It's Britney, B!tch

Before I get into the night, let me just clear this up. For anyone who saw my tweet last night, I meant “spelled” not “forked.” For the love of auto correct, I swear I wasn’t drunk…yet.

After work, the bestie met up with the hubs and I at our house. We had a drink while we waited for the cab to arrive to take us downtown. And of course, we took pictures.

For this concert, we had box seats. I’m not sure if you know anything about box seats, but know this: they feed you and there is free beer and wine. And that right there is what makes them awesome.

The box area was set up with high-top tables and couches and two buffet tables. It looked like a little wine bar.

The buffets had make your own chicken and beef tacos, nachos, rice and beans, penne pasta, Cesar salad, garlic bread, antipasto, and some chicken dish.

The chicken was AMAZING. Here’s the hubs forking his. (See? I meant forking that time.)

At 8:30, they brought out the desserts – brownies and different varieties of cookies. I showed a brownie and a couple cookies who’s boss. Then we took more gratuitous pictures of ourselves.

Nikki Manaj opened but just before she came on I got a shot of the crowd from the box area. Cool looking, no?

There was another act before Nikki Manaj but I cannot think of the name of the band for the life of me. The only thing that comes to mind is Jessie and the Rippers and I’m pretty sure that’s wrong.

I don’t know one thing about Nikki Manaj, but I thought she was great. I didn’t even know her last song which is apparently her hit that everyone else in the audience knew.

After Nikki finished her set, there was a short intermission. There were screens on either side of the stage showing a countdown to showtime.

That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that at a concert. Usually a show just starts and you just need to make sure you’re out of the bathroom or any lines on time. So, that was pretty cool.

Britney opened with Hold it Against Me and did most of her hits.

Here’s a few more shots from the concert.

The guy sitting in the middle was brought up from the audience.

Overall, all three of us were really disappointed with the concert. Hubs and I saw Britney for the In the Zone tour and her show and song selection was so much better.

Also, one of the things I didn’t like was that she shortened about 5 of her songs. So she would start playing My Prerogative or Piece of Me, but she would only do about 30 seconds of the song and then start singing something else. And of course, they were all songs I wanted to hear.

She played a handful of crappy songs from her new album. She also did S&M from Rihanna. I’m thinking if you can’t even finish your own songs, you probably shouldn’t do someone else’s. Also, she didn’t do Circus which was a major bummer for me.

Her last song was Till the End of the World. She did the remix version with Nikki Manaj and Nikki didn’t even come on stage. They just played a video of her singing in the background. Um…didn’t she JUST open for you? Least you can do is get her ass on stage.

The show ended with a bunch of confetti which always looks awesome from afar.

I know it seems like I’m hating on this concert a lot, but I did have a lot of fun and I’m glad I went. I also enjoyed her songs and show. I was just disappointed. The bar was set really high after her last concert and after Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Ke$ha (twice!) pretty much blew us away.

After the concert, we went to Ember downtown for a short time.

We got a hummus platter and some beef skewer appetizer and both sucked. So we consoled ourselves with alcohol and more pictures.

If anyone is interested in how to make your head look three times larger than your husband’s and best friend’s head put together, I have the answer.

If you want to see more Britney pictures, I’ll be putting them up on the blog’s Facebook page sometime today. So stop on by!

Now I need to decide if I have enough time to get my training run in before my dermatologist appointment. I have another chemical peel today in an effort to make myself look 20 again.

What’s your favorite skin care product you use? (I need to look younger, give me your secrets!)


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21 responses to “It's Britney, B!tch

  1. Katie G

    Just wanted to say that your hair looks amazing!

  2. Andrea

    Sorry the concert didn’t live up. They have been playing Britney’s version of S&M on the radio a lot lately…I don’t get it. Do you notice any difference w the chemical peels? Why did you chose that over microdermabrasion? I would like to look 20 too!

    • I did a microdermabrasion before the chemical peels and it wasn’t strong enough for me. I do notice a difference with the peels but not as much as I’d like. I have one more in my package after this one. So, hopefully 2 more will make me look like a supermodel! 🙂

  3. Nancy

    I totally agree with Katie your hair looks fab, sorry the concert wasn’t as good as your hair looks. I’ve never been in a luxury box for a concert how fun.

    Oil of Olay baby, my Mom used it forever and her skin always looked great..


  4. Lisa Hodge

    It was Jessie and the Toy Boys! I still can’t figure out that song we both knew, but I almost want to say it was in a movie like The House Bunny or something.

    I think I told you last night, but I’m really starting to like Dermalogica products. I’m currently using an oil control lotion which is AMAZING! The line’s a little pricey but you can get a small variety kit for about $35.

  5. I went to Brit Brit’s Circus show a couple of years ago and she was not the best in concert. Total let down. At least you look super cute, though!

    This is kinda crazy, but Preparation H for reducing undereye puffiness is amazeballs. Love.

  6. Damn I want a box seat! I’m sad Britney wasnt that great this time. I saw her a few years ago and she was so good! Bummer. Glad I didnt buy tickets. At least you got fed! And your hair looks super cute!

  7. You guys looked so cute going to the show!! Love the hair curly like that.

    And, holy hell, the box seats are obviously the way to go for concert viewing!!! I’ve been in a box before to watch a basketball game (when I was 16, so no booze…bummer), but never a concert. I’m going to have to find some friends with connections to make sure I get this experience sometime.

    I saw Brit’s Circus show and HATED it. I love Britney, so I couldn’t believe it when I actually wanted to get up and leave the show after only a few songs. There’s just something about total lip syncing that I can’t stand. Also, during that show, she only ever addressed the audience one time. Probably because that made it even more painfully obvious she wasn’t actually singing. It looks like your show last night was at least better than that!

  8. I saw Britney in concert over 10 years ago…it was sweet. Probably because I was under 14. And I am pretty sure Nick from BSB younger brother opened for her.

    I loved your hair last night!

  9. I’m so jealous… I don’t think…strike that… I know I could never get the hubs to go to a Britney concert with me. He’s an old man and only likes Van Halen and crap… (he’s really not old).

    Ah, the dermatologist, my new best friend. She gave me Retin A micro and in addition to getting rid of the yuckies it’s made me look almost 29 again… I’m hoping in a few more weeks I’ll be down to 25. Drawback is that while I’m “adjusting” I’m peeling like a snake… but I totally look good from far away…with makeup on…..

  10. Melissa

    Love your hair from last night!

    I rotate b/w Neutrogena’s Oil Free Acne Wash & Neutro Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. As soon as I run out of one, I switch to the other. Neutro Make-Up Remover Wipes for eye makeup, then Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Roller in the morning to wake my eyes up. Annnnd sometimes I use Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer, but not in the summer bc my pores seem to produce enough sweat to moisturize.

    Total face product whore

  11. Mz. Teri

    Oh you silly 30-somethings… trying to get your youth back. Once you hit 40 you’ll learn it’s more important to stay healthy and fit rather than trying to look like you’re 20 again.

    Drink more water – that’s supposed to help your skin stay younger looking. 😉

  12. Sucks you were disapointed!!! 😦 I fell in love with nicki minaj a couple of months ago, i highly recommend the CD!

    I actually was given the Olay wrinkle/skin care line from my grandmother for christmas. Once I got over the offense of the “hint hint you’re not 16 anymore” I love it!

  13. Your pictures are forking amazing!

    Jealous of the seats, although ours were pretty good…220, perfect view.

    For the record, it was Nervo followed by Jessie and the Toy Boys. But the Rippers rocked, too…so did Jem and the Holograms, for that matter.

  14. I hate it when artists shorten their songs, play the whole thing damnit!
    Snaps to your chemical peel! I got my microderm on today!

  15. Stefanie

    I love your hair! SO cute. The only thing that I am consistent with as far as my face goes is, Garnier Nutritioniste Daily Moistureizer. I like it because it’s not greasy, and it makes my skin feel fresh. Plus it doesn’t cost a bazillion dollars, and lasts a while.

  16. 2blu2btru

    Queen Helene’s Mud Masque. I think it’s made with English Clay (whatever that is). It makes your skin feel so soft and smooth (and really tightens it up; I use it to make my burgeoning double chin less noticeable).

    Taking a taxi is a really smart move; you don’t have to waste all of that time parking. I bet downtown was a little crazy. Did you guys just pay for box seats or was it a perk of some sort?

  17. Megan @ On the Road Again

    Ha! @ Jessie and the Rippers. Now all I can think about is that song that Uncle Jessie sang to Aunt Becky when they got married… “Forever”? (and his sweet, sweet mullet of course.)

    Even though it sounds like Britney sucked, the setup overall looks pretty awesome! Box seats, open bar, food? I would even see Britney for all of that. Oh, and big YES to Nicki Minaj. I know so very little about rap, but I do know she’s awesome.

  18. ittybitsofbalance

    Box seats!? Wow lucky you 😀
    I saw the deal on Groupon a while back but knew I was going to be down in Miami during the concert :(((
    Aaaannnddd I get chemical peels all the time for acne scarring– they work wonders! Have you tried any facials?

  19. Box seats – way cool! Sounds like Brittney was a bummer, though. Loved your tweet.

    Winks & Smiles,

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