California Girls, They’re Unforgettable

Well, last night was FUN.

The Hubs, bestie, and I went to the Katy Perry concert at the UCF Arena. Usually when concerts go on sale, we wait to buy tickets because good seats almost always become available last minute. We could tell it was going to sell out, so we bought some seats in the stands (that were ok, but not great) so we were guaranteed to go.

A few weeks later, we got lucky when Hubs scored some general admission tickets on a brokering site. They were slightly more pricey, but we’re suckers for being as close as possible. (We sold our other tickets on Craigslist.)

Before we left for the show, we took a few pictures. Hubs and I actually got a good one!

He looks taller than me there too. I assure you, he is not. I hold the Amazon title in this family, thank you.

Robyn was the opening act. We also saw her last year at Club Firestone. Her music is good, but the woman could benefit from a few dance lessons. I am not exaggerating when I say 50% of her dance moves involve air punches.

She could also benefit from a stylist and a haircut that doesn’t represent 1987 Mary Stuart Masterson.

Sweet Lord those pants. I made sure I got a close up for you.

WTF pants?

During her set, she peeled and ate a banana.

And then threw the peel directly at the Hubs.

Whoever that is that is standing barefoot on that floor. Girl. You are nasty.

After Robyn, we took a restroom break where Lisa and I met someone with this opening line.

We talked to her (formerly a him) for awhile and learned that she’s a sex therapist, gets her hair done in Ft. Lauderdale, and just had her upper lip “done.” Then she looked at me and said, “we have the same boobs.”

That did not win me over.

We got back to the general admission area right as the concert was starting. Katy puts on a FUN show. Check out the awesome stage setup.

If it looks like we were close, that’s cuz we were. Smile

She opened with Teenage Dream. Those mints on her dress spun around.

She had lots of costume changes! She even changed her outfit a bunch of times during Hot and Cold with magic tricks, which was freaking awesome.

Lots of lasers during Circle the Drain and ET.  (Circle the Drain = often on my running playlist.)

There were a bunch of girls at the concert with blue and pink wigs on. It made me wish I wore my blue wig. Maybe I’ll wear it to work on Monday instead. I’m sure everyone at work will love that, maybe more than they love that I shop Old Navy during meetings.

I can’t remember what she was singing here, but I love this picture.

Last song of the night – California Gurls.

I took a ton of pictures, so instead of boring you here, I’ll put them up on the blog’s Facebook page if you’re interested in seeing more. Smile

There was a shower of heart confetti at the end.

The extra ticket cost was so worth it. These were some of the best general admission tickets ever. Not only were we close, but they didn’t oversell the area so there weren’t a bunch of a-holes pushing and shoving to get to the front.

After the show, we went to Tailgaters for a drink *cough*andfood*cough* so we could miss out on the parking garage mayhem that ensues right after a show. There were some nachos involved, I’ll admit. But I didn’t eat that many of them so the diet wasn’t totally ruined. Happy now, Jason?

Now I’m going to take a nap and probably stress out about the fact that my Reader has 80 unread messages after only one day. 🙂


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21 responses to “California Girls, They’re Unforgettable

  1. That concert looked like a blast! And wow…you must have had amazing seats. My concert photos are always of the jumbo-tron or whatnot because I’m typically in the nose-bleeds. One of these days, I need to score some decent tickets!

  2. The show looked magical! Katy’s outfits reminded me of the wonderfully whimsical game of my childhood – Candy Land. She should be the Frost Queen, who was always the hottest bia on the board.

    Also, your hubs seems totally awesome based solely on the fact that he owns that sweet hat and wears to concerts.

  3. Becky

    Looked amazing! Glad she did the magic trick for you. Her opening concert she changed 8 times during Hot & Cold (video I saw, and asked you about, glad you saw first hand). Said about 15 changes total. Do you think you saw the same? Amazing magic trick she did in the video was the Glitter clothes change….wowsa! Did you see that live? Hope so!

    • Yes! The glitter one was REALLY cool. I didn’t count the outfits, partially because I recorded the whole thing. So I was trying to watch and film at the same time. Once I saw the first outfit change, I started recording, so I missed the first one, which I think was in smoke?

  4. Lisa Hodge

    It’s so funny, I was just telling Tom about the concert. I said, “I’m surprised Paula hasn’t blogged about this yet” and two seconds later I got the email notification that you posted this. As it turns out, almost every detail I told him you covered in your blog. I should have just sent him to the computer. By the way, you did leave out one minute detail: the bubble gum aroma that was pumped into the arena throughout the entire concert.

  5. Mz. Teri

    Looks like an awesome concert. I read online that she got that clothes changing trick idea from a couple who were on America’s Got Talent. I remember those people… and think it is one of the most AMAZING magic tricks I have ever seen!

    Sounds and looks lik Katy Perry concerts are a major senses overload!

  6. Btw, the song that she’s singing when she’s on the swing was Not Like The Movies. I LOVE that song ❤

  7. You go to some pretty awesome concerts! Want to be friends so I can come with you? Never mind the fact that I live in Canada and not Florida…

    ps- the new comment set up screws me up every time!

  8. That looks like an amazing concert. Gotta love Katy Perry. I need to score myself some close seats to a concert some day. I always end up getting stuck in the nose bleeds. Damn you Ticketmaster and your “Best Available” option. Complete and total BS that I am a sucker for every time.

  9. That looks like a blast! And I say that as the one person on the planet who can’t stand Katy Perry. I’ll admit that I may have a song or two on my running list too, but every time I see her, she drives me crazy. I think it’s those wide-eyed, oh, who me? eyes. She reminds me of Sexy Baby from that one 30 Rock and well, I’ve gone on long enough about the reasons I don’t like her. BUT I’ll even admit that the show looks great. Nothing like an artist that cares enough to put on a complete show for the crowd!

  10. T

    taking kids to see her in chicago in july. glad you loved it!!

  11. Robyn’s so cool, she doesn’t need dance moves or style (or even a feminine haircut apparently) to entertain. Good lord. Had I not known who that was I would have asked you who the young Swedish teenage dude was who opened.

  12. That looks so cool, I am so jealous of the concerts you go to and the pictures you get!

  13. Ok, so how much is not that many? 😉

  14. Seems like Katy Perry’s concert was awesome. I love all the costumes in the pictures…and the girl that took of her shoes is nasty. 🙂
    I am going to see Britney Spears next week in Las Vegas. I hope I’m as close as you were to Katy.

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