Getting Fancy

I hope you all didn’t think I was done talking about the Bahamas. Cuz I’m totally not! I’ve already talked about our arrival, the spa night, and parasailing. Well, after parasailing, we went back to the ship to get all fancied up because it was formal dinner night.

We asked random people on the ship to take pictures of us all night and never got a good one. I think this one might be the best even though K is in a funky position.

At least it’s better than the one the waiter took by kneeling three inches from the floor. Yes. Please photograph us from the worst angle ever. Mmm k? Thanks.

After dinner and horrible pictures, we hit up the casino and took more pictures. We did a 5 minute photo shoot in front of the bartender and he didn’t even blink.   Good man. Good man.   Casino pictures are mandatory whenever you wear sequins. It’s like a casino rule or something.

I’m not much of a gambler, but I’ve been known to play penny slots just for the free drinks in Vegas. Well, no free drinks on a cruise. So I watched K play and win big money, no whammies. She walked away with a sweet $2.00.

While K gambled, I kept myself occupied with tasty beverages. (Vodka/club soda with Crystal Light mojito  mixer. Mmmm. I brought the mixers with me.)

I’m not sure how long she was gambling but I managed to take a ton of pictures of myself during that time.

After hanging out in the casino for awhile, we went to the Captain’s Welcome at The Sound of Music theatre (that was not featuring The Sound of Music, by the way). They had free champagne, so of course we wanted to go. When we walked in, I had a drink in my hand already so the waiter only offered K the free champage. 

Oh no, my friend. Oh no. I have two hands. One for each of them.

Look! Champagne holders! Perfect because my hands were getting cold.

During the Captain’s Welcome, the captain of the ship talked to the audience for about 5 or 10 minutes. He mostly talked about his history with Royal Carribean and gave us fun facts about the ship. It’s the oldest ship in the fleet that is still doing cruises and there were 2583 passengers and 883 staff on board. The largest population on the ship was from the United States, the second largest from India, and the third from Canada. I remembered all that even with 2 drinks, thank you.

After his speech, he brought out some of the top staff and had them all introduce themselves.

The Captain’s Welcome was short, sweet, and informational. Afterwards, we went to our favorite bar on the ship, Boleros, for more drinks.

Vodka/club soda with Crystal Light appletini mix for me and a Berry Colada for K.

Boleros had karaoke every night and it was terrible but we couldn’t stay away. All that terrible karaoke and drinking almost made us forget that there was a dessert buffet going on at the other side of the ship.    Almost.

After the dessert buffet, we explored the ship little, had maybe one more drink while out on the deck listening to the waves, and then decided it was time to go to bed – at 10pm. We are party animals.

When we got to our room we found a towel sloth hanging from the ceiling. Or maybe it’s a monkey. Or a sloth-monkey.

Why, of course I’ll take a picture with you sloth-monkey.

K and I had fun dressing up and wandering around from place to place. We don’t get to dress up often, so formal night on a ship was as good an excuse as any.

Next stop, Coco Cay. Smile


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23 responses to “Getting Fancy

  1. Stefanie

    I LOVE your dress. Love it!

  2. Why add Crystal Light drink packets to water when you have vodka? You my dear are brilliant, just brilliant. And “Oh no, my friend. Oh no. I have two hands. One for each of them.” made me laugh out loud.

  3. Me-owwwww! Lookin’ hot! I love that you brought the Crystal Light with you. You’re one step away from being me and bringing along your own booze. Good work.

  4. What a fun dress, love it! I’d be all over that dessert buffet. One reason I’ve never taken a cruise is because I’m literally scared of having that much food around me at all times. I’d probably never leave the buffets!

  5. One of my favorite things abut taking a cruise is the towel animals they make. I was excited to see which one they would do next.

  6. AHHH I love your dress!! Super cute!
    And what a good idea to bring little mixers with you!

  7. That’s an awesome idea to bring Crystal Lite mixers! Instant cocktail party no matter what. All your cruise posts are making me super jealous!

  8. Loved your dress in the pictures! It was so sparkly, haha. I’ve been on one cruise and wasn’t the biggest fan, but you look like you had fun!

  9. I love love love that dress! Where is it from?!

  10. movesnmunchies

    well dont you look HOT! cute dress!!

  11. Love that dress! Sequins!!

    and monkey is awesome.

  12. Your sloth monkey is so hardcore. If only you had a picture with you wearing aviator shades posing back to back with Mr.Sloth. You guys would be a force to be reckoned with. Fo realz.

  13. I had never even heard of crystal light mixers. You have opened my eyes.

  14. Mz. Teri


    Nice gams there, Ms. Paula! 😉

  15. Kate

    Hurry up and finish your cruise posts before I leave for mine! 🙂

    Love your dress!!!

  16. Love the sparkly dress!*

  17. K

    Um, Paula, I think you need to spill the beans on the dress. Oh, and thank me for making you wear it. 🙂

  18. Crystal Light has mojito and appletini flavors? Get out! Must have! Where do I find such deliciousness? I haven’t seen those in my stores. Boo!

    • Yeah, they are hard to find. I’ve only seen them at my grocery store once and stocked up! There is margarita flavor too and I think they are limited time. Wal-mart has a Great Value brand of margarita mix just like the Crystal Light stuff that tastes better, I think. Go for that one!

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