The Plan

I have less than a month and a half of marathon training left. I love running, but I am seriously ready for training to be over. It can’t come soon enough. I want to run this race already!

I’m looking forward to so many things after training, including a drop in mileage, sleeping in on Saturday mornings, and having an actual life that includes getting more than 5 hours of sleep a night.

So here’s the plan: I’m going to do more strength training because I really miss it. Going to Crossfit last night after being away for 2 ½ months made me realize that. I like being strong and I’ve lost a lot of strength in the past 2 months. I want to keep running but I’m so over a running schedule. It takes the fun out of it. So instead of running on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday like training requires – I’m going to schedule my runs around strength training instead of the other way around.

I hope to keep my running at 3 days a week and my long run will be whenever I feel like it. If I eat a crap ton on Wednesday, then I’ll do my long run Wednesday night. If I’m not feeling it during the week, I’ll wait till Sunday. Long runs at night rarely work for my stomach (because of sugar in foods I eat during the day), but I don’t care. I know what to do for races now if I don’t want to poop during them. I’ll poop all I want during training runs, thankyouverymuch.

Since the weather will be cooling off in a month or two, I’ll be able to run outside in the evenings and not die. I can’t wait for the weather to stop being a bitch.

I’m going to incorporate fast sprints back into my training (not just “5k pace” which doesn’t always challenge me in short distances). I really think sprints increased my speed last year. I’m going to test that theory again this year. Maybe I can get that sub-2 hour half finally that my colon does not want me to have.

So what I’m saying is, I can’t wait for half marathon season. Half marathons are the JAM. They are my favorite distance and I’m already registered for a few of them.

Las Vegas Rock n Roll on December 4:

Miami ING Half Marathon on January 29:

Sarasota Half Marathon on March 11: (This was my PR race last year.)

I’m also eyeing these beauties:

Inaugural St. Pete Rock n Roll Half Marathon on February 12:

Gasparilla Half Marathon (My favorite race of all the races in the land.) March 4:

Only a month and a half to go and I can put all my plans into action. A less structured schedule will make for a much happier me. I’m sure wanting marathon training over makes me less of a runner somehow, but so be it. I feel like it’s been going forever now. I’m sooooo over you marathon training.


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27 responses to “The Plan

  1. Um, super jealous of all of your races. I wish that I didn’t live in the North Pole during the winter–makes running outside kinda prohibitive. But I agree–half marathons are the -ish. I have no desire whatsoever to run a full.

    Good for you for taking back the training! Gotta do what works for you. I see no issue with your plan. Or un-plan if that’s how you want to think of it. If my training felt like a ball and chain, I’d want a divorce, too.

  2. Stefanie

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Having a training plan can seriously suck the fun out of running. Sure it’s fun to challenge yourself, but sometimes, it just sucks that it’s ‘mandatory’ so that you don’t die come race day. I love not having a plan-plan. 🙂

  3. i’m registered for the st.pete one! but i can’t run it b/c i’ll be the size of a house by then. too bad i can’t re-assign my registration to you!
    seriously, you like the gasparilla one!?! i hate running that race. too many people & that road is the WORST one i’ve ever raced on.
    so jealous i can’t do the vegas one…gah, all these fun races i have to miss 😦 but yay for a peanut in my belly, lol!
    i’m so bummed i can

  4. TOTALLY agree with being ready for marathon training to be over. It’s cool and all but NOT THAT COOL. I would love to stop being stressed about getting all my “required” runs in and just run for the sake of loving running. And I want to do more strength training too. Sigh, soon enough.

  5. yay cant wait to stalk you in vegas and miami!!

    i agree, halfs are fun because they take way less time to train for and the recovery after is much quicker.

    are you in your taper yet?

  6. You go girl! YOu rock with all of your scheduling! I’ve got one 5K down and just signed up for another! 🙂

  7. adrianna

    that is my second favorite friends quote of all time, second to ‘pivot. pivot. pi-vooot. piiiii-voooot!’ (when chandler, monica, and ross were moving his new white couch into his apartment). third, ‘my eyes, my eyes!’ when phoebe caught monica and chandler doing it. miss that show!
    1/2s are the jam. ok, i’ve only done one, but it was my favorite race ever. your poop references crack me up, and are so true.

  8. I am so jealous of everyone doing RnR Vegas… Its oh so tempting.

    That is also one of the best Friends moments ever. “Whendidhe whendidhe whendidhe?”

  9. You’re almost there! Once you run the marathon, you’ll probably forget about how much training sucked and do it again eventually. Kind of like childbirth, so I hear?

  10. I am SO ready to have marathon training end. I’ve realized half marathons & below are what I enjoy, once you add more mileage than that it becomes a chore rather than something I love. I don’t want running to become something I dread you know? Back to half marathons & shorter distances I go!

  11. Half-marathons are such a great distance! I am doing one October 15th and possibly one this Saturday!! I know that sounds odd just to randomly enter into one but I have been training so it’s fine 🙂

  12. I think I might miss the long runs!! Is that crazy???

    I can’t wait to run all of these races with you. YAY!

  13. i LOVE gasparilla. Never ran the race, but seriously, dressing up as a pirate and celebrating invasions during a day- drinking parade is one of my favorite things. My friends and I all went for a few years in a row after college… might need to start that tradition back up again.

  14. Best reference. Ever. I miss Friends so much it’s stupid.

    I find myself adjusting my running schedule around soccer and boxing, so I know how you feel. My half is Saturday, and I am ready to rock out that sub 2 as well!

  15. It’s funny that you want your training to be over, but all I want to do is get back into training but I can’t. My poor back 😦

  16. Karen

    OK it is 4:30 am in Calif right now and I am drinking coffee so I can try to go 18 mi – my longest run so far! I wanted to do a marathon before I turned 50, and I turn 50 in Dec, so I entered the lottery for the NYC marathon and got in! Yikes! I can’t wait for training to be over too! I have 4 kids and I feel a little guilty, especially on weekends when I do a long run. Getting up early on weekends sucks. I miss strength training too and my arms are getting soooo weak! What is your poop soultion? Immodium? I need to know! 🙂 Thanks again for your continued inspiration.

    • I’ve tried Immodium and it doesn’t work for me. I wish it did! I found out that it’s sugar. I can’t eat ANY sugar during or before a run. So, no shot bloks, Gus, etc. I found that plain oatmeal for breakfast andeating pretzels and peanut butter and (sugar free) jelly sandwiches during long runs work the best. I haven’t had any problems in the past 1 1/2 – 2 months since I started doing that. Your race is coming up soon! We’re almost through it! Doing your first marathon at 49 is AMAZING!

  17. Yay for taking charge and making your own plans. Doesn’t it feel liberating to take something that’s not working for you and chucking it? Like a crappy boyfriend. Or a pair of pants that never fit right. Only in this case it’s a waaaay drawn out training plain 🙂

  18. Maybe I should look into this Cross Fit stuff. I am weak, weak person.

  19. I am sooo tired of this marathon training crap. I told the hubs last night “I’m in week 20 of training and we still aren’t done.” And he looks back questioningly “yipee, that’s good”. I reply “no, that’s terrible!” Depending on how these 2 marathons go, I might be back to doing halfs and shorter only.

  20. Shit Paula, now with you talking about running shorter distances I want to run shorter distances and I dont even run long distances. This is a PROBLEM. I need to watch you suffer in order for my suffering to be okay. shit shit shit.

  21. I agree. Half marathons are the bomb.
    I’m not sure I want to go back to doing full marathons again.
    Nice race line up you’ve got there! I’m not registered for anything right now. Yeah, I better get on that.

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