Goals and Marathon Envy

Alright, first let me blab about last night’s workout.

Here’s a picture of me with no makeup on before I went to the gym to keep you distracted from all the numbers you’re about to see.


Some bloggers pose in the mirror. I really want to perfect the full body picture by extending your arm as far out as possible. I’m really working on getting my kneecaps in the shot. Just a little lower…

Workout: Sprints that tried to kill me

Distance Pace Incline
1 mile 10:00 (warm up) .5
1200 (3/4 mile) 8:57 .5
200 10:00 .5
1200 8:49 .5
200 10:00 .5
1000 (.63 mile approx.) 8:42 .5
200 10:00 (Couldn’t run anymore, ended up walking) .5
800 (1/2 mile) 8:34 .5
200 Walk .5
800 (1/2 mile) 8:20 .5
200 Walk .5
600 (.38 mile approx.) 8:06 .5
200 Walk .5
400 (1/4 mile) 7:30 .5
200 Walk .5
400 (1/4 mile) 7:19 .5
200 Walk .5
1 mile 9:31 (cool down) .5

Total miles: 7.3 (6.4 miles were actual running)

To keep from actually dying on the treadmill, I had to start walking the 200’s after the first couple. Definitely not my intention with this workout but there would have been no more sprinting if I didn’t. There would have been dying.


Anyone remember that July 16th goal I’m working toward, besides Jason who flaunts his beer drinking on Twitter like I can’t read it and then ridicules me for eating cupcakes? 🙂

Well, here’s an update:

  • Eat more protein. I’m definitely eating more protein. Lots of chicken, egg whites, protein shakes, and my new favorite smoothie – Raspberry Chobani yogurt blended with a frozen banana and a little water. SO thick and yummy.
  • Eat more fats. I eat more meat and cheese, so I can only assume that I’m eating more good fats. I also try to eat a handful of almonds everyday. And of course there’s that sunflower seed butter issue.
  • Keep up my current strength training plan. This one has been going really well. I strength train 3x a week (sometimes 4x) and I’m seeing a difference in my upper body. However, I’ve only lost 2 or 3 of those 10lbs that I want to lose and my clothes aren’t fitting any better, which totally sucks.
    This Saturday, hubs and I are getting our body fat percentage checked again so hopefully I’ll see the improvement there. That, or I’ll come home, sit clothed in a 1/4 filled bath tub,  and rock back and forth for a few hours. You know, normal stuff.
  • Drink less diet drinks and use less Splenda. This one is not going so well. However, I have discovered the formula if Splenda and Diet Coke mated and had babies.
  • Eat less peanut butter. I’ve drastically reduced my peanut butter intake. Unfortunately, I’ve filled that void with Sunflower seed butter to dramatic levels. The jar is almost gone. I’m going to take your recommendations and try almond butter next. I can’t wait to see what that has in store for me.

  • Cook something new and healthy. I made baked asparagus and Brussels sprouts. I also made butternut squash fries. It’s a start. I think I need a new, healthy, easy recipe soon.

On a completely random note, hubs let me know that my last post was my “weakest post ever” and that this is how a bunny should look with a helmet on.

Good thing I don’t have a blogging complex now.

Since we have a stalemate on the blog’s Facebook page, who thinks I should cut my bangs and who thinks I should grow them out? Remember…I look cute with bangs. Here’s proof:


Marathon Envy

Is anyone out there running the Tosh.O marathon in Hermosa Beach next month? If I were anywhere close to ready to run a marathon, I would do it. I want to run it SO bad. One of the questions on the sign up form is, “Are you willing to be on TV?”

Why yes. Yes I am.


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23 responses to “Goals and Marathon Envy

  1. Keep the bangs!!! I love them on you 🙂

    Almond butter doesn’t do it for me. I think I’m going to start making my own sunflower seed butter. See Foodie Fresh’s post: http://foodiefresh.com/2011/06/28/heavenly-homemade-sunflower-seed-butter/

  2. First, I have mastered that self portrait taken from above pre/post workout shot, and I would be happy to give you a tutorial, knees and all. 🙂

    I will never get my body fat measured. Or step on a scale for that matter. I went to the doctor last Monday and had to be weighed and I am still recovering from that trauma. It f’s with your head. Bad news.

    I kind of like the length of your bangs now, actually, which I realize isn’t an answer, but still. I’m into the long sweepy thing they have going on. But if I had to actually answer your question, I’d say keep ’em. I can’t rock bangs because I have the greasiest forehead known to man, but yours look supercute and make me want them.

  3. I like your bangs. I vote keep them!

  4. Stefanie@RUNON

    I think I need to move to Florida so we can work out together. Sound like a plan? Boom. Done. Seriously, you have THE best workouts.

    I had no idea you had a FB page….Now I can stalk you MORE!! Yessss. I just barely trimmed my bangs, and I feel like a new woman. I say cut them.

  5. I’m a huge fan of the bangs on you!

  6. Haha Tosh is organizing a marathon?!? It would be awesome if some of the people from the videos were there. How far are you in the seasons? What is he wearing now? Deep v’s or sweaters? Haha. Love that show!

    • LOL – I’m just watching the current season right now. He was in a v-neck last night, but there was a sleeve less mishap at the beginning of the season. I haven’t seen the earlier episodes, but I’m about to see if they are on Netflix!

  7. Pam

    I like the bangs! Great workout, and wow for for all your strength training! I’m suitably impressed.

    My husband has me hooked on Tosh.o, despite the Bama/Saban hate 😉 I’ve actually forgiven him for that because of how awesome the show is. I bet that marathon would be hilariously fun!

  8. Katie

    I like the bangs on you! They look good right now. And it must be nice – you look good without make-up on! I’m pretty sure that picture of me would scare a few people away. Also, I want your running top.

  9. For your next healthy recipe, I suggest beets. They’re heaven. For reals.

    I have also recently jumped on the “kale chips” bandwagon. Google it, even if you don’t know what kale is. (:

    • I cannot fathom beets being tasty-but if you can dig up a good recipe I’m willing to jump on this bandwagon!

    • I’ve had kale chips! And I know what it is only because my guinea pigs ate it. But I suck at making them. I always burn the kale. I need you to show me the kitchen ways. Oh, and I love beets. Are you saying those don’t just come out of a can?

  10. This: “That, or I’ll come home, sit clothed in a 1/4 filled bath tub, and rock back and forth for a few hours. You know, normal stuff.” Made me bust a serious nut.

    Love the bangs-you look hot!

  11. becky p

    I wanted to run the Tosh.O marathon but I’m currently knocked up and haven’t been running a long enough distance to feel comfortable doing it….however if I was training or running like “normal” then I would have totally signed up! SOOOOOOO want to do it!

  12. First off, if that is what you look like without makeup, God bless your genes!
    I vote for the bangs – you where them well.
    And lastly, when I want to be inspired with some yummy, but healty recipes I visit here:

    • haha, thank you! That’s 2 chemical peels working their magic right there. And I have 2 more to go. So bless my dermotologist! 🙂 I’ll have to check that site out!

  13. Love you with bangs!

    Also, you without makeup = gorgeous.

  14. I really need to decrease my splenda intake as well!

    I love the bangs, btw!

  15. I am soooo jealous of your goal to eat more fat. Would you believe I’m a vegetarian with high cholesterol? I have to feel guilty every time I eat my favorite nut butters, olives, and avocados 😦

  16. Dude… I wish I looked that good without makeup! Just call me crater face!

    OMG I seriously want to run the Tosh marathon. I’m kinda obsessed with him. A lot.

  17. I like the bangs! I find bangs so high maintenance tho… for me, after a week, they just start pissing me off.

    I’m jealous how pretty you look without makeup!

  18. I’m in deep love with Trader Joe’s almond butter. It has little crunchy bits of roasted flax seed, which totally helps your more fats goal! If I could marry an object, it would be this. But then it would be awkward when I ate my spouse in one sitting and then quickly replaced it with a twin.

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