Bunny Trickery 101

I got punk’d by my bunny last night. I walked up to her cage to see this.

Also known as:

Usually when she’s doing something cute and I walk up to her with a camera, she instantly stops doing that cute thing. So, getting 2 pictures is a big deal and 2 pictures from 2 different angles never happens. I thought she was sick and got worried. So I walk into her cage to see how she’s doing.

One step in… Two steps in…

She gets up fast, bolts out of the cage (which she’s never done before), and runs to the gym and starts playing. I got taken by a bunny. Not cool.

We let her play in the gym for a little bit. Then she tried to eat my ice cream because she is selfish.


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10 responses to “Bunny Trickery 101

  1. Pam

    What a cutie! Just as manipulative as my pup :). Good to know it isn’t just Betsy!

  2. OMG that was so worth waiting to read! I knew it was going to be great! Thanks for the smiles. 🙂

  3. Paula, I understand. Once I thought my 20 year old cat had died (you know, since no cat should ever live to be 20…) and promptly started sobbing and called my husband and dad. While crying, I left the house and sat outside because I couldn’t bear the thought of sitting with my dead kitty cat. Big D comes home and we realized that ole’ Smokey was just kidding. Very funny cat, very funny. But I’m glad Pants is okay 🙂

  4. I think pets are so good at fooling you. I’m sure my dogs think I’m to dumbest thing ever for the looks I give them and the things I say to them! haha

  5. What a cutie… just as smart and tricky as my fritz lol

  6. Hahaha! Pants definitely looks sick in the top pictures, so I can see how you got punked. Bunnies these days have no respect.

  7. Stefanie

    Winston pulls the sneak attack every day. I go up to his kennel, he’s crouched low, ears back, twinkle in his eye, tail wagging, and as soon as I open up the gate, BOOM he’s gone. Whatajerk.

  8. Mz. Teri

    awwwww, Pants just wanted some attention! 🙂

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