Marathon Training Day 1

This morning I did my first run with my marathon training group. But let’s go back to yesterday for just a second.

After work last night, we met up with our personal trainer, Linda. Our workout was biceps, triceps, and abs – no big deal. But afterwards she decided that we needed to do sprints. On grass. (Actual grass. We were not high. Pretty sure at least.) I wasn’t loving the idea since I had my long run this morning and I even commented that I would blame her if I get injured.

Well, when I got home, my right IT band started hurting. I wasn’t even sure if it was my IT band at first. I had just read about them on other blogs so I decided to look it up on the internet.

Yep. IT band.

I really wanted to use something from Training Day. Eh. They can’t all be winners.

Anyway, I decided to go ahead with the run today because it only hurts when I sit or stand and not when I walk or run. But the fact that I started marathon training with an injury of sorts is annoying.

Now on to today.

I got up at 4:30am for the 5:45am meet up with my running group. Holy hell there were  a lot of people there. Probably a good 200 or so. We all found our pace leaders, listened to some announcements, and then the pace leaders explained the training plan.

Short run days: Tues, Thurs
Long run: Saturday
Cross-training: Mon, Wed (optional)
Rest: Friday
Rest or recovery run: Sunday

Guess I already crapped up that Friday plan.

Before we started running, we were given the option to run 4, 6, 8, or 10 miles. Since I haven’t run more than 6 miles in the past 2 months, I decided 8 would be good because I didn’t want to push it with 10 even though I felt like I could have kept going.

My pace group consists of people who want to finish a marathon in 4.5 to 5 hours. My goal is 4.5 or less so this group seems pretty good.

We ran through the mac daddy part of Winter Park.

It was very shaded and I could probably afford only the mailbox and a small shrub on all the houses we ran by.

Those weren’t even the “good” houses. The good ones were about 3x this size.

The pace leaders were really emphasizing that we learn the route so we don’t get lost should we need to stop at a bathroom (which was at mile 2 and 6). I tried to memorize the route so I could drive back through and get some pictures since I didn’t bring my camera with me on the run.

I got lost.

Of course.

Then I got caught in a crazy web of bikers.

So I gave up and went home.

By the way, driving and taking a picture at the same time makes bikers uncomfortable.

The group runs are pretty nice because they simulate racing, in my opinion. There are water stations every 2 miles and there are people of all different paces and ages within your pace group. We were all very spread out and toward the end, I was toward the front of the pace group.  <—- rock star

For longer runs, the group walks for one minute after every mile. So the pace is a little faster than our goal time so we can make up the walk time. This felt like an easy run for me since I didn’t push my pace at all. I still looked disgusting afterwards.

Smiles make you look less sweaty.

So here are the Garmin stats: Ran 8.1 miles (1 hour, 24 minutes)  10:24 pace

Not too bad of a pace since I didn’t stop my Garmin for any of the water station stops or minute walks.

Overall, I thought the pace leaders were really nice and informative. I talked with a few people during the run but for the most part, everyone had already run previously with Track Shack, so they were already paired up with a friend or a buddy and pretty much knew everyone else. I kinda felt like the odd guy out.

Now I’m waiting for the bestie to come over. We’re going for massages! The hubs got us gift certificates for Christmas and we’re finally getting to use them. I hope she’s not offended that I go full nude with massages and only like to lay on my back.

Have you ever run with a running group? Did you like it?

Do you get massages? (I’ve had 2 in my life and the first one I hated. Deep tissue massages HURT.)


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12 responses to “Marathon Training Day 1

  1. Dude. Yer hilarious. And yes, Thai massage is my fave. I had one at the Aveda spa in Mount Dora a while back. Took me to a different planet. You do it with comfy clothes on though. Sorry.

  2. Fun! I’m considering joining a track club in SLC, but still need to push past some of my stoopie anxiety. I bet you’ll make some new running pals in no time!

  3. Yay!!

    I’m sorry I wasn’t there with you. If there’s ever a Saturday I can go (not likely, but you never know!) I will definitely join you. I can’t wait to go on my run tomorrow (but I’m totally nervous at the same time). I can’t believe there were that many people there. Awesome!

    I’m glad you didn’t force yourself to do 10 miles. You can do 10 miles next weekend!

    Oh – and foam roll the CRAP out of your IT Band. It will thank you.

    • PS – the new header (yes, I am finally looking at it!) is cute 🙂

    • The Swedish massage hurt like a mother, so I’m sure that helped. But I will definitely foam roll!

      Oh, and you can switch days you run anytime and you don’t even need to let them know. So I may join you on a Sunday. I’ll have to say, I definitely missed having you there today. 😦

  4. Nice work on the running!

    I haven’t ever run with a group, but I’d love to find one around here. And, I LOVE massages. Especially deep tissue ones where I’m totally sore the next day. I like the pain – I’m a freak, I know. 🙂

  5. Pam

    Weird. That weekly schedule has been my running schedule for, like, my whole running life. Glad your first marathon training run went well! I’ve never joined an official training group, but I just started running with a laid back trail running group once a week. I’ve been liking it more than I thought I would!

    Super jealous of your massage. Enjoy yourself!!!!

  6. Awesome job kickin butt on your first training day!

    I used to get a deep tissue massage once a week when I was heavily involved in sports and had back issues. Oh man that is the only kind of massage I like!!

    • I know it’s awesome afterwards, but man…the during partis SO uncomfortable! Also, I’m a wimp. :-) But I really should get more of them, especially with marathon training.

  7. Way to work it, rock star! I did a running group, but I kind of hated it. I was the slowest one and ended up just listening to my iPod while watching everyone else run together in the distance. I’m such a loser. 🙂

  8. I know what you mean about feeling like the odd guy out during the group stuff. I just joined a group and they were all buddy buddy and I’m typically shy in those settings (where everyone else knows each other… if no one knows each other, I’m the loud mouth). It’s been a few weeks and I have a few buddies now. I’m just so excited to have actual people that like to talk about running too and running clothes (hubs is getting real tired of hearing about how cute this sports bra is and stuff).

    • Yes! That’s just how I am. I’m the loud mouth if no one knows each other too. Too funny. Oh…and my husband is definitely sick of hearing about running. That’s one of the main reasons I started my blog – so someone would listen to me! 🙂

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