The Inventor of Sprints is the Devil and Other Random Stuff

I made it to the gym this morning! I got my tired ass out of bed at 5am, brushed my teeth, and arrived at the gym by 5:15. Too bad today is Tuesday, cuz that right there is a Monday Mini Miracle.

On today’s training plan: sprints. Nothing says, “you will never be a fast runner you loser” like a good sprint. Here’s what the workout looked like:

The whole workout totaled 5 miles. I wanted both “rests” to be light jogs, but that second one turned into a walk because I was so winded. If I wanted to be that winded, I would take up smoking again.

Seriously, that was a tough workout. I don’t know if it was because it was in the morning, and I typically work out at night, if it was because I was tired, or because I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. Or all three.


Now for a couple random thoughts because I can’t put together one coherant post:

Does anyone watch Master Chef? The arrogant kid that won one of the challenges last night annoys the crap out of me. I want to punch him. Bad.

Right after he makes me dinner.

He also totally reminds me of Michael Pitt, who I HATED on Dawson’s Creek. And hated in Murder by Numbers (top 10 worst movies ever for me) and hated in Funny Games (don’t watch that one either).

Ugh. They even have that same smug look.

Good point.

Hubs and I also watched a French zombie movie called The Horde last night.

It was good! It’s not a lighthearted zombie flick. And I didn’t love the ending. At all. But overall, if you like that type of movie, you should check it out.

We also watched Due Date.

And by watched, I mean we saw the first 30 minutes, hated it, and turned it off. RDJ – why did you do me like that?

Oh that’s right. Nevermind.

I bought these Candies shoes from Zappos years ago.

I don’t love them like I thought I would but I was also too lazy to return them at the time, so they sit in the closet and wait for my once a year inspiration to wear them. That day has come my friends. I’m wearing them today. And now I remember why I haven’t worn them more in the first place. They are loud when I walk. Honestly, they sound like flip-flops if flip-flops could flip and flop into a megaphone.

Does that even make sense?

No one asked you.

Hopefully the shoes won’t distract people from the dress I’m wearing today. Because I love it. 🙂

On the agenda tonight: martial arts fitness class (yep, this is my double workout day) and hubs said we might go to bed early!  < —— I’m sure excitement over that is a sign of old age.

Also, some random questions for you:

1. If you use disposable razors, how often do you dispose of them? (I can use one of those puppies for a good 3 months before I replace it. My friend K told me she uses a new one every time she shaves. This blew my mind!)

2. When you wash your hands, do you put soap or water on them first? (I do soap. Hubs does water. Which of course gets water stains all over the sink when he goes to get the soap.)


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24 responses to “The Inventor of Sprints is the Devil and Other Random Stuff

  1. Melissa

    wheeeeeere is that dress from?!???

  2. Love the dress & the shoes, but I can’t hear them. Razor….replace about once a month. Soap first than water. Great workout. We slept in due to crazy storms.

  3. I might be making an ON trip soon! Love the dress 🙂

    She uses a new razor every time?!?! Woah…I go as long as possible. I’ll use the same one until it’s rusted. Usually a good month or two!

    Soap first then water. Never thought about doing it the other way around.

  4. Holy crap! I was just thinking today how much I love RDJ. So glad I’m not crazy and others love him too. I’m loving your dress… bring on the colors baby! And your shoes look totally cute on your feet if that helps any 🙂


    at least your dress is beautiful and you look GORGEOUS.

  6. Lisa

    I’ll use the same razor til it rusts, baby! And I’m a soap first kind of gal. Funny I was just thinking of the razor question today!

  7. Pam

    I totally hated that guy on Dawson’s Creek, too!! Ugh, I had forgotten about him. I haven’t watched the chef show, but that guy already seems like a good reason not to.

    I had no idea there were people who only used razors once. I don’t know exactly how long I use them, but it’s a long time. If my legs hurt when I put on lotion after my shower, then I know I better throw it out. Gross but true. Oh, and I’m soap first.

  8. Soap first. Water stains around the sink annoy me to an unreasonable degree. Especially at work.

  9. Super, super, super cute dress. Perfect summer look – love it!

    I rarely shave my legs (poor Michael), but i generally replace about every 3 months or so, which may constitute 7-10 (at most) shaves.

    Water, then soap. Otherwise, the soap runs off when I turn the water on.

  10. I don’t like the guy from master chef either. Totally stuck up with a silver spoon in his mouth!

    I use my razor until it starts hurting when I shave. But I am a baby so it might be sooner than others. Definitely water first. Same goes with when I brush my teeth

  11. Wasn’t really impressed with Due Date either. Total snoozefest…

    Umm, I think I change the razor every 1-2 weeks. Gets expensive, but otherwise my legs hate me, and we don’t want that.

    And I’m a soap-first gal!

  12. RDJ is soooooooooooooooo HOT. i think i’d sit though it just for him. seriously.

  13. Funny questions. I use a new razor every 10 days or so. Water before soap 🙂

    I’ll have to tell Mike about the zombie movie. He is a zombie afficianado. I can’t watch those movies though – they stress me out!

  14. Cute dress!!!! So fun!

    I usually use my razor for 2-3 weeks or so. Pretty much until the soap on it runs out. Every time is seriously excessive!!

    Oh and water before soap FOR SURE!! Gotta work up a good lather!!

  15. This waiting to post until the evening sucks!! I hate my job.

    Sorry…that wasn’t one of the questions.

    I put soap on my right hand, put water on my left and then blend. I like but don’t like the soap the wifey got recently from Bath & Body Works because it smells so much like sweet fruits I want to eat it. I don’t though because everyone knows that only the cool people eat glue!

  16. Look at your 8:34 pace! You speedy shit, you! And I lovvvve that green cardigan you’re wearing with your dress.

    And let’s be real..disposable razors or razor-heads are really not in my budget. Those babies get worn until they’re dull.

  17. LMAO! This is my first time here … you had me at the title of this post. Looking forward to reading more.

    Winks & Smiles,

  18. Stefanie@RUNON

    I think it depends on the razor for me. I can make a Gillette last about 3 months. But those crappy ones only stay sharp for a couple weeks. Go big or go home, I always say. Ha. Ok, that’s a lie. I never say that.

    So your workouts…always seem SUPER intense. You are hardcore. I think I should be more like you. 🙂

  19. Katie (Recovering Runner)

    I wanted to punch the smug kid on Master Chef. Has he been to Paris? “Of course.” Um, hello. Not all of us have that luxury, especially by age 18. Can’t stand him!

    And you didn’t like Due Date?! I want to rewatch it. I thought it was funny!

    To answer your actual question, I throw away the razor when it stops shaving well. Not sure how long that really takes. Probably less than a month.

    • Oh! That Paris comment SO annoyed me! I forgot about that.

      And no, didn’t like Due Date. But also, I didn’t like The Hangover and it’s the same producer or something. So, I guess it makes sense.

  20. My exact thoughts as I read your blog “I really wanted to see Due Date. But I haven’t heard anything good about it. And now somebody else said they stopped after the first bit. Maybe I shouldn’t rent it at Redbox tomorrow.” a minute passes “Crap, I actually saw Due Date, like a week ago. Did it suck that much that I forgot I saw it? Yeah.”

    And I remember that I saw it to the end too. I fail at life right now.

  21. Tiffany Godinez

    I have become such a huge fan of your blog girl! You are hilarious and inspiring all at once! I am not yet a blogger, but a mom of two teens with an awesome guy and mom to three dogs… Hank the bullmastiff, Gracie the pitbull and Lucy the English Bulldog. I am a runner too..7 half marathons under my belt, numerous 5 and 10Ks, and a Pure Barre and RIPPED fiend! Thanks for sharing your day to day awesomeness! So sad to see no post today! Hope to debut a fitness (loose term lol) and cooking blog with my man soon! Thanks for being you!

    • Wow! What a wonderful compliment! I was just like you at first, just a blog reader. But then was inspired to start my own when my husband got sick of hearing me blab about running all the time. Now I get to blab all I want. I win! Looking forward to a blog from you. I’m always looking for new ones to put in my Reader. 🙂

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