Evil Dead – The Musical!

Yesterday was a good day.

First, there was a lot of nothing and then we gathered our friends K and Steve to drive to the Theatre Downtown to see Evil Dead – The Musical. The play is based on the horror/comedy, cult classic Evil Dead movies for those of you thinking, “WTF is this girl going to?”

When we arrived, there was a line to get in and nasty weather was approaching quickly.

I hate this picture of me, but K looks cute, so I’ll post it. (And don’t let that temporary sunshine fool you.)

We made it in just as a few raindrops were starting to fall.

When we got inside, we sat in the waiting room for about 10 minutes before they let us into the theatre. There was no air conditioning in the waiting room and it was sweltering.

So sweltering my camera refused to take a focused shot.

The theatre is small but charming and it holds 120 people. We were seated in the second row in the Splatter Zone.  <—- remember that

Last shot of us before the show! (Steve is the third person down. Let’s pretend I’m not too lazy to change my camera settings and we can see him.)

The show was great and the musical numbers were hilarious. We even liked all the actors and thought they did a great job. I’m not a fan of musicals or plays, but I loved it. The show runs through July 2, so if you’re in town, I highly recommend it. Our show was sold out, so I also recommend calling for reservations.

I mentioned we were in the Splatter Zone, right?

That’s corn syrup by the way. Sticky, sticky corn syrup.

Steve got it the worst. Or maybe that’s the best.

That’s what you get for sitting at the end closest to the stage.

As we were taking pictures after the show, a girl asked if I wanted her to take a picture of our group. I look over and it was my FAVORITE character in the play. Ash’s “sista.”

That girl is crazy funny. LOVED her.

I guess the theatre has only one bathroom facility because all the cast members were washing off the fake blood in the public restroom since they had another show to do in a half hour. Makes me want to support the Theatre and get these poor cast members a sink.

We all had an awesome time. Totally worth the $22 ticket price.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a cheaper way to get red highlights. Only $22 people.


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7 responses to “Evil Dead – The Musical!

  1. Glad you all had an AWESOME TIME! Perfect zone for you all to sit in! 🙂 Hope the red comes off, not just the syrup! 😉 Thanks for sharing. Seriously, amazing that one of the actors offered to take y’alls pic…glad you got one w/ her too.

  2. jjarow

    Looks like a bloody good time was had by all ;>

  3. Did they not provide ponchos at the showing you went to? The show I went to the other night had the actors dump whole bottles of blood on the first few rows for fun. People loved it!

  4. Kim

    I love Evil Dead. This looks like so much fun! To bad my town is to LAME to do anything cool like that!

  5. Girl you do the coolest things. I wish I could convince the hubs to go to something like that… of course, we are limited by times we can get away without the kids. When we do manage to con.. i mean get someone to watch them we are so flabbergasted and out of our element all we can think of to do is go eat and see a movie.. which I typically fall asleep during.

  6. Looks like a fun night! Minus getting covered in sticky corn syrup.

    I just have to say that your Florida weather and sun is serious! I have a REALLY bad burn on my butt cheeks and on the back of my legs. Although it may hurt like hell right now and the weather is super hot, I don’t want to go home to the cold yet! Can I move in with you?

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