Happy Feet

My new babies finally came in the mail! So shiny.

Although, something sucks about getting a new pair of shoes that is exactly like your last pair. They aren’t really new. Makes me want to buy another pair of gray shoes I sort of already own.

I’ll have to admit, I was a little worried when I put them on because they didn’t feel any different from my Mizunos with 650 miles on them. I thought they would feel like stepping on sweet, fluffy bunny faces after killing the cushion in my last ones.

 Then I compared the soles.

Pretty even wear. Not that crazy. I decided to test them out with a tempo run last night. My training group has stressed that our runs be easy this week because we have a 20-22 miler Saturday morning (the run is 20, we can choose to do 22). So instead of my normal 6 miles, I decided to just run 3 faster ones.

Mile Pace Incline
1 10:00 .5
2 9:13 .5
3 9:05 .5
.50 8:57 .5

Total miles: 3.5

I don’t know if it was the shoes but I was feeling pretty awesome on this run. I had half a mile left and I was really happy with my speed. Then my stomach had other plans. So I cut it short. Eff you, stomach. I was annoyed I couldn’t get my last half mile in. I mean, I could have gotten back on the treadmill afterwards but nothing says “I just pooped” like getting off the treadmill, coming out of the bathroom 10 minutes later, and then getting back on the treadmill. So, I thought I would wake up and do a couple miles before work this morning. That didn’t happen. Much like I won’t choose to do 22 miles on Saturday.

Hubs and I started watching Spartacus again last night after a long hiatus.

We’re only through the second episode, but Spartacus cut his hair and well, there is a good lookin’ man under that mop. Now watching the show makes me sad about Andy Whitfield. He was so young. 😦

I also booked my flight and hotel to Vegas in December. So the Rock n Roll half marathon is on like Donkey Kong!


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24 responses to “Happy Feet

  1. AWESOME RUN GIRL!!! I know what you mean about getting new shoes that are just like your last pair! Um, we get to hang out in Vegas….this just made my day!

  2. new shoes rock, and you are smart to break them in before this weekend, unless running w/ blister is something you enjoy, of course!

  3. I know what you mean about new shoes….gotta break them in! Old school Donkey Kong, YES!

  4. Dude, I would totally be that person getting back on the treadmill. I have no shame. Then again, I am the girl who ran into the bushes during her half marathon to, um, GO. So treadmill-bathroom-treadmill doesn’t seem like such a stretch.

    I really need to get new shoes. I don’t even want to think about how many miles I have on mine. I just wish I could find a pair I love and commit.

  5. that’s why i always change the color of the shoes. they might be the same style and fit the same but bc they’re not the same color they feel wayyy new.

  6. YAY FOR VEGAS!!! I cant wait to meet you in person!
    I always try to order my shoes in the most obnoxious colors possible so they always feel new!

  7. Awesome Donkey Kong graphic! 🙂

    And due to the video game reference, you should give Grandma’s Boy another chance. 😉

    “I’m too wasted to drive to the devil’s house.”

  8. I love getting new shoes. I’ve been drooling over a pair on base that i’m going to pick up this weekend and attempt to run on Monday (if my back is better)

  9. So funny. 2 things…
    1. I just bought a pair of new shoes because I got jealous you got some.
    2. I seriously laugh so loud everytime I read one of your pooping comments. A gym I go to only has ONE bathroom. For everyone. ONE. Ask me how awkward it is when you actually have to use it. You can imagine.

  10. Mz. Teri

    I think stepping on marshmallows/peeps would be softer than stepping on fluffy bunny faces. You can tell Georgia I said that. 😉

  11. I’m on it like Sonic. You know, the hedge hog? The video game? No? Stop trying? Ok.

  12. I had that same feeling when I bought my latest pair of running shoes. Same pair just newer tread. And holy hell 20 miles is so much! I love that you still party and train – it gives me hope that maybe I CAN train for a full marathon one day.

  13. Dying at the treadmill comment. And, been there, done that. I pretend like i was doing intervals in another corner of the gym. 🙂

  14. I love new shoes, but it sure is more exciting when they’re yellow or pink or something. When will they come out with zebra stripes?

    I always wait too long to get new running shoes, so for me it’s like running on clouds. Fluffy bunny faces would probably feel good too.

    How do you track your miles? I use Runkeeper religiously.

  15. My husband got me into Spartacus! Good show, indeed.*

  16. Yeah for Vegas!!! I’m hoping to do the full!!!

  17. Turns out I will be in Vegas that weekend!! Not to run though… Just to get sloppy and celebrate my friends bday! Hope to see you!

  18. The only clip of Spartacus I saw was some kind of orgy. My dad put it on and then we turned it off because AWKWARD. Have fun with the new shoes!

  19. We still need to get our hotel for Las Vegas. I don’t know why we keep putting it off. I’m getting it done this week for sure. I’m so excited to run Las Vegas RNR again. It was so much fun last year and this year I think it will be even better since it’s at night 🙂

  20. I love getting new shoes!
    Great job on the run too : )
    Geez, is EVERYONE but me going to Vegas? Wah.

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