How To Sit on the Couch and Avoid People

Let’s start with a little workout talk. On Monday, I swam for the first time. I’m talking about swimming as a workout, not for fun. Note the difference:

Hubs devised some crazy workout where one of us would swim laps while the other was doing lunges, push-ups, abdominal, and back exercises. Let’s just say neither of us could get through the whole workout because it was hard. But I did end up doing somewhere around 85 laps in the pool and 250 lunges (not in the pool).

That workout was harder than I gave it credit for. Basically, if I’m not sweating like Kirstie Alley in a buffet line, I don’t think I worked that hard. But I was sweating after I got out of the shower and that only happens after a hard run if I don’t cool down first.

Yesterday was a double workout. I was too tired from staying up late on Monday, so instead of breaking up the workouts in the morning and evening, I did them both in the evening. Martial arts cardio class first and then my first (ever!) incline run on the treadmill. It was 5 sets of this:

Mile Pace Incline
1/2 mile 10:00 .5
1/2 mile 10:00 5.0

After the first 2 incline runs, I had to walk for about a minute or two to catch my breath. I don’t even know if this is a correct hill training workout for the treadmill, but unless I want to run up a landfill, I’m not going to find any hills near me in Orlando.

Does anyone else do incline runs on the treadmill? Hook a sista up with the details if you do because I have no clue what I’m doing.


So, I have a new addiction thanks to my friend, Ale. Everyone was telling me that True Blood episodes are On Demand and I thought, why would I pay for an On Demand HBO show when I already have HBO?

Oh no. This is no regular On Demand. This is HBO On Demand. It’s free when you have HBO.    

And it’s magnificent.

All of the movies and shows currently playing on HBO can be played at anytime just like regular On Demand.

It’s ok to be dumb when you’re pretty.

Just continue to look pretty.

It’s not like I don’t already have a regular TV addiction, so I can just add HBO On Demand to the pile of things I do that prevent me from interacting with people in real life.

After watching the second episode of True Blood, Hubs and I stayed up way too late watching this:


The movie got decent reviews when it came out but I thought it was just ok. It’s a moral dilemma movie. Not scary, just weird in parts.

By the way, when you’re telling people about this movie on instant messenger, you don’t want to mistype and tell them that you and your husband watched “Spice” all night.

Totally different channel.


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20 responses to “How To Sit on the Couch and Avoid People

  1. Swimming makes me sweat like a beast post-shower, too!! It’s nuts!

  2. Stefanie@RUNON

    I think I would drowned if I tried to swim laps. For sure.

    Splice. Not scary. Just super weird. And the parts with the aliens having sex with the humans, just freaked me out. It was too weird.

  3. I love swimming! It’s always such a good workout. I used to be a competitive swimmer, but haven’t done laps in years. I can’t wait to join a gym soon that has a pool. I’m scared to see how hard it is after all of these years!

    I’ve never seen True Blood. It is true. I’m probably the last person on the planet that’s never seen it. I’m slightly curious about Splice now. Might have to rent that sometime soon.

  4. Your workout sounds killer. Good job for getting out there and doing it!
    Sweating post-shower drives me CRAZY!!! I might as well let my hygiene go down the drain because I would convince myself that showering wasn’t even worth it. Maybe I have problems! : )
    I haven’t ever watched true blood, but I have heard from so many people that I need to. Maybe since I have all this free time I should get on that!

  5. Pretty sure your workouts stole my workouts’ lunch money and told them to call the wambulance. I want to cry just reading about that pool work out. You are bad ass lady.

  6. ” if I’m not sweating like Kirstie Alley in a buffet line, I don’t think I worked that hard” – best line I’ve read today. And I feel the same way!!

  7. I do inclines on the treadmill, but I don’t really know what I’m doing, either. Just basically killing myself trying to get my glutes to fit into some shorts.

    And I read the plotline of Splice and about puked. She RAPES that girl? …ahahahahahaha

  8. I really, really wish I knew how to swim. I can’t seem to get the whole head-in-the-water/up-for-air thing down. Does that even make sense? That workout sounds intense, though! I love the inventiveness.

  9. Hey, can you do me a favor? Your timing is perfect. I just made it my weekend mission to watch Season 2 and possibly 3 of True Blood. The husband is out of town and he hates the show (no taste). And since we’re down to one Netflix disc at a time now and for some reason, S2 is not available to stream, I was going to be chasing Season 2 at the rare Blockbusters around town this weekend. Can you see if On Demand has S2 and S3? If so, I’m totally ordering HBO for the month! We do the same thing we Showtime — order it when Dexter starts up again! Thanks!

    • I think it only has the 2 episodes of the current season, but I will double check for you when I get home.

      I did notice the full last season of Entourage, which enticed me!

  10. Girl that sounds like a butt ton of laps and lunges! I don’t think I would have been able to get out of bed. Great job!

  11. 2blu2btru

    Heard about that one, but haven’t seen it. When I saw Adrien Brody, I figured it wouldn’t be a “normal” horror film. P.S. Why does the splice thing have hands for feet? Freaky! Definitely don’t want to tell people you were watching “Spice” all night 😉

    I went to the discount theater and saw Something Borrowed yesterday; I want my $.75 back. Should’ve made it a Netflix night. *Sigh*

  12. I did my hill workout on the treadmill friday. My coach had me do 8repeats of quarter mile intervals. The incline at 7-8% at 9min/mile.Then jog quarter mile at 1% the repeat x8. I warmed up and cooled down a mile each.

    • Oh, I like this much better than a half mile intervals! I think I might try this next week. Just not that speed, because that would kill me. You are amazing for keeping that pace!

  13. Pam

    Those are some serious workouts! I’m feeling really lazy right now. Especially since Netflix instant streaming has practically eliminated any need for me to leave the house on weekends, except to run 😉

  14. The only thing I miss about cable is HBO on Demand. Seriously.

  15. Wish my husband would create workouts for us to do together.

    Splice was crazy weird. Watch the movie Jenifer (Masters of Horror) cause it’s super weird too.

    I have to pick up the latest Season of True Blood from our library — I cannot wait to get it!

  16. Not too schmoopy at all, but what do I know? I’m not even sure what day it is. Or if I have an “other” that can be deemed “significant.”

  17. Mz. Teri

    LMAO @ “… sweating like Kristie Alley in a buffet line,…” Where do you come up with these lines? lol

    Splice – Greg and I watched that movie a couple months ago. I thought it was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Greg thought it was ok, but not great.

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