’re good with the training. You could probably not run for a week and still do it. It wouldn’t be pretty, but I’m confident you’d make it. You’re in too good of shape (horrible grammar, what?) to lose it all.

  18. I only added two shows to our list for this season: New Girl and Up All Night. So far they’re ok and I’ll keep watching. I know what you mean about “Glee.” I was a little irritated by Rachel’s eternal consternation as she sings. Next season they should be gone and make room for some new blood. A new teacher might not be a bad idea either. I hear ya on not taking time off for the sake of doing it. Where I work, you pretty much need to be on death’s door to take the day off, unless you leave the island. There’s no reason to not be at work if you’re able to get there. There’s so much background and post-absenteeism work that it’s TOTALLY not worth it.

  19. I was super disappointed by The New Girl 😦 I love Zooey Dechanel but it lacked humor, substance, and talent. Such a bummer. If you keep watching it, let me know if it gets better!

  20. What did you think of the new girl? Not sure I’m digging it. Have you ever watched Californication?

  21. My DVR is OUT OF CONTROL right now! I hate taking pointless days off too. But if its for Twilight sequels, then it would not be considered pointless at all. I love those vampires too damn much.

  22. Brandiosa

    Glee sucks. Happy Endings is kind of funny but we never miss an episode of How I Met Your Mother. Up All Night is our life right now so we get that and laugh. I loved Mad Men so I’m on a Play Boy Club and Pan Am kick.

  23. I think taking a day off for RPatz should be mandatory for everyone!

    How did you like The New Girl? The jury is still out for me – but I did love Up All Night!

  24. I can second you on Glee. The humor is just not my taste and I find the main girl annoying.

  25. Michelle M

    I can’t wait for American Horror Story. Here’s an interesting tidbit for you…Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee, is also directing American Horror Story. And he created Nip/Tuck which I LOVED!

  26. I saw one episode of Glee – the Britney Spears one – and that was more than enough to make me hate it.

  27. Can you please do a recap of that American Horror Story show? I live alone and I’m a huge pansy so I cannot watch such thing if sleep is to remain a part of my life.

  28. I still like Glee, but it’s really gone downhill in the last year or so. Trying way too hard, in my opinion.

    I am freaking pumped for cooler weather this weekend. Bring on the cold front, baby!

  29. I may or may not have a real life size cutout of RPats haha To my defense, I didn’t buy it myself, it was a birthday present from my friends so that, and I quote, “my man can always be waiting for me at home.” Yea…I’m kinda ridiculous LOL

  30. Mz. Teri

    I can’t stand Glee either. I don’t understand how that show is still running? There are so many people I know that don’t like it.

    Greg and I checked out a new show called Prime Suspect. It was so-so, but I’m willing to give it another look this week. Up All Night I thought was also just so-so. It’s one of those shows that I probably won’t DVR, but will watch it if there’s nothing else to watch at that time. lol

  31. Thank you for hating on Glee. Can’t stand that show and want to punch Lea Michele in the face. Way. too. perky. And all of the spontaneously bursting into song? Yeah, not real. All of the “we are diverse, but we love each other during glee club”? Also not real.

    Whew. Sorry I’m hijacking your comments to hate on Glee. It had to be done.

    On the other hand, totally loved James Spader on The Office!

  32. So I used to love Glee, but now I’m TOTALLY over it. They’re all annoying me like it’s their job. I guess it is kind of their job…
    And I don’t know how creepy this is, but I have had the world’s biggest crush on James Spader since Stargate. And I’m only 29 right now. Is that wrong? But he’s so damn sexy. And I was OBSESSED with David Duchovny when The X-Files was on. Also so sexy.

  33. adrianna

    its absolutely possible to watch that much tv, bc i do it plus some. its good for the mind…
    i was the same way about the office, but i love james spader (when he was on the practice then boston legal- favorite character; so smart and funny!) so i thought he might add some good spice and laughs. i was pleasantly surprised how much i laughed during the first 2 episodes. i miss my michael, but its def worth 24 minutes of my time inserted into the 210 hrs of my week of tube watching.

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