Don't Be Afraid To Save Your Money

I finally saw a few movies this weekend. I feel like I’m going through some kind of movie withdrawal. I love movies and I used to see one every weekend and now it seems to happen every six months.  What exactly am I doing that I don’t have time to go to movies? I have no idea. Now when I do see them, they suck. It’s making me angry.

We just got back from seeing Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

I had high hopes for it because Guillermo Del Toro did the screenplay. He did The Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth, which were both awesome. This one was like a serious Gremlins. So, if you’re into that (which I’m not) and think it’s worth $20 (which I don’t), you might like it.

On a good note, Katie Holmes was pretty good in the movie. She didn’t do any of her annoying Joey-esque mannerisms that get under my skin, so I might be able to take her off the list now.

You get cool points with me if you can guess that movie.

We also watched Priest on-demand.

I don’t even know what was going on in the movie most of the time but it was all sorts of ridiculous. This movie has taught me that you can throw 2 large stones in the air and use them as “stairs” to propel yourself higher to get over the abyss you just jumped over. Awesome.

I’d like to give special thanks to my hubs that added the eyeballs to that picture while I was away from the computer.

Also, I do not get the Paul Bettany heartthrob thing. So chicks actually dig him? I mean, it’s cool that he scored Jennifer Connelly for a wife but other than that I’m not seeing it. He’s like Daniel Craig for me. Bad ass in some movies but not particularly good looking.

Now it’s almost time for True Blood, which is also disappointing me. I know I’m not alone in thinking this. Had I known how mediocre this season was going to be, I would have waited for DVD instead of paying for HBO. I am so ready for Eric to stop being a total pansy.

I’m ready for Lafayette to have a storyline that has something to do with anything, and every time Tara almost dies, I’m disappointed she doesn’t. Her character has sucked since Season 2.

Ok, I’ll stop complaining now. Smile Only because it’s time to go watch True Blood. Yeah, I know I said it’s not so good but it’s also a train wreck I can’t seem to quit.

What’s the worst movie or TV show you’ve seen lately so I can not spend $25 on it?


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21 responses to “Don't Be Afraid To Save Your Money

  1. Danielle

    *****SPOILER ALERT*******

    Steve Buscemi with his list of people to kill is from Billy Madison…how many cool points do I get for that 🙂 And I am really glad that Tommy just bit it on TB…he’s annoyed me since he came on. Can’t help you out with what not to see because the last movie I saw was Harry Potter, but I want to see Final Destination (of course) – so when you see it let me know what you think!

    • Ah D, I didn’t even get to that part yet on TB. Now you’re making me all put a spoiler alert in your comment. Next time I see you, I’m telling you how Thelma and Louise ends. 😉

  2. Jason Gaines

    Billy Madison

  3. Give us a challenge next time. That’s Danny McGrath’s list from Billy Madison.

  4. I knew that character but couldn’t remember the movie. My husband who remembers everything about movies (even random old ones) told me it was Billy Madison 🙂

    We always watch TB a day later because we don’t have HBO, so don’t wreck another terrible episode for me 🙂 although fairies, witches, possessed dolls and wolves never gets old to me 😉

    • Ps- I can’t see Katie Holmes in a scary movie. She’s too innocent to me. Did Tom randomly pop up in the background of any scenes? That would be hilarious!

  5. We recently rented on Netflix Company Men, which wasn’t very good. Lots of plot holes and no real storyline.

  6. julie

    Did you put on red lipstick and listen to ELO while crossing Katie off the list like Buscemi??

  7. Ginni

    I’ll fess up. I love Paul Bettany. LOVE. I love him in everything I’ve seen him in, but my favorite role for him is in A Knights Tale. Drool.

    Well now I feel better that that’s off my chest 🙂

  8. My husband loved Priest! I was too distracted by the crosses on their faces to actually get into the movie. I saw Sanctum not too long ago (the movie about cave explorers). I thought it’d be awesome. It wasn’t. Glad I only paid 5 bucks for that shizz!*

  9. UGH I SAID THE SAME THING ABOUT ERIC BEING SUCH AN UNBELIEVABLE PANSY THIS SEASON! Seriously over it and seriously ready for Boardwalk Empire to start, I can’t handle anymore of Eric being lame.

  10. Sue

    Yep–True Blood is crap this season. Eric is such a weenie–I am so sick of him acting like a little boy. And what the hell was the whole snow/bed thing? He’s only forgetful for a little bit in the books, then snaps back to his usual self. And NEVER tells Sookie he loves her. Uggh.

    Yep, I am also sick of Tara being led around by her nose. Can’t she think for herself? Jesus!

    Saw Bridesmaids last night and loved it!

    • Yes! I meant to mention that it was done so much better in the books. Plus, when Sookie found him on the side of the road he was completely naked…no pants. Don’t think I didn’t miss THAT detail. 🙂

  11. ****SPOILER ALERT***** (Sorry Brandi, had to put it in here for those who are behind on the show. -Paula)

    I think they’ve gone way too far from the books this season. There’s a reason they sold so well. I’m so so so happy they finally offed Tommy…he was the most worthless POS of all time. I didnt really mind Eric being a pansy for so long…mostly because he is so beautiful to look at that I just blocked out what was being said.
    We need more Alcide tho. More more more and we need him to be nekkid.
    Just saying.

  12. I stopped watching True Blood last year…. it got boring and seemed to be trying too hard.

    I wanted to see Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark but I scare easily. Was it scary?

  13. Stefanie

    Well. I am just a total loser and wait for almost every movie to come out on Redbox before I’ll watch it! Of course, unless it’s something like HP 7, or Transformers and my inner geek can’t handle the anticipation of waiting another year to watch it.

    I feel like most of the movies I have watched lately have been retarded, and I havent’ been able to get into it. We watch The Mechanic with Jason Statham….All I know is that they were all trying to kill each other, and then I just stopped watching. Then How Do You Know came on Starz yesterday. Good Lord, I had no idea what was going on! I didn’t get it, so I turned it off.

    So maybe this has more to do with me having the worlds shortest attention span, and really nothing to do with the movies. Hmmm. Oh, and that’s totally sad that Don’t be Afraid of the Dark wasn’t the greatest. I was kind of excited because of the Guillermo Del Toro factor. Sad. Alllllright….I’ll stop now. This is pretty lengthy. 🙂

  14. I only watch really awesome shows and movies, so I can only give you super awesome referrals. Like watch Better Off Ted from Netflix. It’s older but soooo good!
    And I was totally lying before, my crappy movie watching was at an all time high when I watched The Last Song last week. Such a bad idea!

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