The Weekend with No Running

These type of Facebook postings should not be available for me to see.

Not only did I take the weekend completely off (which means I didn’t do my scheduled 10 mile run), I also ate everything in arm’s reach. And of course, there were the desserts. So.  many.  desserts.

 Now I have poochy food baby belly and I’m wearing my belt on a looser notch.

I did think about running this weekend. But not the actual doing it part. I finally ordered another pair of Mizuno Wave Creation 11s (only $30 on Amazon with  gift certificates I had from my birthday). So I’m sure I was thinking about running at some point during the ordering process.

The 650 miles on my current shoes are not being kind to my feet or knees.

Once I find a pair of the 12s on sale, I’ll order those too because the 11s are getting harder and harder to find in my gargantuan size. I kinda like these in the 12s but they are going to need to be close to half price for me to buy them. $140 is way too much.

So here’s a few pictures from the weekend where I did no running and all eating and drinking.

Out Friday night with Joe.

Hubs hooping with his LED hoop.

Me taking pictures of myself.

Hubs photo bombing those pictures.

Hanging out with Lisa (and her hubs) Saturday night after the Luau.

And me deciding that Lisa and I will no longer take full length photos together until she gains 15 pounds.

I had a fun but tiring weekend. Now it’s time to get back on track. My belly is currently revolting against lettuce and demanding cookies.

Does anyone else feel like that first day back on track with healthy eating sucks the most?


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24 responses to “The Weekend with No Running

  1. movesnmunchies

    $140! woo that is a lot!.. i actually find it fun to get back on track! i know i will feel better so i love that!

  2. Hi Paula! I recently found your blog and am loving it. I had to say I can relate to the food baby this morning and I am heading to the gym for a torture session with my trainer. Then it is back to egg beaters and turkey sausage for me. Good luck with the detox today!
    And am also looking for new shoes. I have been running for years in Nike’s but want to change over to either Brooks or Mizuno’s.
    The Kidless Kronicles
    Wag More, Bark….

    • Thank you! I ran in Nikes for years too and they always killed my feet. I always thought it was because I ran a lot and never thought it was the shoe. Now, I love my Mizunos! I’ve heard Brooks are awesome too but they are a little narrow for my Sasquatch feet.

  3. Can’t believe how expensive shoes are… but at least you had gift cards, and Amazon is a lifesaver. That flower in your hair is aDORable.

  4. Your hair looks freaking awesome in these pictures. Love, love it.

    Yep, the day after always sucks. And that would be today for me, which is a shame, because I could really use the booze.

  5. Looks like you had a fun weekend!

    Krystal from Marathonfest is one of my good friends. Her, I and another girl did 5 & Dime together a few years ago and have been friends ever since! She’s hardcore!

  6. You look gorgeous in these pictures, and your hair is fantastic! That first day does suck, but then it gets a bit easier as the week goes on 🙂

  7. Why the heck do your shoes cost so much!? Holy crap. I wouldnt buy them until they were cheaper either. Sometimes running warehouse has shoes for cheaper that at the stores…

    The first day back on healthy eating definitely sucks. All I ever want that day are cheez-its and sugar and those arent too healthy

    • Some Mizunos aren’t so bad, but the ones that happen towork for my feet are $130 – $140. I found the ones this weekend for $85 and thought I went to heaven! I just sit around and wait for better deals which is why I’ve been running on shoes I shouldn’t be for so long. Grr.

  8. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I, too, need to get back on track after a weekend of beer and hot dogs. We can do it!

  9. Pam

    I didn’t run this weekend, either. But I also didn’t have all your fun excuses. I just sat on the couch and ate cookies. Either way, back on track for me too!

  10. julie

    I just gotta say that your hair looks great in these pics. 🙂

  11. Those 12s are prettyyyyy … and also expensive! Damn, $140 is a lot for shoes you’re going to get dirty and purposely sweat in. You got a killer deal on the 11s though – nice!

    Sometimes you need a weekend off from pounding the pavement – sounds like you had a great one 🙂

  12. Those shoes are so beautiful! For the next Ragnar, we’re doing a color theme and those may just be perfect for my ensemble! 🙂

  13. Mammabird

    Lisa…..really slender/gorgeous. Don’t ever remember seeing her so slim. Did she lock herself in a room for a month or two with a few

  14. The grumble from your tummy’s extra space that all the excess food you crammed in there from the past few days. QUIET YOU!!!

  15. Haha I took the entire week off! Only ran 13 miles the ENTIRE FREAKING WEEK. Yeah, I’m awesome like that. Rest is good for the body and soul!

  16. The captions on that first picture literally made me cry laughing. Thank you for that.

    I actually find that the first day back to healthy eating is sometimes easy for me, because if I eat horribly for a few days, I generally feel horrible, and so that first day back is kind of refreshing. It’s the second day… and the third day… and the whole rest of the week… that suck. Apparently if I feel really good from eating really well, my body says “That’s awesome, let’s eat cookies!” Oops.

  17. I made two batches of cookies on Friday night and they were all gone by Monday….all thanks to me!

    Can you teach me how to curl hair with a flat iron? I suck and never make mine look as nice as yours!

  18. Stefanie

    I love your hair. Just love it. I am at a bad place with food right now. The healthy stuff sounds disgusting, but the bad stuff sounds down right delicious. So I choose the bad stuff. Because it IS ALWAYS delicious. Help.

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