You Can Do Eet

If you didn’t see my first guest post this weekend, check it out Andrea’s blog Run, Eat, Date, Sleep. I mean, who doesn’t love a horrible date story? Especially when it’s mine and not yours.


After my 14 miler on Saturday, I have no clue what happened. Do you ever have days where you don’t remember what you did? Yep, that’s me. I hope it wasn’t anything too awesome, like making out with a celebrity, because I like to keep those moments in the ole memory bank. I do know that Saturday night we went to The Improv to see Rob Schneider.

We arrived 45 minutes early and the place was already packed, so we sat closer to the back. For those of you already inquiring, Rob kept his clothes on. So, I didn’t get to see any more up close goodie bags like the last show at The Improv.

We sat with another couple and got a picture before the camera police came out. I call this one “how to look more gigantic than your husband.”

When we got there, it was really hot inside. So, I tweeted The Improv.

And they actually responded! How awesome are they?

Rob Schneider wasn’t a favorite but he was good – and he did a long show which was cool. After the show, we met up with Lisa at The Celt downtown.

The Celt is a Scottish pub with good food. I had root beer flavored vodka with diet coke for the first time and snap! that stuff is good. I like how it looks like a regular coke. That will probably come in handy when I want to drink on the job or at church.

While we were there, a random guy told me he wanted to take me to see the Northern Lights. Then, I BLEW HIM AWAY when I told him that the Northern Lights is also called the Aurora Borealis. You can even see the smoke starting to clear from the explosion of knowledge I dropped on him.

I found out that we need to go to Canada to see the Northern Lights and that he’s totally ok with strangers (i.e. me) staying with him because “strangers stay with him all the time.” Before he left, we got a picture together. I’m trying to decide what’s more offensive – me giving the finger or my three extra chins.

That’s the power of root beer flavored vodka right there. Is it wrong that I love that picture of him so much? I didn’t even get his name. So, I’ll just call him Kenny. Kenny, if you’re out there, I love this picture of you.

Do you drink vodka? What’s your favorite flavor? Right now, I love sweet tea flavor. So good! And if you don’t drink, what flavor would like to watch me drink? 😉


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19 responses to “You Can Do Eet

  1. i love that they tweeted back! i would have peed my pants from excitement. probably. that guy looks diiiiiiiiirrrrrrrty. haha

  2. I”m allllllll about the vodka ahahaha

    LOVED your guest blog!!

  3. Vodka is bomb dot com! I heart raspberry vodka and crystal light lemonade and a lime. THat’s some good stuff! I’ve heard about the sweet tea vodka, I def need to try it! 🙂

  4. Ooooh sweet tea vodka is delicious! Firefly is my favorite, they have a few diff flavors. Dear god, that stuff is dangerous – you don’t even taste the vodka!

    My recent love affair is with Whipped Cream vodka – just as much trouble as sweet tea vodka. Add diet sunkist = creamsicle. Add gingerale = A&W creme soda.

    • I’m pretty sure you just rocked my drinking world with those combos. I’ve had the whipped before but never knew what to do with it. Have you tried the Cotton Candy flavor? Sooo good with diet Sprite.

  5. Mz. Teri

    I haven’t been as adventurous as you so far with the flavored vodkas. I usually get orange flavored vodka to mix with cranberry juice… it’s a cheap version of a cosmo. lol

    I will definitely have to remember some of these combinations for the next time I’m out and looking for something different to try. After all, as I always say, variety is the spice of life! 😀

  6. Sounds like a fun evening. I have not done much vodka tasting. You know me, I’m a wine girl. Do they have wine flavored vodka? I’m loving the stranger pics. I seem to always make new friends after a few drinks. Looking through the pics the next day always has me saying, “what the hell?”

  7. Sweet tea flavored vodka on the rocks w/ a wedge of lime is perfection!

  8. Holy crap, it’s Monday early afternoon and now I want to drink… and I’m not a big drinker but these combos in the responses are making me thirsty…..

    Love the picture with the stranger, so funny. Who took the pics, the hubs or Lisa?

    Ps. I love how your nail polish matches your shirt.

  9. It was not my favorite, but I did have some bubble gum flavored vodka the other day. I spent the morning after… and then some mid day… and maybe a little into the evening, puking. My husband says I shouldn’t admit to people that such a nasty hangover came from bubble gum vodka. That shit’ll git ya!

  10. Oh God. I know a Kenny. Like, in real life. Not blog life. Anyway, I refer to him as “Space Camp,” as he is the dating equivalent. Use your imagination to figure that one out. I really want to blog about it, but I’m afraid. Backlash is a b*tch.

  11. Kelly

    whipped cream vodka and diet orange soda!! LOVE IT!

  12. I used to love vanilla vodka, but now I don’t really drink, so I want to watch you drink bacon vodka because that shit sounds hilarious!

    I love that they tweeted you back! That’s some great use of social media for business improvement!

  13. Kim (Book Worm Runs)

    “That will probably come in handy when I want to drink on the job or at church”…bwahahahaha! You are awesome 🙂

    And I have to agree with the whipped cream vodka/orange soda combo…AMAZING!!

  14. Please do me a favor and never ever buy pear vodka. Unless of course your evening plans include vomiting before you even catch a buzz. It’s awful. Trust me.
    Sweet tea sounds delish. I’m on a mojito kick at the moment. Mmmmmmmmmmm Mojitohhhhhhhh:)

  15. You and Lisa look like you could be sisters. You guys are adorbs!

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