Instant Personal Record

My first 15k is done!

I came in around 1:39. It was extremely hot and I’ll admit I’m a little disappointed in my time because I’ve ran faster in half marathons. But I’ll blame this one on the weather. And any race sans pooping is a good one. So I’ll take it.

I’ll have a recap tomorrow.  Smile


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9 responses to “Instant Personal Record

  1. I didn’t realize how big bunny was.

  2. I ran really slow for my ‘typical’ pace too. I actually ran my 9 miler on tuesday faster than I ran today. Awesome….. lol.

    If this was not a race I would ahve cut it short. It was miserable.

  3. Yeay for no poopy problems!*

  4. Not having pooping issues is ALWAYS a plus. 🙂

  5. No Pooping!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!
    I just want to squeeze your rabbit. So cute!

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