The Girly Hair Post

It’s getting girly up in here. Sorry to all the male readers. Unless you curl your woman’s hair for her, you might want to check out of this one and come back next post. And if you curl your woman’s hair, please leave a comment on how she talked you into that.

Ok, I get a lot of people asking how I do my hair. When I tell them I curl it with a flat iron, they look at me like I’m crazy. So, for those people that think a flat iron can’t curl, I give you…How to Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron. *say that with an echoing voice*

Step one:


Gotta have a before picture, right?

Step two: Brush your hair so all the tangles and knots are out. (Oh, and special thanks to my cutie pie photographer.)

Step three: Pull the top half of your hair up into a clip. (I curl the entire bottom of my hair first, which is what gives it body.) This also shows you how long you’ve neglected your roots.

Step four: Start curling your hair.

  • Grab a small piece of hair (like you would if you were using a curling iron).
  • Comb it to make sure all the tangles are still out, otherwise you can get some weird frizzies from the iron.
  • Twist the flat iron down the length of your hair (from the root) until all the hair is pulled through the iron.
  • Repeat until all the hair (not in the clip) is curled.

Note: You are twisting and pulling the iron down your hair the whole time. It’s never stationary like when you use a regular curling iron.

Step five: Let down half of your hair in the clip and repeat those bullet points above. Then do it again for the remaining hair in the clip.

After all my hair is curled, I usually look for the stray pieces I’ve missed and curl those.

Step six: Flip your head upside down and scrunch the curls with your hands. 

Do not brush your hair after you curl it.

Step seven: Hairspray the crap out of your hair until you can’t hairspray any longer. Right now, I use White Rain, which costs about a dollar. Lisa asked me if I was 15 when she saw the brand.

Why yes. Yes I am.

Here’s the back after I was done. It looks like I missed a few spots, but I never worry about that because the point of the curls is to be messy and fun.

And the front:

Sometimes I iron my bangs flat depending on how they are already looking. I’m guessing the whole process takes about 10 minutes.

Lisa made a comment that she thought my hair looked better at the end of the night than it did after I was done curling it. I think the curls loosen a bit and maybe that’s why? This was the picture of me taken at the end of the night:

There you have it. All my secrets revealed. Pretty lame secrets.

What’s your favorite beauty tip? (This girl recently posted a tip about heating up her eyelash curler with a blowdryer that I found interesting.)


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26 responses to “The Girly Hair Post

  1. Stefanie

    And that is why I chopped my hair. It takes coordination to curl your hair when it’s long and I just don’t have it. 🙂

  2. Other than naturally being ridiculously good looking? No, I don’t think I have any other tips.
    Just kidding. I suck at anything girly, but love having painted nails. So, I paint the crap out of my fingers and get the nail polish everywhere, wait until it dries and then use lotion to get the extra polish off of my skin. And a nice clear coat gets rid of any nicks. Voila!

  3. I’m lucky if I can get my hair straight with a flat iron. I’m so impressed that you can curl with it!!!

  4. I also curl my hair with the straightening iron (when I actually put time into doing my hair)! I haven’t done it in such a long time, though. Maybe I should try it again b/c lately I’ve been letting it look all scraggly and horrible. That’s what laziness will get you! Anyways, love the hair!

  5. You post this on the day I declared to stop using my flat iron in an attempt to save my sad hair…. thanks, just thanks. You know I’ll be running home and plugging mr. chi back in to try this out now.

  6. A flat iron is the only way I can get my hair curled in less than 30 minutes. (Curling irons do not work on my think-poker-straight hair unless I do five strands at a time.)

    I recently saw a post about curling your hair overnight using a headband so I decided to give it a go. My hair was shorter at the time and the curling worked a little tooooooo well. I’ve never jumped into the shower so quickly. When my hair’s a bit longer, I’ll try it again.

    • Ah, that should be *thick-poker-straight.

      While I do sometimes feel like my hair has a mind of its own which loves gravity, I stop short of actually saying it is able to think itself straight.

  7. I am totally inept with the flat iron. I bow down to your curling skills.

    My beauty tip is definitely the hairdryer on the eyelash curler. Been doing that one for years and it’s the best!

  8. How to Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron. *say that with an echoing voice*

    LOL – Before reading that second part, that was EXACTLY how I imagined you saying it…yes, you in your voice did the echoing thing in my head!

    That is all. Oh, and I think after seeing your quickie 10 min…flat iron curling process…I will contemplate this…I’m lazy. 10 min sounds nice, but my hair is FLATTER THAN FLAT…so…will it do anything? Hmm…

  9. This is more like a ‘before you crash’ beauty tip – but I always use vaseline to take off my eyemakeup. I’m not one of those people who can sleep with it on. But it keeps my eyelashes nice and soft and makes all make up go away!

  10. i really REALLY enjoy girly things but i never grew up learning them. so sadly i have no real tips/tricks. i do have both a flat iron and a curling iron and never use either!

  11. You asked “What is your beauty tip?” and I wanted to share one. I started thinking really hard, and have now realized that I don’t do jack shit to beautify myself anymore. I bought a new blow dryer more than a month ago and it’s still in the box! OMG, I need an intervention!

  12. That looks great! I don’t know if I’m coordinated enough and my hair is so thick that sometimes when I curl it, it gets waaaay too poofy.

  13. :o) shout out! I’m pretty lazy in the hair department. (I use a wet to dry straightener because I cannot be bothered to both blow dry and straighten.) Curling with a flat iron looks right up my alley!*

  14. julie16750

    i thought your hair was naturally curly (not sure why i thought that, but i did).

  15. Michele

    i always heat up my eyelash curler with the blow dryer! i am going to put a disclaimer out there to you and all your readers: test out the eyelash curler after you’ve been blasting it with 1800 watts of pure scorching heat. true story – my sophomore year of high school i told a girl in my class about this trick and the next day she came to class with no eyelashes and red burns all around her eye… apparently my awesome beauty trick didn’t fare so well for her.

  16. I tried curling my hair with the flat iron once and it came out all weird looking. Probably because I held it in place like a curling iron. Lesson learned. Thanks!

  17. You made it look seriously easy! I’m coming for Florida so you can give me me a lesson 🙂 So it might be an expensive lesson but I could use some sand and sun right now 🙂

  18. I sometimes use my flat iron to curl my hair too. I love how it looks. So simple to do.

  19. Katie

    Anyone else find that after years of hair dying (and stripping colors), their hair has gotten more naturally curly on its own? Because if so, that’s my tip – screw up your hair with dye, and it will start to do its own thing! 🙂 I had wavy hair to start with, but now it looks like I took the time to curl it.

  20. Mz. Teri

    Hairstylists have told me that dying your hair gives it more body because the hair follicle opens up from the chemical process. Don’t know if this is actually true or not, but sounds like it could be true. lol

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