The Post Where I Bitch about My Run

This week has sucked when it comes to workouts. Not because I’m not doing them or they aren’t good workouts, but because I don’t feel like doing them. I gotta say, I’m so tired of working out all the time.

I schedule my workouts for the month and I stick to them unless I’m on my death bed. I schedule one rest day a week, but even on those days I usually end up doing some type of activity. Now all the workouts have just worn me down. That leads me to last night’s crappy tempo run.

Mile Pace Incline
Walked 1/4 mile    
1 10:00 .5
2 9:30 .5
Bathroom break    
3 9:15 .5
4 9:05 .5
Walked 1/4 mile    
5 8:57/9:05 split .5
Walked 1/4 mile    
6 9:30  

Total miles: 6 running, .75 walking

I made myself stay and do the miles even though my stomach wasn’t at 100% for the first half of the run. The last two tempo or speed runs I did were meant to be 6 milers and I bailed at 4 or 5, so I was determined to get the miles in. My legs felt fine, but mentally I was checked out at mile 2, so I had to take walk breaks just to psych myself up to do more.

For the past week, my heart hasn’t really been in it and I’ve been eating more, which sucks. I can backtrack on progress easily so it sucks when I can see it coming but don’t have the energy to want to stop it.

 Tomorrow is the beach day I’ve been putting all this work in for. And as far as my goals went, I didn’t lose ANY of the 10lbs I intended to even though I made good progress in other ways. While I don’t think I necessarily need to lose weight, I want to fit in my work pants so I don’t have to buy new ones.

The rest of this month is lighter on strength training and I scheduled 2 rest days each week. Today is the first one and I’m pretty excited about it. After work, I plan carving out a nice ass-dent in the couch.

Do you ever feel guilty when you take a rest day? (I know I need them but when I don’t work out, I feel so guilty and lazy. Not sure how to get over that.)


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28 responses to “The Post Where I Bitch about My Run

  1. I’m having the same kind of week. My running has been good, but I haven’t wanted to do it and I’ve been eating so bad. Ughhhhhhhhhh. Mid-marathon slump 😦 Come to Texas and lets binge drink away our sorrows to KE$HA

  2. scooley

    It sounds like you NEED a break. Take a few days off, yes I said DAYS, and you will get motivated again. Wait until you start needing to run. It’s an amazing feeling.
    If you gain a few pounds, just redirect all attention to your eyes “The eyes are the nipples of the face.” (More HB humor) LOL

  3. I have two rest days a week. It’s hard enough doing 5 days of activities, I need time off. Plus, all my exercise is scheduled around the kiddos and work and school so I need those 2 days to mentally unwind.

  4. Lisa

    Today is my rest day and yes, I feel guilty. I’m training for half and have a long run planned for tomorrow, yet still feel guilty. I’ve even done all my strength training and cardio I planned for the week. I still can’t help but feeling guilty. However, I know I’ll have a much better workout tomorrow by resting today. Hopefully you will too!

  5. Sometimes rest days are more important for the mind than the body. I took a week off smack in the middle of marathon training because I was completey burnt out (and had shin splints) and it was the best thing ever.

    When you feel guilty, think about how awesome it is to be sitting inside in the AC. And think of how hard youve been working!!

  6. I’m always scared of rest days because, even though I need them, it worries me to take a day off and get out of my routine!! I totally get the work-out slump. Obviously, it happens to me all the time! I hope it goes away quickly for you.

    Um, Texas, binge-drinking, Ke$ha…count me in! haha

  7. Today is a rest day over here also, and although I hate myself for sitting on the couch after work, I know it’s necessary. And I’ll thank myself tomorrow morning for it.

    That pic w/the caption about mahi-mahi made me LOL, love that

  8. runforfun1

    I have totally been feeling this lately. Pretty much forcing myself to do it, just to do it. Rest days are the BOMB. Love them. But I have been doing them less because I haven’t been running, which is probably dumb. I should rest, but I feel like I can’t because I’m not getting in a “regular” running workout. Imma crazy person. I know.

  9. Stefanie

    So that last comment was me…I have no idea where the name came from?? But I pushed post before I could stop it. DUMB.

  10. I have to have the rest day, sometimes two in a row if I’ve hit it real hard…..I know we all do, but I feel so much better at my next workout after the rest day. It’s ok, you are not alone, others are resting with you, hahaha! 🙂

  11. Katie

    I have too many rest days, and I am trying to get back into a schedule of at least 3-5 days a week of working out during the work week. That being said, I still had to tell myself last night that it was okay to stay home since I’ve been feeling sick all week and it wasn’t getting any better. I still feel guilty. But that’s life. Now if I don’t get back on track soon? I’ll feel laaazy.

  12. I can’t say that I dislike rest days at all.

    • Hee. I need to learn to not dislike them! When I have rest days, I sit around the house and like to challenge myself by guessing how many cookies I can consume in under 3 minutes. And then doing that challenge.

  13. While rest days are hard to take, sometimes they are just what you need to recover from a bad week of running and get back on track.

    I’ve been known to take rest weeks and rest months between races. Feeling burned out by running is not a fun feeling. Put your feet up tonight, have a stiff drink, and soak it in!

  14. I’ve been contemplating a post about rest day guilt. Ugh, it’s so ridiculous, but I even feel like I should be eating even better on those days because I didn’t do anything to work it off. This was a “fat week” for me, so I’ve been beating on myself a lot.

  15. Yeah… on my “rest” days I usually just eat whatever I want and then hate myself afterward. Probably should work on that.

  16. I don’t feel guilty when I take a rest day that I had planned for, but when I unexpectedly can’t get up at 5:15 a.m. and miss spin class, I do feel guilty. I shouldn’t feel that way as long as I am balancing rest with working out in a good way, but I still do.

  17. Definitely know how you feel! I usually feel that way if I am about to get my period (TMI?) as I am really tired before I get it and working out is the last thing I usually want to do. But once I’ve gotten off the couch and worked out, I usually feel better. And don’t feel too bad…I finished off an ice cream cake from DQ and ate a lot of popcorn last night. Rest/pig nights are good for the soul!

    • I’m glad! Because someone just brought me TWO delicious cupcakes to my desk and I ate them both. I think people secretly know my rest days. “Good thing” I have 16 miles in the morning.

  18. I do get guilty when I take a rest day, especially if I didn’t put my full effort in when I actually got a workout in during the week.

    I realllllllly want to watch The House Bunny now!! 🙂

  19. Even though I know rest days are necessary (and I certainly have no problem relaxing on rest days), I totally get runner’s guilt when I don’t run. I have some irrational fear that I’ll backslide and turn into a sloth.*

  20. runeatdatesleep

    I usually feel guilty on rest days… until I take a 4-hour long nap so I can’t think about it anymore.

  21. Heard you got free shorts. Good deal. Hope you take a pic of them. I love free stuff!

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